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  1. Maybe FFU or FF3
  2. Happy birthday Lando, hope you have a good day man.

  3. Awesome, I'm happy to see Fat Albert's update, and I definitely can't wait for the final version with all of his moves. Can't wait for Underdog's updates.
  4. Happy birthday Dark, hope you have a good day.

  5. Happy birthday Rice

  6. Happy birthday D, hope you have a great birthday.

    1. D The Red Cloak

      D The Red Cloak

      Thanks, man. :)

    2. TMC55


      No problem bro

  7. Hey can you make a dee bee kaw and Aaron Roulette portrait with these pictures?
  8. Thanks again ryou
  9. Hey Ryoucchi could you make a portrait of Shrek with this picture?
  10. Yeah I feel you on that. I was going to make Timmy Turner with Jarquin10 making the sprites but he never made any more sprites.
  11. Happy birthday Ryou, hope you have a good day.

  12. Happy Birthday man

  13. Happy Birthday Lord Bastros. Awesome release DJ, good to see you coming back strong. Can't wait for your other characters, especially Sinistar.
  14. If they need money to survive why not... I don't know find a job? Seems like they're just getting money for other people's work, that's not an excuse to defend them and what they're doing. You're pretty much just spouting nonsense.
  15. Lol yet Archive isn't even close to being as active as Guild