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  1. Powered by DE-MOLE-ITION Not a release made by me, but another rescue for MUGEN community as I did with Luvly Angel's chars. Calamix was a controversial figure in MUGEN history, but his contribution to the community with his Megaman chars is undeniable. His last public release was this fullgame with Megaman Arcade chars from those 2 games (Power Battle and Power Fighters), as well original adaptations from other MM games, which were unable to use because the game is moleboxed... Until now. I tested DE-MOLE-ITION on this fullgame thinking this won't work on it, but it did. And I checked them and all files work on normal MUGEN: characters (selectable and secret), stages and even the screenpack and music, so I unmoleboxed all the content and made separate downloads to everyone can use them. All the content is untouched but tested on my normal MUGEN and it works without problems. Some screenshots to prove this: Because of the release date (2007 aprox), this fullgame was made under WinMugen, but I think it's also compatible with MUGEN 1.0+, it's up to you to test there. This was a so huge discover that I'd to make its own website apart of mine. I know there's a lot of MM fans out there that wanted more Calamix chars available, so you'll appreciate this as I do. Enjoy this release, this was made for you ;) PS: Mods, if you think this doesn't belong here, feel free to move it to another section, thanks
  2. Hi people, I'm back not just with my WIPs, also I'm back with MUGEN collections, and I come back with the beat'em up adaptation of Scott Pilgrim comic books by Bryan Lee O'Malley in its own MUGEN collection as it is now. As always, anything to be added here is welcome, and I'll update my other collections as soon as I can, so don't worry ;) Red is offline, Yellow is WIP and Brown is for collection purposes only. Characters Main Characters Scott Pilgrim: Basara-kun (normal - joke) - SKullyTK's edit / Jerii Uzimaki Nega Scott: Basara-kun - awesomeano123 (Basara's Joke Scott edit) Kim Pine: Basara-kun Ramona Flowers: Jerii Uzimaki To be made: Stephen Stills, Knives Chau, Wallace Wells Evil Exes/Bosses/Stage Enemies Envy Adams: Lorenzo The Comic / Basara-kun Matthew Patel: Ultra Fatality Lucas Lee: Ultra Fatality Todd Ingram: Ultra Fatality Roxy Richter: Ultra Fatality Katayanagi Twins: Ultra Fatality Gideon Graves: Ultra Fatality / CamChao Robot Chuck: Basara-kun To be made: Super Gideon Graves, Lynette Guycott, Mr. Chau, Robot-01, stage enemies in general Original Characters Zack Tough: Kiske Otoko Gallegos111: Videojuegos111 (Basara's Scott spriteswap) Stages Itanori - Zion - Jumbopaulo - z0mbie - Jango Resources Sprites: Paul Robertson (gifs) - Stephanie Boutin (stages) - Basara-kun (Scott resprited) - Teenpioxis101 (Nega Scott) - Maverick PK Others Palettes (Basara's Scott Pilgrim): ZombieBrock/Lord Batros - Rosh Custom Portraits: Squallsoft - Ehat - NDSilva Screenpack: Jerii Uzimaki
  3. Megaman Classic Series

    Megaman Classic Series Collection This is my first collection on MFFA, based on Guild Database section I made recently and adapted to the style of various collections here. I hope you like it ;) Red is offline, Yellow is WIP, Green is AI only and Blue is edited. Feel free to post characters aren't included here, correct things in collection, add links for offline characters or state if you're working on some of them as WIPs. PS: Calamix's offline chars aren't (and won't) be included here since it's very unprobable those ones can be found, unless there's a link for them. So please don't ask about some of his chars to be included here unless you got the link for it. Thanks n_n PS2: As said in MMX thread, Cesarsombra's chars are most (if not all) spriteswaps, get them for collection purposes only. Megaman 