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  1. Thank you for always updating!!
  2. Hello. ・silverbloome(Arranged by me) ・Powered redking ・Powered gomora http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/ I do not understand either🤪 If you access onedrive from my blog, it's ok.
  3. Hello. ・Blackgiras (& Redgiras) ・Blackdome http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
  4. Hello. ・Satan mora (& Little Mora) ・Tarantula http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
  5. Hello. ・Bostang http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
  6. Hello. ・Alien Mefilas 2nd (Appeared in Taro) ・Ultraman Great ・Gavadon (Arranged by me) http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
  7. Hello ・iIronrocks ・Kupukupu http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
  8. Hello. Thank you for improving my character!!
  9. Hello😄 I made new characters and updated them. ・Blackend(new sprite) ・Alien_cannan(This is a patch for capsule monsters made by UMA.) …and many others.(Sorry for not being good at English😢) http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
  10. Hello🙂 skydon - http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
  11. Hello. I uploaded Alien Baltan Jr. And updated other characters. Please use it if you like. http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
  12. Hello I have updated the characters of Ultra Seven and Ultraman Leo, so please use them if you like. http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
  13. Hello I have updated the character, so please use it if you like. http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
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