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  1. Oh! I recognized that name! Your the same author that made Hauzer, back in the day when I downloaded that character in my roster. It's a pleasure to meet you! ?
  2. .....What the hell is this... What I am even looking at... ._.
  3. @sakuraka Yesssss Cure Aqua! I'm really get excited whenever you released a new Pretty Cure character! :)
  4. Just finished DDLC days ago and holy shit, it was a experience. Just Wow. 

    1. SnipingRaptor


      Like that shit was crazy.

  5. Nice, that there's a MH collection on here. :)
  6. Was Eas always this small? I need to change her back to her normal size if that can work that is.
  7. That's definitely going to put that to my stage roster, Love your work as always!
  8. Goten GT by Pextin, edit by mephistophel is so fucking stupidly broken, 120 base attack/defense? Hell no. That Character is absolute trash.  

  9. R.I.P Capcom because of all these tag team games are coming out. lmao

  10. Cure Blossom with her AI Patch by tudura: http://www.mediafire.com/file/79i8f2ym7hfxkcr/NEWcureblossomAI.rar I kept this AI Patch of her for so long, I might as well this being added to the collection too. That AI Patch was missing since 2012.
  11. Yesssssssss a Love Live Collection I have been waiting for this!
  12. Oh just watching the Samurai Jack seasons 1-4 since the 5th season is out now!
  13. ronald mcdonald is a really bad character in my books tbh.

    1. Gaulbetti


      Is it the infinites, the cheap A.I, the unoriginal moveset, or the edits?

    2. SnipingRaptor


      Yep, that one.

  14. As far, as I know of He accidentally deleted his old account when he was doing stuff, and he made video about it of what just happened after he deleted by accident.
  15. abobo the character is cancer

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