1-6 characters (NES) Megaman/Rockman: Thomas Hsieh (MM2) / Ahuron (MM4) / VinceJ / Shimon (MM6) / KhMaIBQ (MM2) / Tanicfan22 / Rico (scale2X) / KingPepe (scale4x) Protoman/Blues: Calamix (MM3) Dr. Wily: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Sniper Joe: Basara-kun Missing/To be made: Metool Bombman: Dxwho Cutman: KM / Omega32able Elecman: PyramidHead87 / Dxwho Fireman: Dxwho / Roberto22 Gutsman: Dxwho / Roberto22 Iceman: Roberto22 Missing/To be made: Yellow Devil Airman: KhMaIBQ Bubbleman: KhMaIBQ Crashman: KhMaIBQ Flashman: KhMaIBQ Heatman: KhMaIBQ Metalman: KhMaIBQ / VinceJ Quickman: KhMaIBQ / J.K Woodman: KhMaIBQ Mecha Dragon: N-Mario Hardman: Calamix Needleman: Calamix Shadowman: Calamix / ShadowMan & MegaMan X4 (Wily Wars) Snakeman: Calamix Sparkman: Calamix Topman: Calamix Missing/To be made: Geminiman, Magnetman, Breakman Diveman: Roberto22 Drillman: Roberto22 Pharaohman: Dxwho Ringman: Calamix Skullman: ArchaicGamer (aka Mature4evr) / Roberto22 Toadman: Ahuron / Neon Tiger (Copy Toadman & Meta Toadman) Missing/To be made: Brightman, Dustman Octopus Furnace: Mugendude26 Crystalman: Roberto22 Gyroman: Alexandre Napalmman: Dxwho Starman: Calamix Waveman: Calamix Missing/To be made: Chargeman, Gravityman, Stoneman, Darkman Blizzardman: Shimon Centaurman: Shimon Flameman: ShoShingo / Shimon Knightman: Shimon Plantman: ShoShingo / Shimon Power Megaman/Rockman: Anikiti Tomahawkman: MegaMan X4 / Shimon Windman: Shimon Yamatoman: Shimon Missing/To be made: Jet Megaman/Rockman Megaman 16/32-bits characters (MM7-MM8-MM&B) Bass/Forte: ShoShingo (MM7) / Hunter_eXe: MM7 - MM&B / True Bass (MM&B) / Bawiterry (MM&B) / VictorSSJ (MM&B) Megaman/Rockman: Kitamin (MM7) / GatoSoft S.A. (MM8) / Hunter_eXe (MM8) / Basara-kun (MM&B, scale2X) / Karter (MM8, SSB style) Metool: N-Mario (MM7, scale2X) / Blue B-Sky (MM8) Protoman/Blues: Hunter_eXe (MM8) Sniper Joe: Omega32able (MM8) Missing/To be made: Dr. Wily (MM7/MM8), Protoman/Blues (MM7), Sniper Joe (MM7), Bass/Forte (MM8), Super Bass/Forte (MM7/MM8) Burstman: Roberto22 Cloudman: Roberto22 Freezeman: DiegomanX5 / Hunter_eXe (NES ver.) Junkman: Alexandre Slashman: Shimon Springman: Calamix Missing/To be made: Turboman, Shademan, Gutsman G, S-Adapt Megaman/Rockman Hannya-NED: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Mad Grinder: Basara-kun Mash: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Truck Joe: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Van Pookin: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Aquaman: Emiliano Palleres Astroman: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Clownman: Emiliano Palleres Cutman: Heyakes / PabloSSB / Calamix Duo: Heyakes Frostman: Lord Sinistro - Dark Luigi / Emiliano Palleres (NES ver.) Grenademan: Emiliano Palleres / Calamix Rocket Tank: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Searchman: Emiliano Palleres Swordman: Revengemaster Tenguman: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) / Jojo Fu (MM&B) Woodman: Heyakes Burnerman: Heyakes / Jojo Fu Coldman: Calamix / Shimon Dynamoman: Cesarsombra Green Devil: Ayce78 / Roberto22 Groundman: Omega32able King: Heyakes / DiegomanX5 / Calamix Magicman: Heyakes / Calamix Pirateman: Heyakes Megaman 9-10 characters (WiiWare/PSN/XBLA) Dr. Wily: Emiliano Palleres Megaman/Rockman: Emiliano Palleres (MM9) Missing/To be made: Metool, Protoman/Blues, Sniper Joe Concreteman: Emiliano Palleres Fakeman: Emiliano Palleres / MegaMan X4 Galaxyman: Emiliano Palleres Hornetman: Emiliano Palleres Jewelman: Emiliano Palleres Magmaman: Emiliano Palleres Plugman: Emiliano Palleres / MegaMan X4 Splashwoman: Emiliano Palleres Tornadoman: Emiliano Palleres Blademan: Cesarsombra Chillman: Cesarsombra Commandoman: Cesarsombra Nitroman: Cesarsombra Pumpman: Cesarsombra Sheepman: Emiliano Palleres Strikeman: Cesarsombra Missing/To be made: Solarman, Bass/Forte Megaman GB (Rockman World) characters Ballade: Mugendude26 Enker: Roberto22 Punk: Roberto22 Quint: Basara-kun Missing/To be made: Megaman/Rockman Mars: Roberto22 & Emiliano Palleres Mercury: Calamix & Boilman Sungod: Roberto22 / Ahuron Terra: SpaceMouse Missing/To be made: Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Venus Special Edited Characters Coldman NES: Hunter_eXe Cutman V: SesakaTH Magicman NES: Emiliano Palleres Megaman Zelda: Calamix Rocket Tank NES: Emiliano Palleres Saiyajin (Dragon Ball Z): Tako Note: NES versions of MM7-8 chars aren't included here because they're from Rockman 7-8 FC doujin games Marvel NES chars by bdc: Gladiatorman - Kaineman - Modokman - Novaman - Skrullman Falco Lombardi (Star Fox): Tako / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui Fox McCloud (Star Fox): YochiThMaster333 (needs image) Fireman MM8: The_Virus_X Needleman MM8: Emiliano Palleres Pharaohman MM8: Emiliano Palleres Roll: Calamix & Laspacho (MM7/PF) / Zetah & TheMegaFBX (MM8) Skullman: Heyakes (MM7) / Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox): BigShadowOfAll (needs image) Gamerizer (resprited): Kamekaze (MM7) Hornetman (redrawn): Iron Commando (MM9) Metool Boss/Daddy (resprited): O Ilusionista & RamzaNeko (MM4) General Missing Characters Characters from Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha (Wonderswan) Most characters from Megaman: The Wily Wars (Genesis) Characters from Megaman PC games (MM1, MM3: The Robots are Revolting) Calamix's offline characters, not mentioned here as said above Characters from Megaman Doujin Games (Unlimited, Rockman 7-8 FC, Street Fighter X Megaman, etc.), to be added soon Characters from Megaman Powered Up, to be added soon... Other MUGEN Stuff Stages: Magma Dragoon MK-2 / Basara-kun / Hunter_eXe (MM&B) / PabloSSB / Kung Fu Man (Powered Up) / MABS-KMK / MDI / VinceJ / N-Mario / O Ilusionista (MM6) / Bawiterry (MM&B) Lifebars: Basara-kun (MM1-6) / Omega32able (MM8) Screenpacks: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Fullgames: Emiliano Palleres (MM9) / KhMaIBQ (MM1-6) / N-Mario (Megaman vs. Zero) Missing: Enscripture stages (all offline) Resources Sprites Rips from Sprite, Inc: Classic Series Sprite Rips from Spriters Resource: Random Talking Bush (MM9 - MM10) Sprite Rips from Sprite Database: Various Authors (MM1 - MM2 - MM3 - MM4 - MM5 - MM6 - MM7 - MM8 - MM&B) Music from Sprite Database: Darkmew5 (MM1) / SuperFlomm (MM2) Sound Rips: Enscripture (MM8) Missing: Enscripture Sprite Rips (all offline) Other Megaman Collections in MFFA Megaman X Collection by Basara-kun Megaman Arcade (Power Battle/Fighters) Collection by Miru MVC Recreated Fighters in Marvel vs. Capcom Guest Fighters Collection by Gui007 Old and outdated Collection by Ryon (with MMX, MMZ, MMBN and other series) That's all by now. As I said in the beginning, I hope you like it
  4. Megaman Classic Series

    Thanks @richardgamerxx, added almost all you did except WW Shadow Man (who made it??) Also, thanks to this release, added the next: -Cut Man and Grenade Man from MM8 -Magic Man and King from Rockman and Forte
  5. Been there, done that Miru, as you can see in the link, I unmoleboxed Calamix Power Fighters so now the chars from that game are fully compatible with normal MUGEN. To be added to the list from Calamix (use this link for download): -Mega Man -Heat Man -Gyro Man -Slash Man -Shade Man -Wood Man -Dust Man -Elec Man -Dive Man -Mini Devil -Time Man -Ring Man -Star Man -Plug Man There're more but they're already added here (Ice Man, Magnet Man, Freeze Man, Turbo Man, Air Man, Pharaoh Man, Blizzard Man) Also, there's the stage pack of the game as a separate download, as well the screenpack
  6. Groove On Fight / Power Instinct 3

    NS recently released M.A.D.
