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  1. Hi people, since I've posting a lot here since 2015, I decided this 2016 to make my official WIP thread with my future chars and projects in MFFA. Here you are: On works On hold (by now) I hope to add another projects of mine (like lifebars and Anti-Gouki Project fullgame), but by now only this. I hope you like this thread, guys!!
  2. ClayFighter Series

    Cool... a little detail: says "63 1/2" in the link to my soundpack instead "63 1/3" And also some resources from spriterips pages: ClayFighter 1/TE: The Spriters Resource (5 chars by A.J.Nitro, Blue Suede Goo by Maxim, Taffy by Megamonk4, 4 stages by Maxim and SmithyGCN), Sprite Database (2 chars by Jurae818) ClayFighter 2: The Spriters Resource (3 chars by ShadeDBZ, Hoppy by Solink, Octo/Jack stage by sutinoer, title screen by Tonberry2k), Sprite Database (Bad Mr. Frosty, Blob and Nanaman by Jurae818) ClayFighter N64 (63 1/3 & SC): The Spriters Resource (14 chars by Mr.C, 63 1/3 Earthworm Jim by Random Talking Bush, SC Sumo Santa and T-Hoppy by Maxim)
  3. Basara's WIP Thread: The MFFA Branch Office

    Those things will be done, so don't worry ;) Also... As you can see in the pic: -Lynette fully functional as part of Envy's movelist (instead just a simple striker) -SFA hitpsarks added to Envy, the same ones used on Scott and Nega Scott -Palettes done, this one with Envy cosplaying Mai Shiranui To be done: -One more Envy's move, a kick that resembles Adon's Jaguar Kick -Supers in general -A BG for Envy, already added to SFF and AIR now should be coded -Todd and Gideon as strikers (Todd with a Blanka-like move aka Electricity, and Gieon with his pixel projectile) -A couple of voices to be added
  4. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    I'll be waiting for them then. At least I'm glad you're still working on them, I hope you can release at least one character. Also, found Lorenzo The Comic's Envy (probably made before maverick PK's rips) downloaded from MA. It would be great if someone can reupload Jango's and z0mbie's stages to be added here (and eventually to Guild Database)
  5. Hi people, I'm back not just with my WIPs, also I'm back with MUGEN collections, and I come back with the beat'em up adaptation of Scott Pilgrim comic books by Bryan Lee O'Malley in its own MUGEN collection as it is now. As always, anything to be added here is welcome, and I'll update my other collections as soon as I can, so don't worry ;) Red is offline, Yellow is WIP and Brown is for collection purposes only. Characters Main Characters Scott Pilgrim: Basara-kun (normal and joke versions) || Nega Scott: Basara-kun || Kim Pine: Basara-kun To be made: Ramona Flowers, Stephen Stills, Knives Chau, Wallace Wells Evil Exes/Bosses Envy Adams: Basara-kun - Lorenzo The Comic || Matthew Patel: Ultra Fatality || Lucas Lee: Ultra Fatality || Todd Ingram: Ultra Fatality || Roxy Richter: Ultra Fatality || Katayanagi Twins: Ultra Fatality || Gideon Graves: CamChao - Ultra Fatality To be made: Super Gideon Graves, Lynette Guycott, Mr. Chau, Robot-01, stage enemies in general Original Characters (needs image) Zack Tough: Kiske Otoko Stages Itanori - Zion - Jumbopaulo - z0mbie - Jango Resources Sprites: Paul Robertson (gifs) - Stephanie Boutin (stages) - Basara-kun (Scott resprited) - Teenpioxis101 (Nega Scott) - Maverick PK Others Palettes (Basara's Scott Pilgrim): ZombieBrock/Lord Batros - Rosh Custom Portraits: Squallsoft - Ehat - NDSilva
  6. ClayFighter Series

    Wow, was this remade?? I remember there was another thread about this game series before... Also, Some Guy is making Lockjaw Pooch from Sculptor's Cut, to be added at the list as WIP
  7. What the f*ck happ'ened to the forum!? I can't post in any of the posts and can't even edit my threads in Collections!!

    Also the error is EX144, if some of you asked, mods and admins

  8. Download: Original thread:
  9. Gideon Graves by CamChao released

    I was about to say the same, but I just limited to post the release instead Also, I came back, and I'm working again on my SPvTW chars, take a look to my WIP thread BTW
  10. Basara's WIP Thread: The MFFA Branch Office

    Hi guys, I'm back!! after my little retirement of... 9 months?? I'm not sure, maybe it was 10, whatever... anyway, I'm back in MUGEn and I'm working in some of the projects I left, mostly this one: Envy Adams (& Lynette Guycott) is back to MUGEN!! Since both girls haven't enough moves top get them separately, and because Envy & Lynette are already a battle team in SPvTWTG, I decided to make them together, with Envy as the main character and Lynette her assistant, which will be called by special moves instead normal strikers (think about Yamato Nadeshiko as part of R. Mika's moves in SFV). Originally I was to start on Kim Pine, but Envy got more advanced than her, so I prefer to focus on her and finish her as soon as I can. By now, apart of basics, she has almost all he special moves ready, including the ones with Lynette as seen in the pic. Now coding one more special move then I'll start with super moves, one of them including both of them fighting at the same time
  11. As Fred Durst said: "Guess who's back!!" :fuckyea:

    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Nice to see you again Basara 

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      Gee I wonder who? Eminem? ♪ Guess who's back? ♫ *dancing* :haha_dunk_by_pineapple_soup-d8ryyed:

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      Hahaha, thnaks guys XD I'm necroing my WIP thread during these hours :P

