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  1. "Oi oi, what's all this noise? Keep it down." Flare approached the group. "If you can't even trust each other, then the bad guys have already won. You people will end up destroying each other before they have a chance." He then pointed toward Kirimuri "Put your damn weapons away. You're only allowed to draw them in the arenas here."
  2. "She's the only one I've always cared about. She's much younger than me. I worry for her at times since she has trouble interacting with others that aren't me or our servants. Not many people I can trust to help me take care of her. Mother died when we were younger and father neglected us for that damn company of his. Of course, I later took everything from him." There was a chilling tone in her voice when said "everything" "Didn't you come in with that group that arrived earlier? Pretty sure they're going to need someone that lives on this world to help them around. I'll consider continuing to talk when you get back."
  3. "When we first met 2 years ago, I could have told you that I didn't, but now I'm not so sure. Being with these guys for so long, I can easily tell they trust each other especially the ones that have been around the longest. It spread to me as well, I find it much easier to suppress any desire to kill them at least. But honestly? I happen to quite enjoy being a monster, I don't think that will ever change. Still, I do hope my younger sister doesn't turn out like I did, she deserves to be normal."
  4. "A warrior? Is that how you see me? I don't hold the same values as your kind. For as long as I could remember, one could say I fit more an assassin than a warrior. Perhaps you could explain to me why you see me as such."
  5. Ren dodged the jab, a sadistic smile could be briefly seen on her before she seemingly disappeared. It felt as if she had actually gone through him as Light's body suddenly stopped responding. She "reappeared" behind him as her hand was engulfed in her flames. "Perish..." She clenched her fist snuffing out the flames. At the same time, Light began to feel as if he was being burnt and sliced from the inside and out as he was violently attacked by Ren's flames. The three grouped up and did an individual pose that each believed showed their best qualities.
  6. Ren walked closer to Light crossing her arms as she did still mantaining a confident composure.
  7. Not soon after, both Ky and Kamui would join them. "I see now. A group picture between us three." "It's true that we don't see each other so often. This will certainly help cherish this memory."
  8. "I've already called the ones that will be in it. It's meant to be a memento as we don't see each other as often." Ren shot another energy wave. "What's wrong? You were more confident a moment ago."
  9. "That's all everyone. Please return back to your posts." The mecha maids bowed and scattered back to their work. Except for one who was currently being held by Robo-Ky. "Oi, Robo-Ky. Didn't you hear me? "Robo-Ky...I need to get back to work..." "OH COME ON! JUST GIVE US THIS MOMENT AT LEAST!" "...Fine, but just a moment..." (To Frank) "Can you bare with me a little longer? There's one more, but it's a little more personal." Ren proceeded to fire an energy wave toward Light hoping to suddenly catch him off guard with one.
  10. Flare continued to go through the photos, carefully studying them. "I just need some group photos and that will be all. You can start with them." Flare proceeded to point to the large group of Mech Hisuis that had gathered nearby.....and the Robo-Ky that stood out among them. "Damn, I should have known you would call my bluff." Ren however had a confident look to her as she paid attention to Light's movements.
  11. "I am not done with him..." Ren began to start getting up from the attack. "You've certainly proven to be worthy prey. But to allow myself to fall like this would annoy me to no end, especially when you've graciously backed yourself into a corner."
  12. While it wasn't the original intended plan, the distance was closed nonetheless as she proceeded to continue her offense with a series of attacks to keep the pressure on Light.
  13. Thinking quickly, Ren allowed herself to fall on her back to avoid the attack before flipping herself back up going for a strike toward Light strong enough to send him back.
  14. The powerful projectile coming as a surprise, Ren could only brace herself stumbling a bit from the shock of the attack.