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Ryon Pico


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Oh boy, where do I even start?

  • edit = "Ryon" ;<-- why is this in the DEF file? not that it breaks anything but...



  • The select portrait is just... bad. I dont think I need to explain why, just look at it and see for yourself.
  • Missing required sprites like no tomorrow. In fact, her entire SFF file consists ONLY of 25 sprites.
  • ALL of her normals have the exact same number of Startup, Active, and Recovery frames; 10 each.
  • All of her normals also have the exact same frame (dis)advantages on hit/block, yet not enough to justify the...
  • ... dino damage on her normals. If you'd seen Kai's pic/video then this needs no introduction.
  • Invincibility frames on her walking and jumping attack anims, which also cause her to cross up the opponent just by walking.
  • Head.pos and Mid.pos use KFM's defaults, thus appear off of her actual body.
  • Taunt shrinks her hitbox to WTF-tier sizes. Not only does it let her dodge High and Mid attacks, but some low ones as well.
  • Hadouken has invincibility frames during the entire animation. Not to mention 300 damage as well.
  • Speaking of which, her Hadouken is a mid-screen infinite.
  • Her super gains power back on hit, in addition to hitting 5 times for 100 dmg each with no scaling. Considering the infinite she has with her regular Hadouken, this is pretty much useless.
  • She has code for a throw, but no anims for it.
  • Her block stance automatically counters the opponent with a kick whenever an attack is blocked.... Why?
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Why you created this?!

You doomed us all!

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i explain it in my other post why i her she was for fun and you have to understand she my first i made better stuff outside mugen like rollar coasters in rct, wrestlers and ring in wwe games and alright charcters in lbp

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