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  1. Good Afternoon Sir, Elmo!

    1. Elmofan17


      Good Afternoon, ZoroWarner 🤗

  2. Hi - I was away for almost 3 months but I need your help. I'm making my first character in MUGEN which is a Minotaur with SFW Moves using the MvC1 Oldish Template by Pizzasauce. The Thing is how can I Create a character using a Template? Can you explain to me?
  3. Away for 2-3 Months - But Now I'm back to work!

  4. The CBeebies Characters I wanna see in MUGEN is: Underground Ernie Fimbo (The Fimbles) Brum (From Children's British TV Series of the same name) Milo (Tweenies) Jake (Tweenies) Noddy (Noddy's Toyland Adventures) Postman Pat Fireman Sam Mr Tumble (Something Special) Miss Hoolie (Balamory) Bob The Builder (A Decent One Please!) Elmo (The Furchester Hotel) Chris and Pui (Show Me Show me)
  5. Hello Christian! It's Me ZoroWarner!

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    2. SBFG6660 Inc. S.A. de C.V

      SBFG6660 Inc. S.A. de C.V

      H E L L O    T O    Y O U    T R E E    ! ! !


    3. Christian Núñez
    4. Christian Núñez

      Christian Núñez

      Hello to alls 🙂

  6. I've Got Most of The Pokemon Characters In my EvE Roster
  7. CAUTION: THIS CHARACTER IS NSFW! PLEASE USE IF YOU'RE ONLY 18+ OR ABOVE! You've Heard of 18+ Minotaur Right? Well Recently, I was specifically looking for an actual 18+ Minotaur that's compatible as a victim for 18+ Minotaur Where he's now Gay (only lacking his ''female'' counterpart) His victim Poses. Also, he's compatible With most Bara Aggressors and Female F**a Aggressors as well (Average with Kuromaru And Slime Plus) Please Enjoy! LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cl5q7khrseeu2ld/Minotaur_Gay.rar/file
  8. Brum's sprites are 3% Done...

  9. We're Going on a Trip In Our Favourite Rocket Ship...Leo From Little Einsteins for MUGEN In Progress Coming Soon on Fall/Winter 2020!

    1. GTFoxN6Y



      I already made the better Leo! Wanna see?  


    2. GTFoxN6Y


      P.S. If you finnish with your leo, let me know so i can add to your collection.

    3. GTFoxN6Y


      P.S.S Just for a head start, here`s my own Leo`s sprites & sounds collection. HOPE YOU ENJOY! 


  10. Sumin is a bit like Joey Faust but uses his own Sumin Template. Funny Right?
  11. Energizer Bunny's Sprites are 55% Done...

    1. TheWhiteDevil27


      Yeah! I hope you keep going and going and going and going and going with that project!

    2. Z.W.


      I'll be working on Brum for Mugen after this. Brum is a British TV Show about a Vintage remote controlled toy car fighting criminals and saving Big Town by the way.

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