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  1. This Stage is based off of the World 2 Attraction, in Sonic Crackers, the earliest known Prototype of Knuckles Chaotix. This one has quite the backstory. 3 Years ago, when I couldn't make a proper animated stage, I wanted to tackle this, so I made an incredibly barebones stage with only a floor, and the two towers, with no animation to be seen, and the music didn't even match, thankfully the old stage has since been lost after my old Laptop died to the bootloop. Now this very week I decided with my newer "knowledge" to tackle it again. The Stage will work for both WinMUGEN, and 1.0/1.1b. Walkin Prototype Music included. the Stage fully supports Super Jumps all the Level Animations are present the cloud scrolling is an addition. Credit to Παρατηρητής, for ripping the Background Sprites. https://www.mediafire.com/file/103dpbp4l19dds0/World2Day.zip/file
  2. in Sonic The Hedgehog 2.. a Zone was planned, and had graphics for it, it was called Wood Zone, and was "playable" in the Sonic 2 Prototypes, from Simon Wai to the August Prototype. During the Development, due to time crunch, the Zone in it's entirety would be removed, but the code for it still exists, by using FFFE10:0200 in Sonic 2's Final Build, you enter Wood Zone, well what's left of it, what's left behind is a messy palette and broken collision, with the layout of Emerald Hill Act 1, with no objects to be seen, or badniks. This is a 1 to 1 recreation of the described. The stage comes with a Hidden Palace .ogg, and mp3, the Loop Point is meant for the ogg specifically (as MP3 files add silence to the start and end of the song) it will work with WinMUGEN, but music will no longer loop properly. https://www.mediafire.com/file/h0o3yymxnphiwv5/WoodHill.zip/file
  3. Dang, I just put together a heavy cleaned Folder, that removes all the unused filler that was sucking up the space. https://www.mediafire.com/file/91adgklmphqp009/inuyasha+human+(cleaned).zip/file
  4. Human Inuyasha now seems to have been struck down for violating TOS??? what??
  5. Human Inuyasha just takes you to SSJ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J2PDqLC1mGs7XPnHGghjTb2ive1fVsxg/view?usp=sharing Here's a drive link as a backup
  6. Update. If you convert Green Sonic to WinMUGEN (Like I did) you end up crossing paths with his actually functioning AI. The AI will constantly spam projectiles, as well as it's Hypers whenever possible, while also spamming the run, making him extremely annoying to deal with if you are not using a fast character.
  7. There hasn't been much improvement at all since The King -Messy Palettes -Inconsistent style -Invalid Actions for Super Jump/Liedown/Super/Hypers -Spammable attacks -Messing up Fantastic, and Marvelous Announcements -Literal sex -Target being unable to do anything until hit after said sex -PalFX/Explode lasts too long after said sex If you're gonna throw sex in, at least warn us in some fashion. -Crappily recolored still of AOSTH, it looks like you just took a screenshot of Sonic Says, then changed the hue to make him green. -S3 suddenly turns into S2 when Electricuted -No Animations for Frozen/Electrocution despite having the sprites -Horribly recolored Mania sprites, shades for some sprites are still dark blue. It feels really janky overall.
  8. You know, if you are going to toss the WinMUGEN Tag on here, at least check to see if Springboob actually works with the 2002 Beta (which he doesn't)
  9. Google Drive Mirror for Duralminn's Edit. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lvSN4oJWw_VSiExeuEPIoWALoehF9V68/view?usp=sharing
  10. An edit of Meta Gouki's Inuyasha, by me, Sumireko Usami. I didn't aim for any drastic changes, I just wanted to add a few new things, as well as giving more comboability. However I seemed to have stray away from my goal in some ways. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Inuyasha can now combo between all of his Standing, Crouching, and Air Attacks. -New hit animations implemented, this is for more compatibility for 1.0/1.1 era characters, as some force older chars to use the new hit anims, which they don't have, thus making them invisible. -Midnight Bliss Compatability, using Midnight Bliss on Inuyasha, deforms him to Pure Human, thus rendering him powerless. -Special Kagome Intro, following the Anime, and Manga, Inuyasha promises to protect Kagome at all costs, If you try to have him fight Kagome, he will K.O. himself instead at Round Start. -Helper Debug Fix, the Super/Hyper Anim Helper was missing an anim, this has been fixed. -New Air Attack, Inuyasha will swipe his sword upward in the air, if hit, the opponent will fall to the ground. -Sound Swaps and Addons, Some attacks didn't sound very powerful at all, so their sounds were swapped out. -New Palettes and Icon, the Icon is an edited 25x25 Crop of Inuyasha's Team Select Sprite from the PS1 Source Game - Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale - in Group 8999, you'll find Older Icons, as well as the one originally used on top of that, he has several new color sets, as well as the default now being more saturated, to be more like the Anime. (original is still present, being named InuyashaPS1.act) -Added Compatability for a few lifebars, such as Melty Blood, Alpha Storm, Miku, Vortex, Touhou 7.5, Touhou 10.5, Touhou 12.3 -the Stats for Life were changed to 1150 -and Stats for Defence were changed to 110 -Almost all Animations now labeled. -Some Hitbox tweaking, some seemed a bit too close. -Grab now uses an Explod to make a Hitspark when Inuyasha punches his target -All Self-KO coding as been moved to statedef-2.cns, as it is a much better method. -When using Palette 12, Inuyasha has a Life, and Power Boost, he's still beatable, but it will take a lot of time up -Disabled HIT_BOUNCE, and HIT_LIEDOWN's PlaySnd, and MakeGameAnim States, this is done