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My old MUGEN stuff (2010-2011)


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My old MUGEN stuff (2010-2011)
Location #1:  my old freett.com web space:  http://page.freett.com/werewood/mugen.html
Location #2: Creator's Collection: Werewood =================>>>>>>>  I just found it is gone, so I add a Location #3
Location #3: my new SkyDrive web space:  https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=7DB65F02B0BBD12E&id=7DB65F02B0BBD12E!462
The Legend of Zelda Link
Posted Image
Link's new adventure in MUGEN!
Art of Fighting 3 Wyler
Posted Image
"Sinclair! The graveyard is too dangerous for you! Go back to my mansion now!"
MAME - Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun - Kunio Kun
Posted Image
Kunio Kun VS Mutron Kun
Breakers Revenge Bai-Hu
Posted Image
Bai-Hu: "Sho, the force of darkness will hang over all the lights."
Chaos Breaker/Dark Awake The Manticore, the Queen, and the Dragon
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
MAME Hammerin' Harry
Posted Image
Whose hammer is bigger?
Power Instinct Matsuri Takumi Hattori
Posted Image
A cousin fight!?
SNES Cyber Shredder and Infant Mutant Naughty Baby
Posted Image
Cyber Shredder created an Infant Mutant Naughty Baby!!!!
* * NotAGoodName made a fix patch for my Cyber Shredder........get the patch here:

SF IV Juri Han (with Orbinaut aka Shift b is B's help & improvement)
Posted Image
When SNK Juri meets Capcom Juri............
** this version is for MUGEN1.0 only, Basara Kun made a winmugen patch here:  http://network.mugenguild.com/basara/
KOF XIII boss Saiki
Posted Image
What a touching reunion........only in MUGEN!
** my version is so old...........get BoyBoyz's version here:  http://www.mediafire.com/?5gsem6412qcw4
SF IV Omni
Posted Image
Akuma & Gouki: "Who are you? You look like us........." Omni: "DIE!!!!"
SNES GS Mikami Reiko Mikami
Posted Image
Ghost Sweeper Reiko Mikami is sweeping a Sadako ghost.........
Sega Saturn Golden Axe: The Duel Golden Axe
Posted Image
Golden Axe has to defeat Golden Axe to get the Golden Axe
Sega Saturn Golden Axe: The Duel Kain Blade
Posted Image
Who will get the Golden Axe?
NES Flying Dragon Ryuhi and Tusk Soldier
Posted Image
"Hiryu no Ken!!!!!!!!!"
Street Fighter IV Golden Seth
Posted Image
Capcom Seth vs SNK Seth!
Mutant Night Mutron-Kun
Posted Image
KFM: "Let me help you find your contact lens............"
Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 2 Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
Posted Image
Kakaroto.....why were you so noisy when sleeping!?!??!?!?
Splatterhouse Hell Chaos
Posted Image
Rick's nightmare continues in MUGEN.............
Killer Instinct 2 Fulgore (edited from 's)
Posted Image
Fulgore's ultimate death scene in MUGEN.............
MUGEN 1.0 default 600-slot select screen
Posted Image
* mugen.cfg setting: [Options] motif = data/big/system.def and [Config] GameWidth = 640, GameHeight = 480
* put system.def in data/big/ (backup your current system.def!)
* put select.def in data/ (backup your current select.def! then change those KFMs to your characters)





I actually have a re-visiting my old MUGEN stuff plan.............yet I may not re-visit them so soon because I still have yet to finish my current MUGEN WIPs: 

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Do you have any intention of giving your Omni character at least 5 more palettes? Perhaps Brock can help you out or anyone else with a palette thread?


I was also wondering if you plan on giving SF4 Jury an English Voice pack? I'm sure this might help you out :




I know it's MFG and that you don't like them but just follow the link given there and you'll have your English voice clips for Juri (and perhaps Oni and Abel if they don't use English voices already) in no time!

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You know when i look back at your creations. I see levels of awesome high knowledge, and awesome high creativity. Then I see a few levels of awful low knowledge and creativity. but mainly high ones. Your creations are by far some of the best man.

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@Winmugen11: About palettes, sorry I am really bad at making any.............I might ask Brock later perhaps.........