  7. The King of Fighters Strikers Collection I was looking for a collection like this and I haven't found anything, so now it's the time for one, this time made by me. This is the collection of strikers that came from KOF99 Evolution (PS2/DC port of KOF99) and KOF2000 and became playable characters for MUGEN. For obvious reasons, this will be only for those ones unconverted on characters before (fighters that appeared in previous games don't count) and only based on these games and not from later games released (like KOFXI or NGBC). Saying that, let's go with this collection, I hope you like it!! Red is offline, Blue is edited and Yellow is WIP. If you find chars I don't or have links for offline ones, please be free to post them. From both KOF99 Evolution & KOF2000 Fiolina "Fio" Germi (Metal Slug): Mr.S / Ainotenshi - Duracelleur (KOFA) Gai Tendou (Buriki One): Mr.S From KOF99 Evolution Alfred Airhawk (RBFF2: Dominated Minds): Mr.S / Nonokyo / Mugen China Team - Duracelleur (KOFA) / Vans - TheBlueKim (NSFW edit) Another Kyo (jacket design pre-KOF2003): Garyu - Ziron / Jinx Syo Kirishima (Kyo prototype): Ahuron - Kung Fu Man - KamranBernstein & Vincent Gomes / Ikaruga / LASH (Syo LV3) Missing/To be made: Another Athena (Schoolgirl version pre-KOFXI) From KOF2000 - Another Strikers Another K' (K' first design): Mr.S - Kalumon / Nao&M. - NGeo - DJ Xtool - Duracelleur (KOFA) / Morinonaka Armored Athena (Goddess pre-NGBC): xxxXx - Duracelleur (KOFA) Baitang (Bao's mascot): Mr.S - Duracelleur (KOFA) / Warner Cosplayer Kyoko: Mast-Chen / 119way / Sekirei - Duracelleur (KOFA) / Ambasa / Actarus & Riccochet / Adriano / Yokurei Duke Edwards (Burning Fight): Mr.S & Misamu K. Young / 119way - Duracelleur (KOFA) Kang Baedal (Jhun Hoon prototype): Unknown Author - Dark Iori (2k2UM) - KamranBernstein / Oscar12345 - Duracelleur (KOFA) / Ptzptz 7 Kaoru Watabe (Athena's fan): Vosi3 Kim Donghwan (Kim's son, Garou: MOTW): Oscar12345 - Duracelleur (KOFA) / Calcio Kim Jaehoon (Kim's son, Garou: MOTW): Oscar12345 - Duracelleur (KOFA) - God-Aztec (KOFXI) Lilly Kane (Billy's sister): Yumehiko - Duracelleur (KOFA) Rocky (Robo Army): xxxXx Missing/To be made: Another Benimaru, Another Robert, Duck King (pre-KOFXI), Kaede (pre-NGBC), Kim Sue-Il, King Lion (pre-NGBC), Nakoruru (pre-NGBC), Psycho Soldier Kensou (pre-KOFXII) From KOF2000 - Maniac Strikers (secret ones selectable via code) Another Iori (Iori different design): Zelgadis - KamranBernstein / 4LUC4RD H3L§!NG - Duracelleur (KOFA) / KILL Candy Diamond (Kula's robot): Unknown Author / Hlhho & aa - Duracelleur (KOFA) / Men's / 119way / Betalille (Supra Candy) Cool Choi (Choi different design): Mr.S & Misamu K. Young / Oscar12345 - Duracelleur (KOFA) - Armorking - KamranBernstein G-Mantle (SNK mascot): Mr.S & Misamu K. Young Smart Chang (Chang different design): Mr.S & Misamu K. Young - Kotori & mengbin9 (KOFXI) Unknown (AOF Ryuhaku Todoh): Mr.S, Misamu K. Young & Proto - Larno (Ryuhaku) Missing/To be made: Another Shermie, Neo & Geo Resources Sprite Rips: Grim (KOF2000) / Magma Dragoon MK-II (KOF2000) See Also KOF99/99EVO Collection by Gui007 KOF2000 Collection by Big Green/Susie
  8. [UF] Matthew Patel [7 Evil Ex]

    It was about time!! downloading and testing later (I hope the next Evil Ex would be released before 2019 XD)
  9. MFFAWN #28 (Oct 22 - 28, 2017) - The Evil Faun

    Oh c'mon, what about this release??
