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  1. It's been a very rough month for me and my family, even though business is slowly starting to return. Not long ago mom got a phone call from my dad's sister, (in truth he's my step dad, but I've always thought of him as my actual dad). Their mother is dying, her kidneys are shutting down to be exact. Worse she has no idea she is dying due to her also having alziemer's disease of which she has had for years, and it's gotten so bad that she doesn't know who any of us are, even showing pictures of the family don't help much. The doctor says she has until about the end of this month but it could be any day now. She's not suffering or in any kind of pain. Still, even though she isn't my grandma, she was always very sweet, she actually got me into to handheld gaming, as one of her Christmas gifts to me was the original Game Boy. My brother use to call her frog lady when he was real little, because she loved frogs. She even had her house decorated with them. I can still hear him asking mom, "Can we go see the frog lady?" I miss those years, and I'm definitely going to miss her. :'(


    So for now, this is goodbye. 

    1. DuckMannnn


      I feel you man. My paternal grandmother has been suffering from Alzheimer since more than a decade too. Before she was still consciously aware of her surroundings, but few years ago she became very sick for a while and after that she was unable to do anything... she's bedridden, semi-paralyzed and can't recognize anything at all... I'm actually sad of the fact that I didn't know what kind of person she really was, since she suffered from that disease when I was a toddler...

    2. Galvatron


      im sorry to hear that man.. :-(


      I will prey for you and your Family..

    3. CoolAnimeHustler


      My Prayers Go Out To You And Your Family White Ranger... Stay Strong!

  2. I'm watching Have Gun Will Travel. I enjoy old classics :) Theme Song
  3. Awesome job!! FINALLY a Hawkgirl for Mugen
  4. I'm happy to say that the first batch of edits for the Orochi/Mizuchi Collection is up, by that, I mean I need to make more GIF's


    It's far from finished lol. xD


  5. Anyone else watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story? Love that movie.



    1. NijikakuFan61




      Huh. Must be Italian...

  6. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just enjoy spending the day with your family and friends, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

    1. Galvatron


      Happy Holidays to you to Man!... :-)

    2. Big Fella

      Big Fella

      Happy Holidays to you too, White Ranger!

  7. Been a little inactive lately, mainly because I've been helping my family get ready for this Saturday. My sister is getting married.

    1. SSBK65


      Congrats WR, it's wonderful to hear something good happening in your life, as you post some pretty sensitive topics. 

    2. gui0007


      Nice to hear that bruh. :D

  8. The employees of a Best Buy in New York just made some kid very happy with an awesome early Christmas present.



  9. When did this happen? @Ryoucchi Hey man, just one question, does Imgur remove images that have been uploaded?
  10. (unsheathes Saba) Time to cut the head off the snake.

  11. The most edited King of Fighters character in all Mugen, and probably the overall second most edited character, only being surpassed by Ronald McDonald(Donald), Orochi is one of the main villains of the KoF series, and the final boss of KoF 97'. It was sealed away 1,800 years ago by the three sacred treasures of Japan. Orochi was one of the first bosses in video game history to possess a full-screen attack, Marukare, which is it's trademark attack and has been added to several Mugen characters/edits throughout the years. Mizuchi is a clone of Orochi who made his appearance as one of four bosses in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Not much information is given about him, or even how he was cloned. Unlike Orochi, who holds some regards to humans, Mizuchi is very arrogant with power, thus he hates all humans and seeks to end their existence. This collection will be an attempt to add as many available edits as possible. WARNING: Most of these edits are very cheap and will defeat other characters quickly, so you may want to pit them against characters of equal cheapness. In addition, most of these characters have very flashy attacks, so if you are epileptic and prone to seizures, please refrain from downloading. You have been warned. NOTE: Under construction, and this is gonna take me awhile.
  12. @Big Green My sincere apologies, friend. I'll get right on it.
  13. @Big Green I think I got her already, I'll check. EDIT: Yep, number 113 on the list. Thanks anyway BG :)