One of my MUGEN old stuff re-visiting plan is to, re-do Juri Han from the ground up => re-rip all "sprites", adding more sounds (yeah, will do both Jap. and Eng.), re-code all moves, and complete the incompleted



Boss, it is my ultimate luck that I have gotten to get to know you and your awesome MUGEN stuff (your Raging Akuma is my favorite and inspiration). And, the most important thing is, you opened MFFA and accepted me as a MUGEN orphan who was exiled as a MFG/MI refugee. I think it is my half-assing nature and over-ambition that have been leading to many MUGEN troubles in these years.  So, as my new MUGEN Father, please correct me if I have done anything wrong (my MUGEN stuff and forum activities ... etc...).

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You know what, your Manticore is my all-time favorite beast-type character in mugen and always will be.


I second this. While not all of your characters are top-notch, I always enjoy battling your Manticore even when I sometimes can't win.


But that's okay, Borewood, because if a character is awesome (like your Manticore and SFIV Seth), then I do not care I lose for I've faced off against pure quality ^^


Besides every loss teaches me something, causing me to improve my game. So thank you for your wonderful creations up till now!


P.S. Will your Seth have more than 2 palettes (normal and Gold) in the future? Like I said, perhaps you can request palettes (along with suggestions) to some other well-talented palette creators (Like Shirokino & Brock) ?

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Ive taken a liking to ur choice of character releases due to the fact you choose what everyone else wouldnt have thought off. Since people have taken too much of a liking to Cvs, Kof, MvC etc conversions, only few people think outside the box of digging deeper into what can be converted into MUGEN. Kudos dude

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ID BE MORE THAN GLAD TO HELP WITH PALS WERWOOD ,though on some omni it wouldnt be possible to really give him any new pals...well it would be possible to do, its mugen....but were talking like 2 plus hours per pallet because of him being digitized and the pal not taking to every sprite like it would in alot of non digitized characters, AND I WANT TO KNOW WTF KEEPS HAPPENING TO MY THREADS ? FIRST MY DBZ COLLECTION IS GONE,NOW WEREWOODS COLLECTION TO? WTH



ignore the caps my son hit the button while i was typing 

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You are one of the MUGEN pals who are interested in my MUGEN stuff and is willing to give really useful comments and to accept my repairs/fixes. Thank you so much!



My old Manticore was doing good job?  Thank you for your comment!  If you think of anything to fix Manticore then please feel free to let me know.  I will take a note and when I re-visit my old MUGEN stuff I will try to fix them all



Long time ago I had been already mentioning that I don't need my MUGEN stuff to be considered top-notch or something like that, especially when there are real top ones like Ryon, Phantom.of.the.Server, Cybaster, Basara-kun, Cyanide, Rajaa(Boy), O Ilusionista, OMEGAPSYCHO, Vans, Mouser, GM, Neat Unsou, Warusaki3, muteki, 9, CHOUJIN, mass, NHK,....etc.

All I want is to share my MUGEN ideas with the others.



I am not against repetitions and duplications like that, because every MUGEN work by different authors is unique in my eyes.  For myself, I just want to avoid mugenizing same stuff, just my little strange taste :p



English voices for Juri Han?  I tried to log in to my old freett.com MUGEN FTP (oh no, I haven't logged in to that for 2 years, and it still works!) and found a sf4juri_snd_files.rar file.  I think inside it you can find both English and Japanese sound files:


** you need to copy and paste the URL hyperlink to your web browser's address input box And, a total revamp ("sprites" re-ripping, MUGEN re-coding, more new improved system,...etc) of my old Juri Han is already in my old stuff re-visit plan


@ZombieBrock Shogun Of MFFA,

If I need palette help then I will surely ask for your expertise help! :D



Willer?  Who is that please?



Juan Carlos, is he the one who is in charge of eternal [dot] mgbr [dot] net?  If so then I don't recall he has mugenized any SF4 characters.....at his times I  think there hasn't had an actual SF4 game out yet..........correct me if I was wrong............

And, a total revamp ("sprites" re-ripping, MUGEN re-coding, more new improved system,...etc) of my old Seth is already in my old stuff re-visit plan

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