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  1. AMBER LAMPS by Kamekaze!4pY3GZzS!8nmM5kjHY2tjbnJN7AesD2SuYXicmFPrByX1OL_VwJI
  2. Black/garbled portraits: Marrow [DarkWolf13 & WalrusLui] Venom [DarkWolf13 & WalrusLui] Meta Knight [Claymizer + DarkLuigi] I need to get more stages too.
  3. Here you go:!U4BHgAZY!6lvy-CcfWLZoQ5X_b8pkWHLcs70wayD_w5whdslRoiY
  4. All of my M.U.G.E.N Fighters Guild posts I did in 2011-2012. I didn't even want to log onto the site after 2012 (and I still don't), because those posts make me cringe uncontrollably.
  5. Here's more: Andres Borghi's The Black Heart characters: Terrance by MrPr1993: A lot of characters by Masupenku-kun: (under "オリジナル") Brandy Oteigh by Creamy Goodness: Tiff Lagomorph by Laxxe23, Boss Lagomorph, & Kamekaze [NOTE: Character does not work on 1.0+. Slightly NSFW, but no nudity]: Kung Fu Fiunn by Most Mysterious:
  6. [Screenshot] [Download]!U1pzHQLC!y4vW645udVvOuLjJIFlgVY_dn9e9tj1R2SROIJrQn88 [Comment] A very rare character from the Marvel Comics universe that I had laying around on my hard drive. His sprites seem to be partial edits of Dandy J's, and he doesn't have that much specials or hypers.
  7. I know it was an EVE edit, and the lifebars were edits of the default lifebars. Here's a video of what the VS screen in the screenpack and lifebars look like: I only have the lifebars extracted from some file I got on 4shared (which link results dead) that I'm not even sure if I have anymore.
  8.!ohIXGIQI!ItwIP_5TA95rjpeYcsUD5ss7Oh8Y2ooIv5lxYTrCBVM Jellyfish Fields - Night stage edit by me
  9. My edits of Mr. Game & Watch and Master Hand & Crazy Hand:
  10. Why are there no download links? Plus I know there's way more edits than just 3.
  11. So I downloaded this character, and boy was I in for an adventure. Here's what I found for now: Let's just say that the statement of "Dave Is Good Character" isn't exactly true.
  12. It's good to be back!

    1. Akram


      I felt that way when I first game online in the first time in months.

  13. The Bowser and Bowser Jr. images have lots of colorloss. This is the only issue I noticed and it should be a bit easy to fix.
  14. A website made by Big Green has some characters you missed:
  15. Did you use waifu2x for some sprites? Either way, it doesn't matter because this looks pretty cool. Like the touch of the player names' capital letters being blue in the versus screen as well.