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P4A Lifebars(1.0) by dartzpie

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Welp here yall go ; )












After quitting on these lifebars (2months ago). i just went ahead and finished them so yeah.

Im still learning


*Only for localcoord characters 426,320 

*for 1280x720


*Things that are still needed

  -Decent Animation

  -P4A Announcer Sound



1.1 Version now available

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These...look...AWESOME! I think i prefer these to the ones i see in Most of Phantom's and Excham's screenshoots.


You too?



Btw yeah Dartz Lifebars are more complete than Vector´s as i can see but not sure about Phantom´s version since those are private i think

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All these awesome life bars, but Mugen can just barely run 1280x720 smoothly!


I can dream, can't I? 

Wait, I'll just peek through the cracks of people's windows and peer into the wonder of these recently released life bars.

Posted Image

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Dartz Pie, how is this Lifebar going?? It is the best i have ever seen. I wish you can update it. I have tested it and I have found an error. It wont display dual lifebars when Fighting 2 players vs X simultaneously. That is a real shame. If only it could display it... Because there is no way to see your partner's health : S I beg you to update it and fix this. I dont know how to do it, or else, I would have done it myself. THank you very much.

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