  12. Megaman X Series

    Megaman X Series Collection Finally I could complete Guild Database remake section, so now I can start with this collection on MFFA, a section I guess many of you were waiting for, so I hope you like it n_n Red is offline, Green is AI only, Blue is edited and Yellow is WIP. As always, if you find some stuff I don't or you have links for offline chars, you're free to post it here. PS: There's a lot of chars I didn't tested yet, if you know which of them are AI only, let me know to color them PS2: As in Classic collection, Calamix's chars won't be included unless you have the link of them PS3: As in Guild Database collection, all names are from english releases (like Vile instead Vava) PS4: As discussed here, Cesarsombra's chars are most (if not all) spriteswaps, get them for collection purposes only. Megaman X1-3 (SNES) Sigma: N-Mario (X1) / Gustavo Carvalho (X1) / Exclamation_Question (X1) / Cesarsombra (X1-X2) / Brandombruto (X3) / Austin (X3) Vile: Kyo Kusanagi (X1) / Barubaru (X3) / Mugendude26 (Xtreme) / Ayumi Sekijo (resprited) / Omega32able (MM8 ver.) / DragonFaku (MM8 ver.) X: N-Mario / Leonardo / Falchion22 / MGMNZX (Xtreme) / Art12345 (iOS) / Spat856 (Symbiote X) Zero: ShoShingo (X2) / Falchion22 (X1) / MGMNZX (X3) / Mr. Pandacaria (X3) / Lorenzo The Comic: X1/X2 - Xtreme / Arthas (X3) Missing/To be made: X - Full Armor (X1-3) Armored Armadillo: Shimon / Cyberspider Boomer Kuwanger: Shimon / Cyberspider Chill Penguin: Shimon / Cyberspider / Omega32able (Xtreme) / MugenPlayer21 (resprited) Flame Mammoth: Shimon / Cyberspider Launch Octopus: Shimon / Cyberspider Spark Mandrill: Shimon / Cyberspider / Omega32able (Xtreme) Sting Chameleon: Shimon / Cyberspider Storm Eagle: Shimon / Cyberspider / Ron_Berka (resprited) Bubble Crab: Cesarsombra Crystal Snail: Cesarsombra Flame Stag: Freezeman Magma Centipede: Cesarsombra Morph Moth: Mothra67 Overdrive Ostrich: Cesarsombra Wheel Gator: Cesarsombra Wire Sponge: Cesarsombra Blast Hornet: Shimon Blizzard Buffalo: Shimon / Mariotimemugen Crush Crawfish: Cesarsombra Gravity Beetle: Cesarsombra Neon Tiger: Cesarsombra Toxic Seahorse: Cesarsombra Tunnel Rhino: Shimon / Cesarsombra Volt Catfish: Shimon Agile (X2): RonanZer0 / Cesarsombra Bit (X3): Cesarsombra Byte (X3): Cesarsombra Crag Man (X1): Diegoabdiel D-REX (X1): Tomislav Lukic Dr. Doppler (X3): Cesarsombra Mac (X3): TUTIO Serges (X2): Cesarsombra Velguarder (X1): Cesarsombra Violen (X2): Cesarsombra Missing/To be made: Maoh the Giant (X3), Godkarmachine O Inary (X3) Rangda Bangda (X1): Cesarsombra Megaman X4-6 (PSX) Sigma: Gustavo Carvalho (X4) / Cesarsombra (X4-X5) / Ahuron (X5) / Hunter_eXe (X5) / Jojo Fu (X6) / Jeff Loco (X5, HR) X: Ard-Kiro (X - Nightmare X) / FXFreitas / DragonFaku (X - iX) / Tomislav Lukic (X - Awakened X) / Austin / Fusion (X4-X6) / Hunter_eXe / EM20XX (Virus X) / Ninja / Gokinero (Nightmare X) / LBViralStriker & Austin Zero/Black Zero: Robnius (X4) / Z Sabre User (X4) / Shikkoku (X4-X5) / Omega32able (X4 - Omega Zero) / Fusion (X4-X5) / Jojo Fu (X4 Black Zero - King of Zero) / Tako (X4-X6) / RAIKOU / DiegomanX5 / Art12345 & Brongaa12 / Vegettossj2 & Spider-Man (X6) / Ariel Co. / RedLine / DarkCypherLucius / Heat Team Pro / Snowwolf (Shin Zero) / Maximus (Super Zero) / GM (Zero Virus) / Tomislav Lukic (Awakened Zero - Boss Zero) / Zetah & Sasuke-Sage (Viral Zero) / Karter (SSB) Zero Nightmare (X6): OmegaZe321123 + FXFreitas / GM X - Blade Armor (X6): Shircan X - Falcon Armor (X5-X6): Omega32able X - Force Armor (X4): Taihei / Ahuron / Hirst / FXFreitas / Austin X - Gaea Armor (X5): Heyakes / FXFreitas / Zero_liger X - Shadow Armor (X5): Jojo Fu / Gustavo Carvalho X - Ultimate Armor (X6): Heyakes / GM / Ahuron / Tomislav Lukic & FXFreitas / Shircan Cyber Peacock: Snowwolf Frost Walrus: Roberto22 Jet Stingray: Snowwolf Magma Dragoon: GM / Jack Bandit RT / Snowwolf / Gladiacloud & Beximus (resprited) - Vs. Style Debuts Team Edit - DarkWolf13'sEdit Slash Beast: Gaara Coração Negro / Helios / Diego Sanchez / RedLine / elMura Split Mushroom: Cesarsombra Storm Owl: GM / Snowwolf Web Spider: Cesarsombra Axle the Red: Austin / Omega32able Dark Dizzy: Cesarsombra Duff McWhalen: Omega32able Grizzly Slash: Denmou Izzy Glow: Emiliano Palleres Mattrex: Snowwolf The Skiver: DiegomanX5 / Snowwolf Squid Adler: Gaara Coração Negro Blaze Heatnix: Gaara Coração Negro / Emiliano Palleres Blizzard Wolfgang: Z Sabre User / Shircan Commander Yammark: Cesarsombra / Alex D. X4 Ground Scaravich: Cesarsombra Infinity Mijinion: Ahuron Metal Shark Player: Cesarsombra Rainy Turtloid: Cesarsombra Shield Sheldon: Cesarsombra Colonel: Shikkoku / Diego Sanchez & Z Sabre User / Alex D. X4 Double (Real form): Shimon / GM Dynamo: Gustavo Carvalho / FXFreitas Gate: O_Experto / GM High-Max: Taihei / RedLine Iris (Transformed form): Shikkoku Eregion (X4): Dark Ruler General (X4): Diego Sanchez ID-1000 (X6): Cesarsombra Nightmare Snake (X6): Ahuron Shadow Devil (X5): Kal Rangda Bangda W (X5): Kal Grenade Guy (X4): Alex D. X4 Guardfish (X5): Calamix Gulpfer (X5): N-Mario Missing/To be made: Illumina (X6) Special Edited Characters Alia (X5-X8): FXFreitas / Alex D. X4 Axl (X7-X8): Heat Team Pro Female Maverick Hunter X5: FXFreitas Hunter X: Art12345 & GregarLink10 Lumine (X8): Art12345 & Shuragami White Axl (X8): ProtoChaserMega X - Command Mission (XCM): Omega32able / Heat Team Pro / Hunter_eXe X - Full Armor (X1): Tomislav Lukic / Gustavo Carvalho X - Icarus Armor (X8): Tomislav Lukic X - Ultimate Armor (X8): Art12345 & FXFreitas / Tomislav Lukic Zero (X1 Armor): FXFreitas / DragonFaku / The Unknown (Zero Virus) Zero (MMZ): Bigshowofall / Omega32able X (resprited): CVS Artist & Nexus Games X (X8): Xande Toskomics Zero (resprited): Ariel Co.'s version: Alpha Extreme (original) - DarkCypherLucius' Edit - Kaze's Edit (Zero EX) - Ddarkbeing's Edit / RamzaNeko's version: Nexus Games - JKA (beta) Absolute Zero: FXFreitas Cyber Naraku (Inuyasha): RicePigeon Fierce Firebeast: Shircan (missing image) Goombella (Super Mario): Mariotimemugen Neo Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII): Luvly Angel Stewie Griffin (Family Guy): Shazzo To be added: Heat Team Pro's original characters Ereg-1000 (X4 Eregion + X6 ID-1000): Dronekiller Flame Hyenard (X7): RicePigeon (Joke character) Infinity Sigma (resprited): RedLine General Missing Characters Most of GBC Megaman Xtreme characters (Xtreme 1 & Xtreme 2) Most characters from MMX 3D games (X7, X8, Command Mission) Most characters from MMX1 remakes (Megaman: Maverick Hunter X & MMX iOS) Characters from Megaman X-over Other MUGEN Stuff Stages: Omega32able / N-Mario / Bagurom / Eternaga / MDI / Magma Dragoon MK-II / PabloSSB / Fist Dracon (X3 Blizzard Buffalo) Lifebars: Omega32able Screenpacks: Omega32able / Gustavo Carvalho Fullgames: N-Mario (Megaman vs. Zero) / Falchion22 & N-Mario (X1) / Heat Team Pro (22XX Grand Tournament) Intros: Omega32able (X5) Missing: Enscripture stages (all offline), more lifebars and screenpacks I could miss Resources Sprite Rips from Sprites, Inc.: X Series Sprite Rips from Spriters Resource: Random Talking Bush (X1-X3 X) / Masque (X1) / Various Authors (X2) / Redblueyellow & Mighty Jetters (X3) / Barubary (X4) / Magma Dragoon MK-II: X5 - X6 Sprite Rips from Sprite Database: Freedom Fighter (X1) / Belial, Grim & Bonzai (X3) / ACE Spark, Eureka Drama X & NIK (X4) / ACE Spark (X6) Sound Rips from Sounds Resource: Nero1024 (X4 - X5 - X6) Sound Rips from Sprite Database: Eureka Drama X (X4) / DualEdge (X5) / Nightmare (X8) Stage Rips: Badbatman3 (X1) Sound Rips: Enscripture (X4-X8, MHX) Music Rips: Matthew Wite (X1 - X2) / Eureka Drama X (X3 PSX) / DualEdge (X5) Other Megaman Collections on MFFA Megaman Classic Collection by Basara-kun Megaman Arcade (Power Battle/Fighters) collection by Miru MVC Recreated Fighters in Marvel vs. Capcom Guest Fighters collection by Gui007 Old and outdated collection by Ryon (with MMZ, MMBN and other series)
  13. Street Fighter III Series (WIP)

