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  1. Life is a waterfall; we drink from the river then we turn around and put up our walls...


    Oh, and today was busy for me:


    - I had a potluck at school, which ended with me and a friend dancing to and singing "We Are Number One".

    - I was in the school's talent show, doing some sort of slam poem skit thingy.

    - Beforehand, I congratulated said friend for playing well in the band before being chewed out by the Music teacher (who ran the show).

    - During a dress rehearsal, I stepped on someone phone and cracked their screen by total accident (The lights were off at the time).

    - Me and another friend downed a box of chocolate biscuits while watching a friend play through The Polar Express on GC.

    - I think I'm starting to main Fox in SSB4.


    Happy holidays!