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  1. oy oy laharl, do you have any laharl sprites? i'm looking to use them to make a char, like rance, but will need sprites ones with most attacks or at least good quality, i'm either making laharl or etna (csw sprites)

  2. So where is the Sariel Char?
  3. There is a Femto sheet out there, just needing a coder..sad

    1. Noside


      The one from Berserk?

    2. Arya Chan ☆
    3. Noside


      I'm no coder but, I would like to see the sheet.

  4. Hey this is pretty neato, can you also nerf it a little by making so if Susano is damaged Sasuke's Health Decreases and when he transforms he will use all energy bars?
  5. Where is the Rance Char? I'm still waiting.

    1. Websta


      it's been 84 years

    2. Arya Chan ☆

      Arya Chan ☆

      change that profile picture aleadry

    3. Laharl


      I released all the stuff I had for him im not making him anymore but anyone else is free too pick it up



  6. Pokemon Soul Silver = Pokemon Tamagin? http://i.imgur.com/xlRhVGR.jpg

  7. wow the last guardian and final fantasy 7 remake I think they outdone themselfs this time

    1. Galvatron


      Yeah I liking so far. :-D

      Lets just hope Square-Enix are for-eal about it this time.

  8. Mother 1 confirmed..just that...

    1. Trinitronity


      Citation needed.

  9. After so many years they finally announced a new dragon ball anime called dragon ball super but even tough its canon it's still before GT ;_;

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    2. Arya Chan ☆

      Arya Chan ☆

      I'm sorry i'm not late i can't even share just a opinion without the dickbags appearing?

    3. Arya Chan ☆

      Arya Chan ☆

      i just readed it now i'm not sonic to get it in the exact moment

    4. SuperCatMeow


      I'm pretty excited about it! I've loved DBZ Ever since I saw'd it on Toonami :)

  10. Besides cancelled silent hill and new fnaf, steam finally gave up on paid mods

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    2. Prodigal Trailblazer
    3. Trinitronity


      Wait, there's a new FNAF game coming?

      Oh wait, I was supposed to care about the cancellation of Silent Hills! >:[

    4. Doomguy


      ANGER BIG.

      Don't mind FNaF, though.

  11. You can fuck up the world many times you like but you just can't make Skyrim Mods Paid

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