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  1. I see... actually I'm asking this because one staff member can react on post, im only can do that on status(well, not all status), if this because disable feature i forgive then :P
  2. New system about react point sorry to asking this, and yes i am out of date to this forum. is reputation become reacted or only staff can do that?
  3. Story of my name "Dronekiller" was made before i join any MUGEN community's, long ago when know about Freeware MUGEN. With unique and funny author name every their creations made me try to make my own name. "Dark Ruler" was my favorite author on first because have unique boss from where-i-dont-know and i edited one of them, that's where i got pop up about my name, start with "D"( funny is it?) "Drone" i know was some kind a robot-thing and this "killer" was part my idea, they look Dark theme name to me XD
  4. Does Youtube & Deviantart has Anti-troll groups ? just wondering:hmm:

  5. I like crossover :awesome

  6. Check this out.  :haha_dunk_by_pineapple_soup-d8ryyed:


    1. Dronekiller


      Link Fixed, sorry im too hyper :P

  7. I remember this game, well how about you? Feel nostalgic,right? Have 3 Different Version Stage and 3 Different Music Style in one Download CLASSIC Ver MODERN Ver.1 MODERN Ver.2 DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/ubsl3b85sritr52/Wood_of_Downfalling_Spore_by_Dronekiller.rar Edit: Link Fixed, sorry im too hyper :P.
  8. Happy Birthday Gui. 

  9. Well, i guess so. At least still has "PlayerID,". though still hard figure out for easy way. thanks for info btw.
  10. The common trigger using "Enemy, ", "Enemynear," or other this at first code to reading player on battle ex(Enemy, pos x) However, cannot insert more that one unless causing crash or error ex(Enemy, helper, pos x) ( "though not detect error on Fighter Factory") Have an info?
  11. Discovers Trolls on DeviantArt and 10 more on Youtube always mess up other users.
  12. @Sir Ghostler*clap* Congratulations and How are you buddy... :) @Darklight*clap* Congratulations Sir.
  13. :de46c23b_by_theonionhead-d5qjem0:Forget what I'm saying that early(you know, bit dramatic ill say). it's not like im out from mugen, it just another reason i can't touch my laptop. Anyway, i still fine and OK to online without contribute my char for awhile, (My apologies). 

    BTW, How are you guys? 


  14. I wish i can still do my MUGEN thing again, but im afraid i cannot on my hard day to me *sob* :4b05aba5dc134:

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