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  1. Note: I didn't feel satisfied with my previously release of the hips don't lie stage so i drew all the frames one by one in cdi/paint style in a high resolution over the original frames of this video. Description: Just a big Kiryu Coco Moving his hips in the background singing with a earthbound background and a Long Asacoco(plug in type) as the floor. This stage comes with 3 .def(variations): CocoHipsHD.def Normal Coco Moving hips CocoHipsHD2.def Inverted colors version. CocoHipsHD3.def Transparent version. Download(Mega) Preview:
  2. This is simple stage i made of Kiryu Coco. She just dances while "singing" hips don't lie in the background. I drew the floor & the green weird background is from earthbound. Download
  3. Here is a little stage i made for sora the troll, a japanese youtuber that speaks english and likes poop jokes that i enjoy watching once in a while. Comes with 3 variations: sorathetroll.def Normal with youtube floor sorathetrollb.def sora icon floor sorathetrollc.def no floor Download
  4. -Fixed air file and some animations. -Reworked Super Armor -Changed the button selection order:x=2,y=3,z=4,a=1,b=3,c=4 -Added intro and ending. -Rebalanced some moves and added better fx. -New Moves: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Button comb. Name Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ D,D,U,x Jupiter Laser Throws lasers from his eyes that explodes when touching the floor(2000 power
  5. You can just make a helper that send the opponent to a custom state(via targetstate or p2stateno in a hitdef ) where it floats for an certain time(you can use vel y=-sin(time*pi/180) to float maybe) meanwhile showing the wind graphics with explods/projectiles/helpers and when it enough time has happened use selfstate to make him comeback to his own states.
  6. Authors: Original char by xdxdav & edit by borderoflife(me) -Fixed AI --Actually uses all special moves & new movements. --Is really agressive but vulnerable to low attacks & projectiles. -Tweaked some sounds. -Fixed air file problems. --Fixed the repeated clns2 & clns2 default thingy that crashes mugen. --Tweaked some moves clsn -Redrawn a couple of frames --I'm not a pixel artist so rocky still looks a little silly. -New Special/Normal Moves: --Booby Trap(Counter Taunt):F,B,start --Guard:a,b,c (like a mortal kombat character & recover p
  7. This stage is a tribute to hachama. It includes 3 variations & hachama music: -FAQ.def Normal Stage. -FAQB.def Added some haachama spheres that move diagonally. -FAQH.def Added some haachama spheres that moves in a H pattern. Screenshots: Normal FAQB FAQH LINK: Download
  8. Here it is Metal slug 3 Fridge by me (i call it CombatFridge), he is more than just a fridge: https://mega.nz/file/5MMjiKiB#fXbnxmRTkAHd8qf_Mrr-j4pacD-9npMFlAH5uv4F5go
  9. Here it is Walk Machine Type-B!(a.k.a the most annoying character of metal slug attack) by me: https://mega.nz/file/sE82UKwY#SBP8FdN1jzxiQarrFQBeIgbTuPU0NX4Nhyu5Rqd-cjw
  10. Here it is Victoria from Metal slug attack by me: https://mega.nz/file/JZsyiJSB#YZErUtOIzGQxvf2DEGpwnbbiPuyd3ZWP6kocYxZiAWA
  11. Just finished The one Who lurks in the deep sea (a.k.a. Fishman) from metal slug attack & metal slug 3 ending: https://mega.nz/file/NZ1VSaQT#7fLAVRkMqi_0peG4rf_INTkhobtTespvENrN_7S26oA
  12. -This is the first stage i ever made, it is basically a big sheep(Watame Kojo a vtuber from hololive) doing headbutts on the background on a youtube like background. Link: https://mega.nz/file/lNlnQRbZ#W9rD_tmwZkYfjR_4ljvWmUsXpv9Kr2P048O-QsDq0Xg
  13. Here is Grenade from metal slug he is kinda like a bonus char, it is literally that, a grenade that throws more grenades and explodes by making contact with the enemy. You can try with this: https://mega.nz/file/9cVmyQhB#aCE1UOgjiCvU3rco9otjUKaWY7NeuO4rJN08ACBqHeg
  14. Rebel Soldier Squad by me: https://mega.nz/file/gUkT0Y7b#SsGLJrAi-Nm_ac-AXvT9YDHtPzABzjumOuGFi2zQhXo
  15. Achetto from MSA by me: https://mega.nz/file/kFtS3aYC#04B_d3cZq7Gx85N_UXQGlAcVllNcuzw9MwAJaNsCy9k
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