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  1. Most of the links here are 404 error except for Mashu's Scratch Cat and Lingo's Tera. The Drive files require permission to be accessed, and they're linked through /drive/folders/ instead of /file/ so they bring up 404 errors.
  2. Shizuka from SUGIO doesn't seem to work on my end?
  3. I'll definitely keep all that in note actually. I'm willingly doing my best to improve. A lot of these seem relatively easy to fix (like the typo in the Toxic special). I have to apologize for the whole thing with the Ziddia crediting though, that was my bad.
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dED3oxZLGaOzGuNDx75bdTHDlA5XtIPz/view?usp=sharing Pyukumuku by CoffeeFlavoredMilk (myself).
  5. OP of the thread is dead but this just got released: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8i9cusuu9bzc54e/WalfasReimu_CamrenSp.zip/file Unlike PGRS' crap this is an actual character that isn't just meant to troll people. So I think it should be put up on there. Besides a lot of mediocre at best is already on here so quality's not an issue.
  6. Okay, so while technically solved, actually implementing this has been kinda tricky: ;------------------ ; Toxic Helper [Statedef 1051] type = A movetype= A physics = N velset = 0,0 anim = 1051 [State 1051, VelAdd] type = VelAdd trigger1 = time = 0 x = 8 y = 1 ;ignorehitpause = ;persistent = [State 1051, HitDef] type = HitDef trigger1 = Time = 0 attr = S,NA ;SCA,NA,SA,HA,NP,SP,HP,NT,ST,HT hitflag = MAF ;HLAFD+- guardflag = MA ;HLA animtype = light ;light,medium,har
  7. What palettes do you already have just for clarification's sake?
  8. Unfortunately no this isn't it. It was a lot more 'dirty' than this for lack of a better term.
  9. This stage looks cool but that's not it. The stage I'm looking for wasn't rainy.
  10. It was a construction site with damaged vehicles (Akin to this without the wreckage), with a cloudy/dark sky, the dirt was apart of the site, not a road. You were on the dirt as the floor, and its more so closer to high resolution ala Melty Blood than anything 8 or 16 bit. Last time I recall seeing this stage was 2019 or so.
  11. So I've been having this idea for a while now but don't know how to exactly execute it: how do I make a projectile/helper that causes passive damage over time? My character spits out something that if it hits the opponent causes them to slowly lose HP for a period of time. Only character I can recall having this sort of thing was ShowBySpirit's Umbreon. How was that done exactly, and is there a more efficient way of doing such a move?
  12. Nice to know about that new site. Sadly that stage isn't what I was looking for.
  13. For both: 1. I remember it being not night time but kind of cloudy 2. It was on a city background with dirt, and a few vehicles.
  14. I wonder if Sucy and Lotte will make appearances in this character as well.
  15. I don't think it was a stage from either. At least it didn't resemble either game's style.
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