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  1. As you can find for the Pink feline, Ali just released him as a beta: Thanks to me that I helped creating custom sprites for him.
  2. Thanks for releasing the Pink Panther for Mugen! Here are some issues I found from Pink Panther: Some sprites looks mialiganated, what I used to try my best on spriting him. As you can see why I am updating Zim into my fully state. I discovered the collisons look misangled on him, especialley for his basic attacks. Perhaps, you can replace the cartoon hit effect for his stand throw. Add more of the cartoony sound effects for him. You might forgot to add some of his compatibles, for examples like Juano16's Mortal Kombat and Black Heart characters. Overall, I gave this character 8/10. I shall improve on his sprites and add more ideas for him until his final release!
  3. Please Zim And Dib Full Release

    1. MetalGuy213


      i don't think if he would do that.

    2. WlanmaniaX


      Be patience, they are both being released in this Easter!

  4. Stage Releases: Membarances' Home (with 1.1 compatible) As you may know why I am updating Dib's fully update, well I released his house to replace into the Skool one as Dib's stage update! Download Dib's stage update!
  5. Wait, is the Blue Aardvark going to be updated?

    1. WlanmaniaX


      He will be updated in someday.

    2. RMaster007


      Okay, I think I can make some sprites for the Blue Aardvark.

  6. Actually, I believe my new updates of Zim and Dib will be as W.I.Ps (not showing my beta of Zim in public). Until they will be fully released, I will send links for both Zim and Dib for soon. And for the second bit, I have released my version for Zim's House while you are it!
  7. Zim and Dib's beta states were done! Feel free to be interested to test them until my fully releases of both will be done in this February!


    Also, Danger Mouse and Zim's stages were there, added with 1.1 compatibles: http://mugenfreeforall.com/topic/31407-secret-headquarters-of-dm-and-zims-house-were-updated-with-11-compatibles-added/

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. RMaster007


      I don't have FF3.

      Also, I didn't get the message you sent me, Wlan.

    3. jenngra505
    4. WlanmaniaX


      You may see, it's on your inbox.

  8. Secret Headquarters of DM and ZIm's House were updated (with 1.1 compatibles added) I am a bit sorry what I am trying to put some effort so there, happy 19th birthday to me! Download links: Download DM's stage! Download Zim's stage!
  9. Happy B-Day!!! for you yesterday!!!

  10. May I request someone doing a Lightworks portraits for Zim, Rocko and Courage?
  11. Happy Birthday, bud! :D

  12. Happy Birthday♫.

  13. Happy Birthday!