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  1. Did ArthurDM send you the Zim update yet? I typed in the URLs for the files on his website and found them.

  2. About the lv.1 hyper, I thought calling hamsters would be an important idea for the lv. 1 hyper replacing the multi Rainbow Monkey toss. I still remembered the R.E.P.O.R.T episode back when I was about eleven years old watching this, you can see No. 3's report (in childish drawing art style) for her new introduction. You should look for an episode, though if you can sprite more frames.
  3. Sorry for the funny due, my computer has been going strange because of the funny press thing that I control my mouse to do some of my work.


    I rather be using the laptop, just in case to release Zim, Dib and Rocko's better updates as final for tomorrow. Hope you'll guys be patient!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Darkflare


      Dragging? Is your mouse having problems? Are you using a wireless mouse? If so, check to make sure the sensor is working correctly and there isn't anything interfering with it. If it's a laser mouse, make sure the laser is clear and you're using on a flat surface. If it's the old mouse ball, make sure that's cleaned up.


      Otherwise, you're way too vague on what your computer problem is. I recently finished a computer repair course, so I've learned a few things that could help solve some common problems, but I can't do much if I don't know what exactly is the problem.

    3. RMaster007


      Hey it's tomorrow time to release instead of delay for another month

    4. WlanmaniaX


      Don't worry I will try to release them more better than I can for today.

  4. While you wait for ArthurDM to finish editing Zim and Dib, why don't you work on Ren and Stimpy?

    1. RMaster007


      He has a good point. You should work on Courage as well.

  5. You must suprised if I released Zim's final update later..
  6. Pitifully, I heard that he wanted to one Sector V character, that is only Kuki. If he made his sprites for the few Cartoon Network villains (like Mojo Jojo, Him or Father as examples), it would be a pleasure to see more cartoon villains in the Mugen universe.
  7. I have edited his tail when his new update was done in this June, hoepfully.
  8. WlanmaniaX (A.K.A Wlan Productions, currently)'s Creations As you can see, this collection includes all of my current creations that I have been done, in better ways. CHARACTER SELECT Nicktoons: Rocko (New update nearly releasing!) ZIM (Nearly releasing!) Dib (Nearly releasing!) Nostalgic Cartoons: Blue Aardvark Danger Mouse Count Duckula Video games: R.O.B STAGE SELECT: Mr. Bean's Apartment Rocko's Pad Membarane's Home Secret Headquarters of DangerMouse Primpall's Trailer Fawlty Towers Vyvyan's Apartment Subway Restaurant Police Headquarters Domino's Pizza Stonehenge Muscle Man and High Five Ghost's Trailer Buckingham Palace Zim's House Christ the Redeemer
  9. Here is the hyper portrait I made from your help! Please let me know what you think of Kuki's hyper portraits while you edit more sprites, okay?
  10. hi i am working on a smash bros fan game called "Super Smash Bros. Slam" if you want to check my group on deviant art, it would be nice to do that for me.



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    2. MrTimothy98


      just getting started

    3. Pluscross


      Oh man, power meters. Guess I'll watch for this, good luck with the project.

    4. MrTimothy98


      i hope you will all understand about this game i am making, i got screenshots.



  11. Okay so, I made a pallete sheet for Kuki Sanban! These palletes include some operatives from some Sector V operatives, her sister, Dee Dee and the PTE evil one.
  12. Nice compatible for her! She was supposed be in her hamster transformation as Pharoh's Curse compatible, same you did for Animal Transformation! If you made more sprites, does that mean you will make a video preview for Numbuh Three?
  13. I remembered watching this cartoon back when I was young, but I am not a BIG fan of this show to be honest. But still, nice creation so far! Any plans you currently make for the sweet Asian angel?
  14. So, updates gonna be released at all?

    1. RMaster007


      Update: Wlan told me on FB that Alexei is busy updating the characters. I doubt he is. No offense.

    2. jenngra505


      I just talked to Alexei over on Youtube about it, he said he's 80% done with his edits.

    3. RMaster007


      Good to know, just want them done as soon as he can. Snd when they get released, I might edit them.

  15. Behold! My new stage was named, Christ the Redeemer (statue of Jesus) which is popular known. Since anyone is not familiar about Christ the Redeemer, thankfully you can read it about it! Download this populous-known place from Brazillian: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dzix1a999anodjc/christheredeemer.rar