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Street WTFighter


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Street WTFighter

After 7 days of insane lulz... here is the official first release of
*drum rolls*

Inspired by the most weird unofficial version of Street Fighter 2 : Kouryu Edition, here is something even worse than the worse thing you ever experienced in character making, that breaks any rule of composition and tests the patience of the most virtuous and picky developer/player!

This game feautures:
- 13 characters, revised, overpowered, cheap and totally out-of-mind versions of classic Street Fighter 2 characters
- 13 stages, with weird music, weird stuff and destabilizing graphics which will cause amnesia to the player
- distorted music, politically uncorrectness, gross things and anything else that will test your patience and provoke your hate (lol, just kidding, but because of the dislikes, this has been appearently part of the trend, lol)
- buggy characters, proudly spamming gameplay, flashing palettes, abudant graphic effects

Someone would say this game can be enjoyed only with the use of drugs, but this game will SAVE you from the use of drugs, because its effects are worse than LSD (and I've honestly never tried it, while making this game in a totally sober state of mind).


DOWNLOAD IT FROM : http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org/#logopixgallery

Well, I had fun making this, now time to share the whole fun and start working (you know, I'm supposed to have a job)

WARNING: use of this game is discouraged to people suffering of epylepsis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hyper-criticism, pickiness, moralism and asthma.

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Great news!
Just noticed the game is a bit too hard, sometimes the CPU is too strong or other parts of the game just don't work as expected.

So I've released the "NOOB PATCH" which currently does these things:
- reduces number of projectiles
- disables AI
- give character control if hit while standing or crouching (that's right, the player can move even if he's been hit).

To use the patch, extract all files in the root and overwrited previous files.

GET THE PATCH AT: http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org/#logopixgallery

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On 22/1/2018 at 4:53 AM, The Auditor said:

Are you just gonna rival out Brergrsart? because judging by the crazy joke characters you made...it just led me to believe such thing

Actually this is the first time I hear  about that creator, but after taking a brief look on his page (google searched it), it seems we may have something in common.. but I've never tried his chars, so I can't tell how much we got in common as regards style.

Also I made more original stuff than edit stuff, this is actually the first time I edit something, it all started with "Kung Fu Jerk" then I thought "Ok, let's make a full game of insane characters, lol"... and here it is. Just a brief pause from the original development, I had to try editing chars instead of making them by scratch as usual.


Who knows, I wouldn't reject a collab, you know, collabs are part of the YTP movement too, and these joke  characters can be somehow compared to YTP because of their weirdness. Of course I'm talking about full games, not single releases. KOF need to be parodized too, for example... but you know a joke is good when it doesn't last too long, and KOF has way too many chars, it's difficult to find new ways to make each single char funny and different without repeating the same things. Well, I wouldn't reject the idea of working on "King of Farters", just an idea, lol

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I, Xiristatos, never need drugs in my life, let alone for something like this. Never did them, never will, for I, Xiristatos, am a complete natural. Same with anything else like smoking or alcoholism... I absolutely never need any weakling's crap like this to accentuate the fact that I'm a pile of fermented rat piss and rotten monkey ass.



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