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    Well well well, its that time of the year again

    as always, you're a year older, but with this

    new year, comes new opportunities.


    Thank you so much for everything you do,

    much love, much respect, and much thanks.

  2. UPDATE: Added Karate Champ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa9qNTpE8Do) BONUS UPDATE: Everything has been transferred to Mega.nz
  3. UPDATE: Added William's new character, the Sandbag (in 8-bit form) from Super Smash Bros.
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    Happy Birthday mAdLaX

  5. Outdated software more likely, so you'll just have to wait for things to recover. It might be a while though, due to the site owner being too busy to check on it as often.
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    Wishing you a Happy Birthday

  7. This information is highly appreciated, the thread will be updated to include this.
  8. Once again, it is time for another collection... this time I introduce you to... RBGarcia. Unfortunately, this is another one of those creators who's information and history in the MUGEN community seems to be very obscure. All that seems to be known is that they now actively upload screenpacks to the AndersonKenya MUGEN site. Other than that, they've made a few characters, all of which seem to be either EDITS or FRANKENSPRITES, and all of which, are quite good. So you might want to take a look around, maybe you'll find someone you're looking for. You can download all their characters HERE. (Alphabetically Ordered) Alessia, Asuka, Bia Peres, Caprio, Carolaine, Clara, Edward, Ferrsan Heidern, Iori Mayres (beta), Juarez, Kelly Basinger, Polonce, Roberval, Scylla, Slasher (Missing In Action) Balrog, Bao, Chang Koehan, Dhalsim (NOTES) 1. All of RBGarcia's characters have a modified moveset. Most of them also have a UNIQUE or SEMI-UNIQUE look, due to being frankensprites or edits. 2. The characters listed under "Missing In Action" are the ones that no longer have ANY working links (as far as I can tell). If you happen to find them, I'd greatly appreciate sharing it with me. 3. Ignore the size differences in the sprites, trust me, they're all around the same size in-game. 4. Characters such as "Clara", which seems to be a custom version of Athena Heidern, do seem to have enough changes that make them "original" or "semi-original" edits. 5. Unfortunately, due to dead links and missing files, most of these are all "updated" versions or "re-edits" of the originals, mainly sprite updates or small fixes. Sadly, most of the UN-EDITED versions are also missing. Sorry I'm using Photobucket. I was trying to upload these to Imgur, but sadly, the site decided to crap itself for no reason.
  9. UPDATE: Added William's new character, the referee from Punch-Out!
  10. KOF2001_Opening.gif

    gui0007, thank you for giving us some of the

    best edits we could ever ask for. Without your

    talent and dedication to the community, so

    many characters never would have been given

    the proper repair treatment and fixings needed

    to keep them in style and working as intended.

    Happy Birthday bro ❤️


    1. Richard 89

      Richard 89

      Happy Birthday Gui even though I've seen you on the forum a couple of times, but don't know you very well. Also I've got a surprise for you, stop by the darkstalkers area, I may be able to help with some files you've been looking for.

    2. gui0007


      Haha kinda late but thanks fellas. :v

  11. Now that this start, I think this post will only turn out bad, or will it?
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