    After some long time, I'm back with my collections for MFFA. This time remaking the Street Fighter III collection to have something more up-to-date. Red is offline, Blue is custom, Green is different gameplay and Yellow is WIP. As always, if you find some stuff I don't or you have links for offline chars, you're free to post it here. Let's go!! Phase 2: Added all Other Stuff (stages, screenpacks, etc) and Resources (Sprites & Sounds), next are Special Edited Section SFIII: New Generation Alex: GM / Felicity / Yo- / Ex-Inferis / Fido / GigaHertz / Most_Mysterious (joke char) / Ethan Lives (Power Gear) / 608 (Belial) Dudley: Gargoyle / Tin / JamielAshley / Buckus (CvS) / Kamekaze / Fido / GigaHertz Elena: Phirmost / Umihei / Fido / Kaz / GigaHertz Gill: GM / Villain / SlayerGatsu / Kong (MvC) / Fido / Froz / Tokage (Adam) Ibuki: GM / Jetsetgo & Reza / Farengeit / Kong (MvC) / Midnight Spirit (MvC3) / Jedah12 (MvC) / Mazemerald (SFIV) / Fido / GigaHertz Ken Masters: GM / Cloudius / Rei / ESFAndy011 (MKvSF) / Shirokuro-Neko / Ex-Inferis (Master Ken) / aZCal (Ken lvl2) / Kaz / Duracelleur / Felicity / ShoShingo (Shin Scrub Ken) Necro: Umihei / Cloudius / Rajaa / Saito / MrPiffy (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido / Duracelleur / GigaHertz Oro: Umihei / TheIgniter / Kong (MvC) / Fido / GigaHertz Ryu: Umihei / GM / ATICE (MvC) / DG (MvC) - Edits by / Rei (SFIV) / Kaz / Vyn (Evil Ryu) / Duracelleur / Felicity / aZCal (Ryu lvl2) Sean Matsuda: Muteki / Rei / Misterr07 (MvC) / Buckus (CvS) / DG (MvC) / MrPiffy (CvS) / LaQuak (Master Sean) / Ethan Lives / Kaz / Alexlexus (Dark Sean) Yang Lee: intense_mc / Adamskie / NGI / Buckus (CvS) / Kamekaze / Fido Yun Lee: Umihei / TheNecromancer / Buckus (CvS) / Fido / Duracelleur SFIII: Double Impact & Third Strike Akuma/Gouki: Umihei / CrazyForSF / GM / fAyt / Izumo (SFIV) / aZCal (MKvSF) / Jedb Chun-li: Muteki / J.Lee / ESFAndy011 (MKvSF) / Alexlexus (MKvSF) / MGMURROW Hugo: GM / Adamskie & Tin / Teddylam / Fido / Ethan Lives (Andore Jr.) Makoto: Ruben / One Winged Angel / NHK / Fido / Demon's Eye / Yamori X / GigaHertz / KojiroBADNESS Q: Umihei / Adamskie / Wild Ali / Rajaa / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido Remy: Umihei / Homura / One Winged Angel / MrPiffy (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido Shin Akuma/Gouki: Kung Fu Man / MGMURROW / Duracelleur Twelve: Rei / Kung Fu Man / Fido Urien: Umihei / One Winged Angel / Rajaa / Rei (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido / Froz / Ethan Lives (G Project) / 608 (Urien-Type-B) Special Edited Versions Soon... Other MUGEN Stuff Stages: Zion (NG) / Dark-Shade / Dany-The-Dog (3S) / Caddie / Dark Saviour / Ibukah / Phirmost (2I & 3S Elena) / Kung Fu Man / TestP (2I Akuma) / NeoAtlas (3S Ken) / Rei (3S) / Ruben / Yzan Lifebars: Zion (2I) / Dark-Shade (NG) / Matmut (3S) Screenpacks: Dany-The-Dog (3S) - 1.0 edit by Gui003 / Dr4ch1R (3S) - 1.0 edit by Gui003 / AJ & Kyo-San Kanzaki (3S) / URA(Re:) (Bad ADD-ON 03) Portraits: Saikoro (3S) / Omega Black1990 (3S) Patches: Umihei (Muteki's Chun-li fix) / Jesuszilla (GM's Alex SND) Intros & Endings: Rugal2 (NG & 2I) / Dany-The-Dog (3S) - Capcom Logo Resources Sprites: ZweiFuss / Kong / Grim (3S Twelve) / Badassbill (2I Stages) Sounds: ZweiFuss / Nick09 / Vans (3S Urien)
  14. Creator's Collection: Cerenas

    Cerenas' Collection Korean creator known for their original and cheap characters, Cerenas is a name you can't avoid in MUGEN. Here's my first Creator's Collection on MFFA and it's dedicated to Cerenas, I hope you enjoy it and of course, if you find stuff I don't, please post it here so I can add it. Let's begin: Samurai Shodown characters Kyogoku Majikina Mioh - Nakozuki Ruruko - ReraKamuiRuru - Rerakusa - Rimusin Ruruki - Shin Rimururu - Sihon Asuka 250% characters (Asuka 120% own fullgame) Normal: Asuka Honda - Cathy Wild - Genichiro Shindo - Ichiko Furutachi - Karina Toyota - Kyoko Mitarai - Kumi Okubo - Megumi Suzuki - Nana Owada - Ryuko Yamazaki - Shinobu Yamazaki - Tamaki Shindo - Tetsuko Ogigaya - Torami Houjou Special: Asuka-C/Flame Demon - Forione - Hyper Beast - Kumi-C - Megumi-C/Queen of Blades - Nana-C 250% Bio Weapon (Arcana Heart boss made for this fullgame) A250% Stages Collection Credits of A250% section go to Ryoucchi for create A120% collection and The Magic Toaster for upload the files for that thread Other characters and MUGEN stuff Janne D'Arc (World Heroes) - 250% K.F.M.: Fria/Hyperion - Miku (Tao Taido) - Q-Bee (Darkstalkers) - Shaia Hishizaki (Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer) - Vice (The King of Fighters '98) Screenpacks: SP01 - SP02 - SP03 - SP04 Missing: Rockman on the Car stage - Screenpacks 03 & 04 - 250% K.F.M. Hyperion That's all by now. As I said before, I hope you like it
  15. Samurai Shodown Collection

