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  1. A website made by Big Green has some characters you missed:
  2. Did you use waifu2x for some sprites? Either way, it doesn't matter because this looks pretty cool. Like the touch of the player names' capital letters being blue in the versus screen as well.
  3. Evil Link:!JAx2lCKY!DtyT6flKKPgKhWYNwOPDKSLhgAzEkam6TBn9Dc-gGc0
  4. Don't forget about my Mr. Game & Watch edit:
  5. [Screenshot] [Download]!tBpSlYQJ!map5ykzhQKgSqihvo9AfL94MP4U2D5qyX_Vksc5PgAQ [Comment] An edit of .GIF/Mr. T's Mr. Game & Watch that mostly changes attack properties. See changelog below for complete details. Enjoy!
  6. SiivaGunner has officially ended his channel. (high quality) R.I.P.

    1. Ryon


      Who is this person and what does he do?

  7. Feedback: * I haven't even opened the character in Fighter Factory yet and I see unused files, such as "1.pcx" and "2.pcx". * What does this look li- Oh. * To start things off, very ugly color pallete. * Some sprites move around all over the place. Plus, there's only about 30 total sprites if you don't count all the reused ones. * Bad CLSNs all over the place that don't even cover the whole body. * The sounds are basically nonsense spoken with a text-to-speech voice. I won't even continue here. You'll have to spend time on these kinds of things before releasing them.
  8. Anything happen while I was gone?

  9. Making a stage. How does it look so far? Snap in the background is animated as well.
  10. Making a stage. How does it look so far? Snap in the background is animated as well.
  11. A majority of my posts have disappeared. What's going on?

  12. Hey, welcome aboard onto the forums!
  13. Done.
  14. Feedback for Rocko: -Baseball throw's startup time is too slow. -Drill sound goes on for a bit too long. -You might want to change the P2 throw animation; it may work correctly on characters like him, but on others like Kung Fu Man, it looks kind of awkward. -Crouching hard and medium kicks are infinites. -Shotgun specials miss at point blank. -Standing hard punch misses at point blank as well. -There are some rather hard to do commands that I've never seen before, like for example, the Brain Pop. Maybe change them. -Why is there no medium version of the Down Back special? -The clock in the finisher stays on screen for too long. -The sparks in one of his winposes are misaligned and are not in front of him. -Hyper portrait does not fit the screen on 640x480 resolution. See here for what I'm talking about: