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  1. It has come to my attention that speedrunning getting banned in Club Penguin is now a thing.

    1. A person

      A person

      What can you even do in that game without getting banned now?

    2. Dissonance™


      [TAS] Club Penguin 0:00000000000 by darkflare

    3. DuckMannnn


      Club Penguin died in 2012.

      I still remember the day they banned my childhood account back in 2010 just because I was talking to somebody else using symbols

  2. tumblr_olpgxudCgP1qkvbwso1_400.png



    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      That's just weird, then again their are so many strange apps out their that it's not funny

  3. Meanwhile, that jirobu guy is a perfect example of a brainwashed archive punk who will immediately resort to personal insults whenever they read anything that goes against Archive's policies.
  4. An information thread? Looks like a drama thread to me and I know I'm not the only that believes so. Let's go even deeper, what the hell made you think anyone here even gave a damn about this? You're.not lookong to inform peopke, you're looking to recruit people to your cause.
  5. Point #1 - Yea, members that only register solely to download characters. Activity? If you count shitposting as activity, then yea you're right. Sorry kid, this one's a case of quantity vs. quality Point #2 - Resorting to petty insults, sticking to false infornation, putting a lmao in thetr. Damn kid, you're making this too easy. You've already put your credibility down the toilet. The only thing Guild did was warn people that Archive was using ad.fly links for their downloads and that said ad.fly links ran the risk of infecting your computer. A Mugen character is not worth risking losing your comouter over. As for Guild being isolated from good mugen sites. That's quite an amusing thought. I've seen plenty of sites link back to Guild including a few japanese ones. Old ass Guild is still goibg strong, still has plebty of activity on a daily basis and has shown no sign of slowing down yet. Sorry kid, you're grasping at straws here your arguments hold no weight to them and manipulated child? Yea, I bet you see one when you look in the mirror. Just a deluded Archive White Knight looking to stir up some drama.
  6. You're a goddamn fool. And that's putting it nicely. Archive being visited more means Guild is going to get killed? Definitely won't go to you for your analytical skills considering you lack them. As has been said, people only go to archive just to upload random shit for the sake of downloading a character they want. Truth is that the people you see in Mugen forums are in the minority among the community. The majority only care about downloading as many characters as they can and building a "collection". So naturally, archive would have more visitors. In terms of having an actual community, Guild has Archive beaten by miles. And the fact that you claim that Guild started the drama proves further that you lack analytical skills and that you're a white knight for Archive.
  7. Uncheck all the files and only click on the one you want.
  8. I made a few more for now.





    What kind of BS will DF have to go through next?

    Oh, but don't think this will be a regular thing for me.


    - MSPaint is so limiting for this. Especially for the fonts themselves. Can't put borders around the letters so they can pop out more properly instead of using cheap text boxes all the time.

    - Kung Fu Man being cheap is a reference very few people will know about.

    - Meimu's real name being Kon isn't something I made up, but I stole borrowed from someone else. However, it makes a lot more sense in context given Yukari's naming conventions for herself and her familiars.

    1. Ricepigeon


      Its been a looooong time...

    2. Darkflare


      So it has. Kids these days don't realize what they've missed.

  9. I can't answer that without being certain
  10. Way too many to list. Different characters are made by different authors. Try these.
  11. He uses sprites from Mugen characters.
  12. It probably has to do with the fact that you need to login to view this place and this is a way to get around it until a proper solution is made