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  1. It's not even about the fact that his characters are bad it's the fact that he refuses to take criticism and then overreacts about it saying he's going to quit. If he just take feedback and use it to make himself better he would improve a whole lot more and may actually be a good creator. One thing he needs to do is take feedback and listen instead of reacting the way he does.
  2. Sorry for the double post but there's another update. Robot Steven now has 2 EX moves thanks to D, The Red Cloak, and his Magic Twirl now goes faster and is no longer unblockable. The link has been updated.
  3. Update: I updated Robot Steven with a roll so you can dodge and get closer to opponents since he doesn't have any options for range attacks. And he also has a better AI thanks to DS12. Link in the first post is updated.
  4. TMC55


    Idk why i just got to this topic but Synck you're a genius, I'm going to download this now.
  5. Thanks for adding my stages. I honestly forgot to upload them here lol
  6. You guys shouldn't revive a project thread, especially if there are no updates. It misleads people to believe there are updates to the project.
  7. Don't request someone to make a character, it's rude.
  8. Ahhh ok, honestly with mugen anything is possible, there's pretty much no clear character that shouldn't be in mugen hence many non fighters are already converted.
  9. Johnny Test, their is so much potential for him to be a well made character and especially with all of the powers he has obtained. If there was a good spriters such as Jarquin or maybe even @thebestmlTBM that would be cool.
  10. Hey guys, I never properly introduced myself, but I'm sure a few people on this forum knows who I am. Well introduction aside this is my current progress on the big rock guy from the Fantastic Four. I'm converting him to MvC2 style, the way Darkwolf13 and Walruslui created their characters with the tag system and whatnot. Well This is my Current progress of him so far, nothing special yet. But he's getting there. Hope you guys enjoy so far, I have a lot more work to do.
  11. Sometimes I don't understand how people can be so sensitive. They just like to hear what they want to hear but get upset when someone tells them the truth. Sorry if you only want to be surrounded by ass kissers but the reality is you don't always get what you want.

    1. DS12


      I probably assume you're referring to what happened on......my server discord.

      I gotta admit though, I have been pretty idiotic in the past so this message pretty

      much explained what it was like to act in a preposterous way, but since I've changed

      in this age, I can finally understand the true suffering of other people. But according to whether they can be

      sensitive or not, I believe that other people have went through multiple unsatisfying events in real life, such as the loss of their most precious figures. I'd rather think that these people should be alone.....


      But....thanks for this. 

    2. Darkflare


      /Bad Mugen authors



      /Dumb people

    3. TMC55


      Honestly this isn't about what happened in your server but it can relate to this. This was about someone that I know personally, I was just baffled on how he just talks about how he wants everything his way and when I hut him with reality he felt like I was attacking him and offended him. It was all pretty stupid to begin with.

  12. So you mean to tell me The Miz is good enough to be champion again but Austin Aries isn't? Yeah no fuck you Creative.

  13. Awesome. Glad to see these updates happening often.
  14. Happy birthday Lando, hope you have a good day man.

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