    Samurai Shodown Collection My second collection after Megaman Classic Series dedicated to one of my favourite videogame series ever and from one of its characters I got the nickname I actually port until now. Just like with Megaman series, old collection is outdated and abandoned since years, so I start a new one based on actual standards, the old thread and the collections from Guild Database. Red is offline, Yellow is WIP, Blue is edited and Green is different gameplay. Samurai Shodown I Amakusa Shiro Tokisada: Lord Sinistro / Kusare-Miyabi / NRF Charlotte Christine Colde: Unknown Author + Masquer Earthquake: Ayce78 / Ironjw Galford D. Weller: Falchion22 & Cwdevine / Unknown Author Haohmaru: Lord Sinistro Nakoruru: Amanochi Straw Dummy Slash (bonus): POTS Tam-Tam: Lord Sinistro Ukyo Tachibana: Ironjw (Normal - EX) / Unknown Author + Intense_mc Wan-Fu: NRF Missing/To be made: Gen-an Shiranui, Hanzo Hattori, Jubei Yagyu, Kyoshiro Senryo Samurai Shodown II Cham-Cham: Kusirojin / Takosuke Earthquake: Ayce78 / Fujy Galford D. Weller: NRF Gen-an Shiranui: Gen_an / Kojya / Basara-kun (SSIV) Hanzo Hattori: Hanzo / Star Platinum / NRF Haohmaru: Dicco / Falchion22 / NRF Jubei Yagyu: NRF Kuroko: P(ushing) / Laiso_7 / Gonzo / Crazykimo Kyoshiro Senryo: NRF Mizuki Rashoujin: R Marker Nakoruru: Lan Neinhalt Sieger: K3nShiN / 3ha / Cayenna & The Pizzaman (King Sieger) Nicotine Caffeine: KGenjuro / Yaten Kou (password is mugen) Wan-Fu: MugenMage Missing/To be made: Charlotte Christine Colde, Genjuro Kibagami, Purple Nakoruru, Ukyo Tachibana Samurai Shodown III-VI Amakusa Shiro Tokisada: Masquer (SSIV) / Montana (SSV) / Kusare-Miyabi / Haruwo (SSIV) / Misao (SSVI) / Testament (CVS) / Diablodelta Basara Kubikiri: Yuto (SSIII) / K-Z / Montana (SSV) / SDY / TightRiam (KOF) Gaira Caffeine: Fujy (SSIV) / Ali (SSIII) Galford D. Weller: MoxManiac / Mugeni / VIB (SSIV) / Seiryu / Kojya (Garu/SSIV Bust Galford) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Genjuro Kibagami: Slayer / KGenjuro / E-Fry / Capuchino / Ali / TightRiam (KOF) / 3ha (Gen Kiba) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Hanzo Hattori: Masquer (SSIV) / Recruta42 / Slayer / KGenjuro / Pinko / Krunkest404 (Hanzo EX) / Ultraman (Hyper Hanzo) / Pirata Cibernético (Shinobi) Haohmaru: SonKyo / K3nShiN / HiroHiro (SSVS) / Capuchino / Ehnyd (SSV) / SuperScott / Mikenuko / Ali (SSV) / Misao / E-Fry (Rasetsu Haohmaru) Kyoshiro Senryo: Weapon-X / Ohgaki (LB) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Shizumaru Hisame: Masquer (SSIII) / Capuchino / Pinko Ukyo Tachibana: KGenjuro: SSIII - Shadow Oblivion / Intense_mc / Tom Servo / Buyon / Ali (SSIII) / Mikenuko / Duracelleur (ToSix) Nakoruru: R-R (SSIII) / E-Fry (SSIV) / Ibukah / Roque (SSIV) / Lan (SSIV) / Ainotenshi (SSVI) / Warusaki3 (SSV) / Unknown Author (DS) / Unknown Author 2 Purple/Bust Nakoruru: Ayustat / Ainotenshi(SSVI) / Ali / Tomas Olagay (SSVI) Rera: Roque (SSVS) / Ibukah / Misao (SSVS) Rimururu: Tin (SSIII) / Tukemon & R-R (SSIV) / Mugeni: SSIV - SSV / Minmeishobou (SSV) / PriPri Man (SSV) / Ainotenshi (SSV) / Choiyer (SSV) / Be (SSVI) / 3ha (Kurorim) / Takosuke Charlotte Christine Colde: Pji111 (SSIV) / Masquer (SSIV) / Noe (SSIV) / Bakacchi / Antagonist / Duracelleur (ToSix) Jubei Yagyu: SonKyo / KGenjuro (SSIV) / Mouki (SSV) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Kazuki Kazama: CKenni & SystemID (SSIV) / Montana / Motomachi / RavenKazama (Another Kazuki) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Sogetsu Kazama: SonKyo / Sela & Ex-Inferis (SSIV) / CKenni & SystemID (SSIV) / Motomachi Tam-Tam: Ironhead (SSIV) / Ali Missing/To be made: Cham-Cham (SSIV PS1 exclusive) Enja: Be (SSVI) / Ahuron (SSV) / Misao (SSVI) Kusaregedo: H" (SSV) Liu Yunfei: John M. / Pinko Mina Majikina: Roque (SSVS) / R-R / PriPri Man / Ali / P-Tan (KOF) / Felicity (Hawk