to avoid clashing with Inuyasha's custom HIT_BOUNCE/HIT_LIEDOWN's States -Labled all of the Palettes, this is done due to several new palettes being made by me, so I didn't want it to just be inuyashax.act - x being the number -Cleaned up a few sprites -A new Air Light Punch Attack, now giving Inuyasha the ability to combo through 4 Air Attacks, but on a very short time frame. -Added Failsafe Animations for Electricution, Burnt, and Frozen - This is for Characters that might force him into Animations that wouldn't exist, thus turning him invisible. -Recreated Inuyasha's Alt Palette from the PS1 Source Game, it is named InuyashaPS1Alt.act -Inuyasha's Tessaiga Transformation Animations have been added, with the first one being an Explod over the Tessaiga -Added SIT Animations -Added a few Midnight Bliss Sprites -Added tons of Winquotes for 1.0/1.1b - he still works with WinMUGEN -Animation Hitboxes all tweaked to be the same style -Cleaned up the Portrait a bit -Projectile Guard Sparks repositioned forward as they were too far back -New Hyper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hijin Ketsou Triple - D, B, D, B, y - 1000 Power ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -All Files now assorted into seperate folders. -Character Folder is now named "InuyashaGouki", this is to give him a distinct name from all other Inuyashas. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 4,1,2021 -Tweaked Hitboxes for Walking -Four Voiceclips Added, meant for Continue Screen -New Sprites added, for a New Lose Animation. -New Lose Animation -New Continue Animation -New Hyper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sankon Tetsou Max - D, F, D, F, y - 1000 Power ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Dizzy Sprites removed, the Rip used was discovered to be messy, due to this, Dizzy has been removed for cleanup reasons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 4,11,2021 -New Hit Sounds -More Tessaiga Transformation Frames -Improved Lose Game/Draw Game Animations -Improved Guarding Hitboxes -Cleaned up State Naming (all Statedefs now have Proper naming) -Changed PlaySnd Trigger for Attack 320 (Crouch Light Slash) Swoosh now plays at Time 9 -Several New Palettes -Decreased Defence, and Life back to Standard Values -All Basic Tessaiga Attacks have been sped up slightly to better the flow -Tweaked a few hitboxes -New Hyper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hijin Ketsou Triple (Air) - D, B, D, B, y - 1000 Power ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Can Only be done in the Air (if not obvious enough) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 4,21,2021 -Hyper Level 3 Sound Added (Finally) -All Hyper/Superpause Times have been lowered to 96. -Kongosoha has been upgraded to Hyper Level 2, and will now use 2000 Power as a Result. -New Sprites made for the Kenatsu Hyper -New Animations made for the Kenatsu Hyper -New Midnight Bliss Sprite -Animation, and State Numbers for Light, and Medium Air Punch, have been swapped (Light = 400 | Medium = 405) -All Standing Attacks, and Grab have been tweaked to play way smoother. -Landing Sound now plays for Sankon Tetsou -Grab Bind Pos is now: 42, -23 -All three Hyper Helper States, have now been moved to hypers.cns -Cleaned up a bunch of Sprites -Fixed Self-K.O. Loophole - Inuyasha's Control is revoked entirely now. -Repositioned the Tessaiga for Inuyasha's Grab Sprites -Grab now uses Playerpush = 0 -New Hyper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tessaiga Slash - Kenatsu Hyper - D, F, D, F, x - 1000 Power (Kenatsu Alone = 260 Damage || Kensatsu + Slash Strike = 290 Damage -Kenatsu is the Weakest Hyper, due to it being the base attack of Tessaiga, having a long slashing range, and being very quick to use. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 5,2,2021 - This one is the smallest. -Added new Grab Sprites -Changed Grab Animation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 5,15,2021 -Realigned Kaze No Kizu, left foot now stays in the same position. -All clips are now 44100, being freshly recorded from the PS1 Game, and then cropped. -Win State 182 is now using the original line once again! (which was "Is that all you got?!") -Lots of clips are now replaced with higher quality versions -All Unused Clips Removed -Few More Sprites Realigned -More Palettes Added -Four Special Palettes added. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (PS1/Anime)DXModeNoneNS - NS = Normal Skin (PS1/Anime)DXModeNone - Full Recreation of Inuyasha being used in WinMUGEN when the DXmode is set to None. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Inuyasha now has Special Win clips for his friends. (and enemies) -All SFX related to Inuyasha's Main Attacks are now in Group 9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 8,24,2021 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Added a new palette. -the Supers that deal more damage now take more time to execute, and no longer have the same frametimes -A few new anims for the supers -new Portrait for 9000,999 -fixed winquote error -added swoosh for all Tessaiga Supers/Hypers -Special Thanks to Rumiko Takahashi, for making Inuyasha | Viz Media, Sunrise, for the Anime | Bandi/Dimps for Inuyasha's Sprites | Kappei Yamaguchi, for voicing Inuyasha and Meta Gouki, for making this.. actually pretty good out of the box Inuyasha https://www.mediafire.com/file/hzll0q6tydjfwva/InuyashaGouki.zip/file (Yes I switched to Mediafire.)
  11. Duralminn's Edit is down all together.
  12. It's because he still feels rather rushed out the door, due to the existing issues, but keep it up, you are getting better, and that's what I like, here's a little tip, there's a folder in MUGEN called Docs, it has lots of tutorials, I suggest reading those up if you haven't already, keep the work up
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