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    MUGEN, Nijikaku,drawing, bowling, Geometry Dash, Tekken, Toontown Rewritten, Lost Saga, The King of Fighters, many cartoons & anime. OC's, New Stages. Unique and Original Characters and Much More.

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  1. I heard that The Nijibox hasn't created Windows 7-Tan, 8-Tan, and 10-Tan Yet, Should man & woman create these OS-Tan Nijikaku characters?
  2. So Basicaly, I found These Sprites from Hayato's Midnight Bliss Look. Check out the Images for this Hayato Genderswap: Her Standing Sprite: Her Sprite when she gets hit during an opponent's Air Combo: Her Character's Portrait:
  3. Wow nice! Can you dl Tyouunn and rip all of his sprites for this Tyouunn you are planning to work on?
  4. Why Thank You... But can Tyouunn have a Cvs2 Groove Selector?
  5. I'm Working on an HSFA Template and I was wondering about that glasses-clad preschooler who has not been in MUGEN a long time ago, so I took the Liberty of using Hotaru as a base along with some other characters. Here we have a Hotaru Futaba Sprite. This will be May's Stance. Image here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B49IP_GK52g6amE4Wmd6SEp2Mzg/view?usp=sharing
  6. Hey there everyone! My family calls me Jeremiah Blake, but you can call me IceLiberation! I always wanted to play MUGEN, But I always post stages from start to finish! I always wanted to create a character! All I want is a style and a help from my biggest friends ever!
  7. Just found some sprites for Rami. Check it out:
  8. So, I'm working on a Capcom VS SNK template and yes, I'm using an invisible template as a base for Tyouunn-Shiryu from Nijikaku. Can someone help?
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