Mina) Rasetsumaru: Montana / Ali Sankuro Yorosu: Taruse Suija: Montana / Misao (SSVI) / TightRiam (KOF) Yoshitora Tokugawa: Recruta42 / MEKA / Misao / Ohgaki / Drowin (EX Yoshitora) / Krunkest404 / Duracelleur (ToSix) Yumeji Kurokochi: Taruse / Mikenuko Andrew: Montana / Krunkest404 / Ohgaki (LB) Cham-Cham: Be Gen-an Shiranui: Kusare-Miyabi / Duracelleur (ToSix) Iroha: Montana / Pinko / 5667 / Misao / Duracelleur (ToSix) Kuroko: 41 / Warusaki3 (CVS) Neinhalt Sieger: Warusaki3 (CVS) Ocha-maro Karakuri: Be Sugoroku Matsuribayashi: Be Missing/To be made: Earthquake, EX versions (Mina, Yunfei, Kusaregedo), Kim Ung Che (Korean Gaira), Nicotine Caffeine, SSVI Rasetsu/Bust Galford, Wan-Fu Chample/Chanpuru: Souken (Gore/NSFW) Poppy: Taruse (SSV) / Shadow_Fang / BAL (Shiro Kishi) / Missing/To be made: Mamahaha & Shikuru, Paku Paku Aku-Amakusa Shiro Tokisada: Masquer / Kusare-Miyabi Demon/Makai Gaoh: Montana Gaoh Kyougoku Hinowanokami: Shimon / Ali Mizuki Rashoujin: Fujy (SSVS) / Lom2b / Ali / R Marker / Kusare-Miyabi (R-Mizuki) Zankuro Minazuki: Yuto (SSIII) / Montana (SSV) / Ali: SSVS - Super Japanese (AF char) / Ironhead (SSV) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Other SS Fighters Rinko Yoshino (PSX Warriors' Rage): Tuki no Turugi Shippu no Reon (SS RPG): NRF / Mikenuko Haohmaru (Wu Shi Hun): Dorgol Haohmaru CVS2: Warusaki3 / Z Sabre User / Master Gouken / Zero-Sennin / Memo (CvW) / Ehnyd (SFA) / Eken55 / R@CE Akira / Infinite / Shunkaku66 (Rasetsumaru) Nakoruru CVS1-2: Warusaki3 / POTS / J.Lee / Choiyer / BluishCat / Vs. Style Debuts (MvC) / Infinite Asura NGBC (SS64-2): Ahuron / Flowrallia (HR) / Simotuki (HR) / Infinite Earthquake SVC: ActJapan / Mouser (KOF) Genjuro Kibagami SVC/NGBC: Ahuron (SVC) / Tin (SVC) / LaQuak (SVC) / ActJapan (NGBC) / -Patman- & DS (NGBC) / Oscar12345 (KOF) / Noobic Cube (KOF) / Zaiko (KOF) / Ahuron (Dark Genjuro) Haohmaru NGBC: Hiro-Hiro / K.O.D. / Ikaruga (KOF) Nakoruru NGBC: Ainotenshi / L.C. / 119way (KOF) / KoopaKoot (KOF) Shiki SVC/NGBC (SS64-1/2): Laiso_7 (SVC) / Tin (SVC) / RagnarokSenshi (NGBC HR) / KoopaKoot (KOF) / Zelgadis (KOF) / Swipergod (KOF) / Ohgaki (LB) Missing/To be made: SS chars from NGP games (SS1-2, SVC: MOTM, Gals Fighters), GB KOF95 Nakoruru, SS chars from NES bootleg/pirate games Special Edited Fighters Cerenas' SS characters: See Cerenas' Collection John.M's Edits: Jun / Rumai Arma_X (NGP SS2 Kazuki edit): Arma_X & PsychoJolteon Scaner EX (Kazama bros. edit): Scaner Stages SSI: JedahUK / OldGamer / Nyko / Caddie / Shin / Lord Sinistro / Solid Gray Fox / Kojya (Gen-an) / Yamato (Nakoruru) / Electr0 (Haohmaru) / Vampipe (Tam-Tam) / Kuco (Tam-Tam) / Robo Z (Jubei) / Kung Fu Man (Amakusa) / Diablodelta (Amakusa) SSII: JedahUK / OldGamer / Winane / Shin / Yamato / NeoGouki / Dorgol / Yamato / Fangke (Cham-Cham) / Abster (Cham-Cham) / Electr0 (Cham-Cham) / Orochimajin (Wan-Fu) / Xutie (Sieger) / Kung Fu Man (Mizuki) SSIII: Kung Fu Man / Ali / Ryo2005 / Shin / Yamato / Dark Saviour (Basara) SSIV: Shin / Kung Fu Man / Roque / NeoGouki / Yamato / Jo (Abandoned Town) SSV/SSVS: Dark Saviour / Shin / Kung Fu Man / Duende Macabro / Chloe / Roque SSVI: Master Yoda / Kung Fu Man (Gaoh) / 5667 (Iroha) / Alex (Tam-Tam) SS Warriors Rage: OldGamer / Alex / Rockzouh SS RPG: Jezekiel MUGEN stuff Screenpacks: Lord Sinistro (SSI) / Akabei (SSII) / Type Wild (SSIII - SSVS) / Mgbenz (SSIV) / Roque (SSVS) / Drowin (SSVI) Missing: Lifebars, Fullgames Resources Sprites: Kong (SSII-SSVS) / Wuwo (SSVI) / Anjel (SSIV Sparks) / Magma Dragoon MK-II (SSI Straw Dummy) / OldGamer (SSV Stages) / The Shirt Ninja (SSIV 4 Fighters) / Various (NGP SS2) Sounds: Video Game Music (SSI) / Wuwo (SSVI) As always, if you find things aren't here, you're free to post it here (and the link if you have it). I hope you like this necessary remake by yours truly
  16. Megaman Classic Series

    Megaman Classic Series Collection This is my first collection on MFFA, based on Guild Database section I made recently and adapted to the style of various collections here. I hope you like it ;) Red is offline, Yellow is WIP, Green is AI only and Blue is edited. Feel free to post characters aren't included here, correct things in collection, add links for offline characters or state if you're working on some of them as WIPs. PS: Calamix's offline chars aren't (and won't) be included here since it's very unprobable those ones can be found, unless there's a link for them. So please don't ask about some of his chars to be included here unless you got the link for it. Thanks n_n PS2: As said in MMX thread, Cesarsombra's chars are most (if not all) spriteswaps, get them for collection purposes only. Megaman 1-6 characters (NES) Megaman/Rockman: Thomas Hsieh (MM2) / Ahuron (MM4) / VinceJ / Shimon (MM6) / KhMaIBQ (MM2) / Tanicfan22 / Rico (scale2X) / KingPepe (scale4x) Protoman/Blues: Calamix (MM3) Dr. Wily: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Sniper Joe: Basara-kun Missing/To be made: Metool Bombman: Dxwho Cutman: KM / Omega32able Elecman: PyramidHead87 / Dxwho Fireman: Dxwho / Roberto22 Gutsman: Dxwho / Roberto22 Iceman: Roberto22 Missing/To be made: Yellow Devil Airman: KhMaIBQ Bubbleman: KhMaIBQ Crashman: KhMaIBQ Flashman: KhMaIBQ Heatman: KhMaIBQ Metalman: KhMaIBQ / VinceJ Quickman: KhMaIBQ / J.K Woodman: KhMaIBQ Mecha Dragon: N-Mario Hardman: Calamix Needleman: Calamix Shadowman: Calamix / ShadowMan & MegaMan X4 (Wily Wars) Snakeman: Calamix Sparkman: Calamix Topman: Calamix Missing/To be made: Geminiman, Magnetman, Breakman Diveman: Roberto22 Drillman: Roberto22 Pharaohman: Dxwho Ringman: Calamix Skullman: ArchaicGamer (aka Mature4evr) / Roberto22 Toadman: Ahuron / Neon Tiger (Copy Toadman & Meta Toadman) Missing/To be made: Brightman, Dustman Octopus Furnace: Mugendude26 Crystalman: Roberto22 Gyroman: Alexandre Napalmman: Dxwho Starman: Calamix Waveman: Calamix Missing/To be made: Chargeman, Gravityman, Stoneman, Darkman Blizzardman: Shimon Centaurman: Shimon Flameman: ShoShingo / Shimon Knightman: Shimon Plantman: ShoShingo / Shimon Power Megaman/Rockman: Anikiti Tomahawkman: MegaMan X4 / Shimon Windman: Shimon Yamatoman: Shimon Missing/To be made: Jet Megaman/Rockman Megaman 16/32-bits characters (MM7-MM8-MM&B) Bass/Forte: ShoShingo (MM7) / Hunter_eXe: MM7 - MM&B / True Bass (MM&B) / Bawiterry (MM&B) / VictorSSJ (MM&B) Megaman/Rockman: Kitamin (MM7) / GatoSoft S.A. (MM8) / Hunter_eXe (MM8) / Basara-kun (MM&B, scale2X) / Karter (MM8, SSB style) Metool: N-Mario (MM7, scale2X) / Blue B-Sky (MM8) Protoman/Blues: Hunter_eXe (MM8) Sniper Joe: Omega32able (MM8) Missing/To be made: Dr. Wily (MM7/MM8), Protoman/Blues (MM7), Sniper Joe (MM7), Bass/Forte (MM8), Super Bass/Forte (MM7/MM8) Burstman: Roberto22 Cloudman: Roberto22 Freezeman: DiegomanX5 / Hunter_eXe (NES ver.) Junkman: Alexandre Slashman: Shimon Springman: Calamix Missing/To be made: Turboman, Shademan, Gutsman G, S-Adapt Megaman/Rockman Hannya-NED: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Mad Grinder: Basara-kun Mash: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Truck Joe: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Van Pookin: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Aquaman: Emiliano Palleres Astroman: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Clownman: Emiliano Palleres Cutman: Heyakes / PabloSSB Duo: Heyakes Frostman: Lord Sinistro / Emiliano Palleres (NES ver.) Grenademan: Emiliano Palleres Rocket Tank: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Searchman: Emiliano Palleres Swordman: Revengemaster Tenguman: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) / Jojo Fu (MM&B) Woodman: Heyakes Burnerman: Heyakes / Jojo Fu Coldman: Calamix / Shimon Dynamoman: Cesarsombra Green Devil: Ayce78 / Roberto22 Groundman: Omega32able King: Heyakes / DiegomanX5 Magicman: Heyakes Pirateman: Heyakes Megaman 9-10 characters (WiiWare/PSN/XBLA) Dr. Wily: Emiliano Palleres Megaman/Rockman: Emiliano Palleres (MM9) Missing/To be made: Metool, Protoman/Blues, Sniper Joe Concreteman: Emiliano Palleres Fakeman: Emiliano Palleres / MegaMan X4 Galaxyman: Emiliano Palleres Hornetman: Emiliano Palleres Jewelman: Emiliano Palleres Magmaman: Emiliano Palleres Plugman: Emiliano Palleres / MegaMan X4 Splashwoman: Emiliano Palleres Tornadoman: Emiliano Palleres Blademan: Cesarsombra Chillman: Cesarsombra Commandoman: Cesarsombra Nitroman: Cesarsombra Pumpman: Cesarsombra Sheepman: Emiliano Palleres Strikeman: Cesarsombra Missing/To be made: Solarman, Bass/Forte Megaman GB (Rockman World) characters Ballade: Mugendude26 Enker: Roberto22 Punk: Roberto22 Quint: Basara-kun Missing/To be made: Megaman/Rockman Mars: Roberto22 & Emiliano Palleres Mercury: Calamix & Boilman Sungod: Roberto22 / Ahuron Terra: SpaceMouse Missing/To be made: Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Venus Special Edited Characters Coldman NES: Hunter_eXe Cutman V: SesakaTH Magicman NES: Emiliano Palleres (image missing) Megaman Zelda: Calamix Rocket Tank NES: Emiliano Palleres Saiyajin (Dragon Ball Z): Tako Note: NES versions of MM7-8 chars aren't included here because they're from Rockman 7-8 FC doujin games Marvel NES chars by bdc: Gladiatorman - Kaineman - Modokman - Novaman - Skrullman Falco Lombardi (Star Fox): Tako / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui Fox McCloud (Star Fox): YochiThMaster333 Fireman MM8: The_Virus_X Needleman MM8: Emiliano Palleres Pharaohman MM8: Emiliano Palleres Roll: Calamix & Laspacho (MM7/PF) / Zetah & TheMegaFBX (MM8) Skullman: Heyakes (MM7) / Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox): BigShadowOfAll Gamerizer (resprited): Kamekaze (MM7) Hornetman (redrawn): Iron Commando (MM9) Metool Boss/Daddy (resprited): O Ilusionista & RamzaNeko (MM4) General Missing Characters Characters from Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha (Wonderswan) Most characters from Megaman: The Wily Wars (Genesis) Characters from Megaman PC games (MM1, MM3: The Robots are Revolting) Calamix's offline characters, not mentioned here as said above Characters from Megaman Doujin Games (Unlimited, Rockman 7-8 FC, Street Fighter X Megaman, etc.), to be added soon Characters from Megaman Powered Up, to be added soon... Other MUGEN Stuff Stages: Magma Dragoon MK-2 / Basara-kun / Hunter_eXe (MM&B) / PabloSSB / Kung Fu Man (Powered Up) / MABS-KMK / MDI / VinceJ / N-Mario / O Ilusionista (MM6) / Bawiterry (MM&B) Lifebars: Basara-kun (MM1-6) / Omega32able (MM8) Screenpacks: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Fullgames: Emiliano Palleres (MM9) / KhMaIBQ (MM1-6) / N-Mario (Megaman vs. Zero) Missing: Enscripture stages (all offline) Resources Sprites Rips from Sprite, Inc: Classic Series Sprite Rips from Spriters Resource: Random Talking Bush (MM9 - MM10) Sprite Rips from Sprite Database: Various Authors (MM1 - MM2 - MM3 - MM4 - MM5 - MM6 - MM7 - MM8 - MM&B) Music from Sprite Database: Darkmew5 (MM1) / SuperFlomm (MM2) Sound Rips: Enscripture (MM8) Missing: Enscripture Sprite Rips (all offline) Other Megaman Collections in MFFA Megaman X Collection by Basara-kun Megaman Arcade (Power Battle/Fighters) Collection by Miru MVC Recreated Fighters in Marvel vs. Capcom Guest Fighters Collection by Gui007 Old and outdated Collection by Ryon (with MMX, MMZ, MMBN and other series) That's all by now. As I said in the beginning, I hope you like it
  17. PEPSIMAAAAAAAN! My return this 2017 is with this revamp to Sutenko's Pepsiman character, now with more moves, new specials and supers!! For WinMugen only of course, DOSM is too VAPE for you ;) (you can try it in 1.0 if you aren't プリペアド enough) Also, I made a stage to accompany him, another Vaporwave stage, this time based on Pepsi that comes with the character in the same pack, also with SUPERJUMP as the other pack, also for WinMugen. Screenshots So, enjoy it, just like a ice cold Pepsi and a Cherry Pepsi BGM ;) The choice of a new generation Characters -> Jokes/Bosses -> April's Fools Series
  18. Well, now an official release in my website and now they're separated releases (character and stage). Thanks to all who enjoyed Saint Pepsiman for the AF this year now I got more time (but not enough to post here as usual), I think I'm gonna retake some old projects and finish them, won't be a bad thing I guess
  19. アプデートUPDATE: MUGEN1.0 versions added I make a break of my "retirement" (it was more from my duties in the forum than from MUGEN itself, BTW) to bring you this A E S T H E T I C pack of 3 stages based on Vaporwave, my new drug right now, all of them with (of course) Vaporwave songs and with S U P E R J U M P, presented by デアドポオル and エアルドヲルムジム And to complete the combo, I added some N O S T A L G I C palettes for my characters: Eric, Blizzard, Shelly, Mad Grinder, Another k9999 and Frosty Ninja I hope you like this P A C K, it was intended to be released at April Fools Day, but I prefered to release it last night instead. Maybe something related to this maybe done for that day, but for now, just relax and enjoy ;) SUBARASHII
  20. MUGEN1.0 versions added ダウンロード
  21. Street Fighter III Series (WIP)

    Phew, what a lot of info now OK, added Other MUGEN Stuff (stages, screenpacks, etc) and Resources (Sprites & Sounds), now it looks more complete the next are Special Edits Versions... yes I promise that will be the next, I swear XD
  22. Street Fighter III Series (WIP)

    OK, added some few creators I missed as well some online links for offline chars, I hope during today or this weekend start with Special Edited Versions, included the other game sprites (CvS, SFA) as well edited chars PS: Admins, don't delete the original thread yet, there're some things I've to add to here, I'll tell you when to delete it, thanks :P
  23. Megaman X Series

    Only the CVS Artist & Nexus Games' X, all the others have MMX gameplay adapted to MUGEN. For VS style MMX chars, better to look MVC Recreated Fighters collection than here