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  1. Yo, I would like to ask if someone remembers some details about the lost Ice's Tamaki. Whether it was older (DOS/Win era) or newer, whether it had custom AI or not.
  2. Whatever, if it’s their kind of administration, there isn’t anything else left than to respect it. Then again I don’t remember any R-R’s char which crashed my 1.0 MUGEN.
  3. I would probably know a link for an extremely rare old char (Bridget by R-R) but then again it has a profile on a Chinese warehouse and that peep uploaded it on Baidu which requires a registration but while there is that international phone code circle to pick out from, most of European countries (being the unlucky bastard here) are practically excluded from that, unless you're from Switzerland, San Marino or CIS countries. On the other hand if you're from Americas, Australia and NZL, Asia and even Africa, this post can give some helpful hand here.
  4. Sorry, I dunno the name, author nor the source but can prove its existence with this video. Where can I get it, pls? Or just give me a hint about the source (mid-90s SNK perhaps?).
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