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  1. - Vibri (Vib-Ribbon); to be honest, I just want anything from this game to be converted - King Dedede; a non-Masked version that's actually worth having
  2. For me, it would have to be DJ-VAN's Everyone vs. Everyone screenpack. Brings back lots of memories about the first M.U.G.E.N videos I watched, plus it was the first screenpack I installed. I also blame that screenpack's large layout for causing me to be a character hoarder.
  3. Miffy by Mith

    [Screenshot] [Download]!RwoyXbYJ!42MW-Fwi-IKvGP11ZR_lHoGiNuNUu6tf2dkxHtLoToU [Comments] A rather basic character with various properties of Kung Fu Man. Recommended only for novelty purposes.
  4. Nodog's request thread

    Thanks! Removed from the list.
  5. NOTE: This collection does not contain characters by Most_Mysterious's "new" alias, The_None since all of the characters under that alias can easily be found here: This collection also does not include the 2017 updates. Click on the character you want to download!
  6. Nodog's request thread

    Removed "Original English soundpack for Warner's Homer by "Meatball"" because I found it on another hard drive. Will upload it soon.
  7. Marvel Vs. Capcom Series

    Ryu by Ultimate X:!1toXmKjR!idlOZnb3QkJ0dGe_yIgTrlq7yjFAtKiUZI8nGbePCls Gambit by Corntortillas (?):!805AXTpR!nyuaIsRXMUf1U0OEaw8PUaHam_AXvUBi1Bdro4IhRgA
  8. Nodog's request thread

    Characters: - .snd file for Dexter Wilhelm (broken link is here - Jon Talbain by Cray (3/31/2008 version) - I have this, but his .cmd is missing Stages: - Battle on the Subway by Sic-1 Add-ons: - Gear'd screenpack - Red vs. Blue screenpack (both versions) - "LOST" screenpack
  9. Street Fighter III Series (WIP)

    Alex by Most_Mysterious. (not the joke version)!k1ZwWQ6I!MQIDYUmuLLlhJN85eM8g4n_E7nO-kebqdOfFnF15UNI
  10. I apologize for the necrobump, but can somebody please reupload this (preferably in parts) to zippyshare or something? Mega now has stupid bandwidth limits. EDIT: Well, the file eventually downloaded thanks to the help of external software. Thanks for the big dump of characters! I like how there are lots of storyboards, soundpacks, etc. and older versions too.
  11. Geno and Mallow by Tachi edited by Superteletubbies64

    Some feedback: Both: - Debug flood about a missing helper 10001. - If you feel up for it, maybe get English versions of the text boxes? Geno: - The sprite scaling doesn't look that good. - Finger Shot, Hand Gun, and Geno Beam all miss at point blank. Mallow: - Make HP Rain unusable if you have max HP. - Increase the damage of Snowy a little bit.
  12. The Krusty Krab

    [Screenshots] [Download]!g0YFSJaY!MnvDgUVRw5_lAlvdZtouG_a9LU2XcMNH6hv0OSxyq9o [Notes] Superjump-compatible: No Animated: Yes Music: Yes
  13. Re-Post Characters

    Sorry for the bit of a bump but here's a folder of mine:!55RUAKjS!a_8VgxTKasfWbAkScdsakA
  14. Who is the author of this stage in the video?
  15. Characters You Wish Were In Mugen

    I know most of these are considered silly requests by some but here goes anyways: * A good Strong Bad * More good comic characters (preferably MvC styled) * A good Pyron (the ones out there are * A Luigi that's sprited in the style of ShinRyoga, but looks and plays rather differently from Mario. Something like SM853's Luigi with different sprites, I guess. * More decent Clay Fighter characters * A Colonel Sanders like Sennou-Room's Donald * A good Kirby (again, the ones out there are kinda eh) * More Newgrounds characters (Hank J. Wimbleton and Pico being most wanted from me) * A good King Dedede (I was going to work on a 3D version, but other things (mainly personal) distracted me from doing it) * A decent version of Parappa the Rapper (my friend was working on one, but later lost interest, and the work files are now gone)