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  1. 1) Read the rules. 2) Post this in the right section. 3) Read the rules, I don't know how much I can stress this. 4) Nobody knows what you want help with, probably provide more information. 5) READ. THE. RULES.
  2. Along with I think just about every other bootleg character, as none of these characters are specifically for the full game and nothing else. In other words, they work just fine outside of the full games, unlike things like MKP (Mortal Kombat Project).
  3. You can download that and other bootleg games from a site called hhug.me (handheld games underground)
  4. Its another one of those poorly made bootleg games by a company called Sintax, whom are known for mass producing heaping piles of garbage.
  5. UPDATE 10/18/2021 Added even more characters Fixed some files Yes I know Laharl, I need to remake this thread as soon as possible. Believe me, I want to, but like, I'm just really lazy and its a pain in the ass to make everything look neat and pretty. ANYWHO... Until I am able to fully restore this thread (or someone else does) (its very very very time consuming), here's a LINK to all the characters that I have managed to archive (which should be just about everyone besides a bunch of the Metal Slug Attack/Defense characters). Unfortunately, I don't archive stages (stages aren't as interesting to me, sorry), so you'll have to get those elsewhere. Here are also links to different YouTubes and such that have Metal Slug content, in case there is stuff I don't have that you can download from them. NSX2015's YouTube (I think mostly just has stage links and maybe one or two character links... missing a bunch that are gatekept) NightTerror599's YouTube (all of his stage and character links are still downloadable... I think) 吳承曇/q2951415's YouTube (I think only his stages are available to download anymore... missing a bunch of characters that are gatekept) MabsKMK's Website (has the full-game download + characters and stages) Hound's YouTube (mostly just stage downloads, as he has also decided to start gatekeeping his characters) TheKill's YouTube (not sure if there are any downloads available, if not, I have their characters anyways... might be missing some that are gatekept) STG Masara's YouTube (not sure if any downloads are available, I should have all their characters... I think... probably missing some that are gatekept) And if all else fails, just check different sites like AndersonKenya, MFG, and so on... I'm sure you'll be able to find most of the characters. Unfortunately, due to that one notorious site, many (if not most) of these creators either no longer make creations or are gatekeeping, so a bunch of stuff will ALWAYS be missing. My utmost respects to all these creators, they've done a fantastic job bringing the Metal Slug franchise to life, but it sucks that many of them refuse to share their stuff anymore because of that notorious site. Much love to you all, thank you so much for bringing so many beautiful characters and stages to the MUGEN community overall. CHARACTERS THAT I AM AFTER Everything that 吳承曇/q2951415 is gatekeeping Everything that HOUND is gatekeeping Hozmi and Shoe (by NSX2015) because he lost both of them
  6. I ain't got much to say at the moment, but I wanna give a big shoutout to Basara-kun, Meldo, Laharl, and Matiu for helping with the revival process of dead/abandoned threads.


    Y'all are amazing!

  7. Hopefully you find yourself at home here.
  8. jo19sh92


    Here's Dungeon Guardian (by 9923812)
  9. UPDATE: Added Lucia (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj1c4Vxe_ss)
  10. Impressive stuff mhz.
  11. Soda Popinski Here's also 2 other characters from Punch-Out/Super Punch-Out, both play similar to Soda Popinski, same style and all that. Don Flamenco Glass Joe
  12. What is "Baki The Grappler"? (all characters by Tokage) (original thread by Gui0007) >> DOWNLOAD << 3D Style Biscuit Oliva, Kaioh Dorian/Durian, Gaia/Gai A, Jack Hamma, Pickle, Retsu Kaioh, Speck Artistic Sprite Style Kaoru Hanayama, Yujiro Hanma King of Fighters XIII Style (Takuma Edits) Doppo Orochi, Kathumi/Katsumi Orochi King of Fighters '99/2000 Style (Gai Tendo edit) Baki Hanma
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