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  1. These new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artworks are phenomenal... Nintendo finally gave Daisy the love she deserved after years of just being in spinoffs... and now she's in the biggest crossover of em all! 


    The Inklings, Ridley, and all the cut veterans from Melee & Brawl are here!


    This is the full version of the game's boxart. On Dec 7, 2018, the ultimate showdown will commence!


    1. Cook4251


      meanwhile the fanbase are crying for Waluigi.

    2. Oliver As Latias

      Oliver As Latias

      Waluigi will be stuck as an assist trophy. That's what I can tell. But enough about him, yes these artwork are just amazing to look at. I hope there's more newcomers to join the ultimate battle.

    3. Cook4251


      Same, at least i can say there are some humble nintendo fanboys out there. :)