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  1. Nodog

    Characters hard to find request

    Ed seems to be a private creation by the author of that video. As for the rest, I definitely had them before. All of them were made by Mario117766 (might've typed it wrong). Also, shouldn't this go in Content Requests?
  2. Am aware. Tried to add it before but the site was all messed up.
  3. Nodog

    Screenshots Mffa Style

    Still working on the Shake edit. Again, it'll be mostly balancing tweaks and minor stuff for now.
  4. Nodog

    Vegeta Release

    Feedback incoming (don't worry, I'll try to be easy on you): - Missing nearly all required hit sprites. - No hitboxes on taunt, Galick Ho, Big Bang Attack, and turning animations - Ki Blast is an infinite, and takes up power but doesn't actually require any. Also, Vegeta is missing blue CLSNs when he performs the move. - Weird hitboxes for jumping attacks (multiple unmodified KFM hitboxes as well) - Jumping attack animations shouldn't loop - Some attack animations are way too fast; other times, they're way too slow - Attempting the throw command causes MUGEN to throw up an error about the throw state not existing - There are two commands listed in the .cmd - Final Flash and Final Shine Attack. Attempting to perform these makes Vegeta go into an invalid state. As such, you can't actually perform these attacks. - The 2 hypers that I am able to perform need a slight damage buff Overall, for a first character, it's alright. You could definitely playtest some more, as most of these errors could easily be found by using Fighter Factory, which also has a built-in error check tool, or the debug keys.
  5. hey in cesarsombra chars forgot this stuff i found in his 4shared


    1. Nodog


      Ew 4shared


      but added it anyways

    2. yuri linda

      yuri linda

      thanks Nodog 

  6. Nodog


    I believe these are every one of cesarshadow's Pokemon creations - Here are 2 WinMUGEN-only Gardevoir cheapies as well: Phantom Gardevoir -Phatasm- by SaikyoSuperman & kater15 - Nightmare-Gardevoir -Unknown- by SaikyoSuperman -
  7. Nodog

    Marvel Vs. Capcom Series

    Roll by Di Gi Jared -!B5ggnKIB!zebeNsDw-H-RT3lb9HBJ_wFNPgYy7Ol3gtbjGHLfzCc This is a "special incomplete release", at least according to the readme. Has all her Specials but no Hypers.
  8. Alright, here's what was changed in Homer since OP seems to not respond to anything posted: - New sound on Strongman Homer intro - When defeated by certain Mario characters, Homer turns into a 8-bit Mario (edited to look like Homer) while the SMB1 Life Lost theme plays. I admit that this is a pretty nice touch. As for Giant Chicken: - Intro against other Giant Chickens now plays against more characters...such as Anpanman, Courage, and Pac-Man. Not only is this a confusing change, it also ruins the subtle "cock fight" joke in the original. - Sound when landing from a backdash is now a grab sound? That appears to be all he changed in both characters. Why do you keep making these pointless edits?
  9. Nodog

    Better Edit of Lasher's Grover Released

    Since it seems like he doesn't explain what he edits at all, I'll do it for him: - Win quotes have been added - He now has a death cry taken from Street Fighter 2 for some reason - Different sounds on some moves - The opponent is now able to tech when hit by Grover Uppercut and Snuffy Swing - You can no longer take control of Grover during the startup of 39 Stairs...however, it's still an extremely long move - The most questionable edit, this happens whenever Grover is K.O.ed Yeah, barely anything was changed. He's essentially still the same, except now with that thing that happens.
  10. Nodog

    Leon and Ryouma by Nobuyuki

    Found Ryouma...on a getuploader page of all the places!IIwzmYLK!ku4OzUe4h6qc6I7oZ2aZFAdOCJAgT2--oaulGn9C6AM EDIT: Found out about Leon as well. He's a W.I.P by LegatoB that most likely won't see the light of day.
  11. To anybody about to ask, I am aware of YKun's recently-released Baldi; since the only link to it is on Archive, however, I'm probably going to consult the author to upload it somewhere else. Well, eventually it had to be done.
  12. Nodog

    Mr. Game & Watch Edit [updated 06/22/2018]

    I updated him yet again! Get him here - Changelog: - Fixed a few bugs in Octopus that I oversighted. - The HitBy should now work properly. - Mr. Game & Watch now doesn't go below the ground when transforming back from a jump. - Ambience has been made a 6-second sound that plays once instead of a 1-second looping sound (the old way of playing it had a problem where it would play weirdly upon landing from a jump.) - Added the "powerful projectiles fill the bucket up more easily" mechanic to Oil Panic. - Fixed the bug where you would get stuck in mid-air if you happened to be hit during FIRE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Removed Judge, as admittedly, I found it useless. If you're worried about the 9, don't worry! It still exists in the moveset, as part of the Down for the Count Hyper. - Added new Hyper, "Octopus". - Made some moves less/more safe. - Added more combo ability. - Lowered air juggle points. - Removed hitbox from FIRE. - Removed old damage dampener and replaced it with RicePigeon's version. - Multiple Chef changes: - Added more cooldown. - Light version now sends out only 2 pieces. - The food now travel in more of an arc. - Buffed damage to Chef and Headbutt. - Added superjump opponent locator that was previously unused. - Tweaked the A.I. a bit. - Changed some hitflags. - Increased damage of Oil Panic. - Down for the Count is now unguardable. - Made it so the crowd doesn't gasp as often if Mr. Game & Watch recovers. - Made it so that the guard sound actually plays on some moves if guarded. - Added sound for when he's dizzied. - Changed in-game name. :P - Some other changes I can't remember... Feedback would be nice, too.
  13. Nodog

    This T2DC Guy

    Just wait. Eventually, someone will give it to you, even if it takes weeks, months, or even years.
  14. Any notes on what you changed?
  15. DISCLAIMER: Just about every one of these characters aren't good...but what else did you expect? Baldi EarthwormJim [uncredited] - Frictoy GAMER [uncredited - spriteswap of 1mpfinity's Bendy] - MUGENYKUN (WinMUGEN patch by p0008874) - AngryBirdCooler [W.I.P, not pictured] Principal of the Thing EarthwormJim [uncredited] - p0008874 [null cheapie] Playtime FourthRhyme [minigame] 1st Prize Enzo Du Kirby [spriteswap of EarthwormJim's Baldi] STAGE SELECT Baldi's School by Hyliandex