  10. Samurai Shodown Collection

    Samurai Shodown Collection My second collection after Megaman Classic Series dedicated to one of my favourite videogame series ever and from one of its characters I got the nickname I actually port until now. Just like with Megaman series, old collection is outdated and abandoned since years, so I start a new one based on actual standards, the old thread and the collections from Guild Database. Red is offline, Yellow is WIP, Blue is edited and Green is different gameplay. Samurai Shodown I Amakusa Shiro Tokisada: Lord Sinistro / Kusare-Miyabi / NRF Charlotte Christine Colde: Unknown Author + Masquer Earthquake: Ayce78 / Ironjw Galford D. Weller: Falchion22 & Cwdevine / Unknown Author Haohmaru: Lord Sinistro Nakoruru: Anamochi / Yoshi-OK Straw Dummy Slash (bonus): POTS Tam-Tam: Lord Sinistro Ukyo Tachibana: Ironjw (Normal - EX) / Unknown Author + Intense_mc Wan-Fu: NRF Missing/To be made: Gen-an Shiranui, Hanzo Hattori, Jubei Yagyu, Kyoshiro Senryo Samurai Shodown II Cham-Cham: Kusirojin / Takosuke Earthquake: Ayce78 / Fujy Galford D. Weller: NRF Gen-an Shiranui: Gen_an / Kojya / Basara-kun (SSIV) Hanzo Hattori: Hanzo / Star Platinum / NRF Haohmaru: Dicco / Falchion22 / NRF Jubei Yagyu: NRF Kuroko: P(ushing) / Laiso_7 / Gonzo / Crazykimo Kyoshiro Senryo: NRF Mizuki Rashoujin: R Marker Nakoruru: Lan / Anamochi Neinhalt Sieger: K3nShiN / 3ha / Cayenna & The Pizzaman (King Sieger) Nicotine Caffeine: KGenjuro / Yaten Kou (password is mugen) Wan-Fu: MugenMage Missing/To be made: Charlotte Christine Colde, Genjuro Kibagami, Purple Nakoruru, Ukyo Tachibana Samurai Shodown III-VI Amakusa Shiro Tokisada: Masquer (SSIV) / Montana (SSV) / Kusare-Miyabi / Haruwo (SSIV) / Misao (SSVI) / Testament (CVS) / Diablodelta Basara Kubikiri: Yuto (SSIII) / K-Z / Montana (SSV) / SDY / TightRiam (KOF) Gaira Caffeine: Fujy (SSIV) / Ali (SSIII) Galford D. Weller: MoxManiac / Mugeni / VIB (SSIV) / Seiryu / Kojya (Garu/SSIV Bust Galford) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Genjuro Kibagami: Slayer / KGenjuro / E-Fry / Capuchino / Ali / Patman (DOS only) / TightRiam (KOF) / 3ha (Gen Kiba) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Hanzo Hattori: Masquer (SSIV) / Recruta42 / Slayer / KGenjuro / Pinko / Krunkest404 (Hanzo EX) / Ultraman (Hyper Hanzo) / Pirata Cibernético (Shinobi) Haohmaru: SonKyo / K3nShiN / HiroHiro (SSVS) / Capuchino / Ehnyd (SSV) / SuperScott / Mikenuko / Ali (SSV) / Misao / Patman (DOS only) / E-Fry (Rasetsu Haohmaru) Kyoshiro Senryo: Weapon-X / Ohgaki (LB) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Shizumaru Hisame: Masquer (SSIII) / Capuchino / Pinko Ukyo Tachibana: KGenjuro: SSIII - Shadow Oblivion / Intense_mc / Tom Servo / Buyon / Ali (SSIII) / Mikenuko / Duracelleur (ToSix) Nakoruru: R-R (SSIII) / E-Fry (SSIV) / Ibukah / Roque (SSIV) / Lan (SSIV) / Ainotenshi (SSVI) / Warusaki3 (SSV) / Unknown Author (DS) / Unknown Author 2 Purple/Bust Nakoruru: Ayustat / Ainotenshi(SSVI) / Ali (SSIV) / Tomas Olagay (SSVI) Rera: Roque (SSVS) / Ibukah / Misao (SSVS) Rimururu: Tin (SSIII) / Tukemon & R-R (SSIV) / Mugeni: SSIV - SSV / Minmeishobou (SSV) / PriPri Man (SSV) / Ainotenshi (SSV) / Choiyer (SSV) / Be (SSVI) / 3ha (Kurorim) / Takosuke Charlotte Christine Colde: Pji111 (SSIV) / Masquer (SSIV) / Noe (SSIV) / Bakacchi / Antagonist / Duracelleur (ToSix) Jubei Yagyu: SonKyo / KGenjuro (SSIV) / Mouki (SSV) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Kazuki Kazama: CKenni & SystemID (SSIV) / Montana / Motomachi / RavenKazama (Another Kazuki) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Sogetsu Kazama: SonKyo / Sela & Ex-Inferis (SSIV) / CKenni & SystemID (SSIV) / Motomachi Tam-Tam: Ironhead (SSIV) / Ali Missing/To be made: Cham-Cham (SSIV PS1 exclusive) Enja: Be (SSVI) / Ahuron (SSV) / Misao (SSVI) Kusaregedo: H" (SSV) Liu Yunfei: John M. / Pinko Mina Majikina: Roque (SSVS) / R-R / PriPri Man / Ali / P-Tan (KOF) / Felicity (Hawk Mina) Rasetsumaru: Montana / Ali Sankuro Yorosu: Taruse Suija: Montana / Misao (SSVI) / TightRiam (KOF) Yoshitora Tokugawa: Recruta42 / MEKA / Misao / Ohgaki / Drowin (EX Yoshitora) / Mohi (pass is mugen) / Krunkest404 / Duracelleur (ToSix) Yumeji Kurokochi: Taruse / Mikenuko Andrew: Montana / Krunkest404 / Ohgaki (LB) Cham-Cham: Be (needs image) Gen-an Shiranui: Kusare-Miyabi / Duracelleur (ToSix) Iroha: Montana / Pinko / 5667 / Misao / Duracelleur (ToSix) Kuroko: 41 / Warusaki3 (CVS) Neinhalt Sieger: Warusaki3 (CVS) Ocha-maro Karakuri: Be Sugoroku Matsuribayashi: Be Missing/To be made: Earthquake, EX versions (Mina, Yunfei, Kusaregedo), Kim Ung Che (Korean Gaira), Nicotine Caffeine, SSVI Rasetsu/Bust Galford, Wan-Fu Chample/Chanpuru: Souken (Gore/NSFW) Poppy: Taruse (SSV) / Shadow_Fang / BAL (Shiro Kishi) Missing/To be made: Mamahaha & Shikuru, Paku Paku Aku-Amakusa Shiro Tokisada: Masquer / Kusare-Miyabi Demon/Makai Gaoh: Montana Gaoh Kyougoku Hinowanokami: Shimon / Ali Mizuki Rashoujin: Fujy (SSVS) / Lom2b / Ali / R Marker / Kusare-Miyabi (R-Mizuki) Zankuro Minazuki: Yuto (SSIII) / Montana (SSV) / Ali: SSVS - Super Japanese (AF char) / Ironhead (SSV) / Duracelleur (ToSix) Other SS Fighters Rinko Yoshino (PSX Warriors' Rage): Tuki no Turugi Shippu no Reon (SS RPG): NRF / Mikenuko Haohmaru (Wu Shin Hun): Dorgol Yuga the Destroyer (SS 64-2): Kusare-Miyabi (needs image) Haohmaru CVS2: Warusaki3 / Z Sabre User / Master Gouken / Zero-Sennin / Memo (CvW) / Ehnyd (SFA) / Eken55 / R@CE Akira / Infinite / Shunkaku66 (Rasetsumaru) Nakoruru CVS1-2: Warusaki3 / POTS / J.Lee / Choiyer / BluishCat / Vs. Style Debuts (MvC) / Infinite Asura NGBC (SS64-2): Ahuron / Flowrallia (HR) / Simotuki (HR) / Infinite Earthquake SVC: ActJapan / Mouser (KOF) Genjuro Kibagami SVC/NGBC: Ahuron (SVC) / Tin (SVC) / LaQuak (SVC) / ActJapan (NGBC) / -Patman- & DS (NGBC) / Oscar12345 (KOF) / Noobic Cube (KOF) / Zaiko (KOF) / Ahuron (Dark Genjuro) Haohmaru NGBC: Hiro-Hiro / K.O.D. / Ikaruga (KOF) Nakoruru NGBC: Ainotenshi / L.C. / 119way (KOF) / KoopaKoot (KOF) Shiki SVC/NGBC (SS64-1/2): Laiso_7 (SVC) / Tin (SVC) / RagnarokSenshi (NGBC HR) / KoopaKoot (KOF) / Zelgadis (KOF) / Swipergod (KOF) / Ohgaki (LB) Missing/To be made: SS chars from NGP games (SS1-2, SVC: MOTM, Gals Fighters), GB KOF95 Nakoruru, SS chars from NES bootleg/pirate games Special Edited Fighters Cerenas' SS characters: See Cerenas' Collection John.M's Edits: Jun / Rumai Arma_X (NGP SS2 Kazuki edit): Arma_X & PsychoJolteon (needs image) Scaner EX (Kazama bros. edit): Scaner Stages SSI: JedahUK / OldGamer / Nyko / Caddie / Shin / Lord Sinistro / Solid Gray Fox / Kojya (Gen-an) / Yamato (Nakoruru) / Electr0 (Haohmaru) / Vampipe (Tam-Tam) / Kuco (Tam-Tam) / Robo Z (Jubei) / Kung Fu Man (Amakusa) / Diablodelta (Amakusa) SSII: JedahUK / OldGamer / Winane / Shin / Yamato / NeoGouki / Dorgol / Yamato / Fangke (Cham-Cham) / Abster (Cham-Cham) / Electr0 (Cham-Cham) / Orochimajin (Wan-Fu) / Xutie (Sieger) / Kung Fu Man (Mizuki) SSIII: Kung Fu Man / Ali / Ryo2005 / Shin / Yamato / Dark Saviour (Basara) SSIV: Shin / Kung Fu Man / Roque / NeoGouki / Yamato / Jo (Abandoned Town) SSV/SSVS: Dark Saviour / Shin / Kung Fu Man / Duende Macabro / Chloe / Roque SSVI: Master Yoda / Kung Fu Man (Gaoh) / 5667 (Iroha) / Alex (Tam-Tam) SS Warriors Rage: OldGamer / Alex / Rockzouh SS RPG: Jezekiel MUGEN stuff Screenpacks: Lord Sinistro (SSI) / Akabei (SSII) / Type Wild (SSIII - SSVS) / Mgbenz (SSIV) / Roque (SSVS) / Drowin (SSVI) Missing: Lifebars, Fullgames Resources Sprites: Kong (SSII-SSVS) / Wuwo (SSVI) / Anjel (SSIV Sparks) / Magma Dragoon MK-II (SSI Straw Dummy) / OldGamer (SSV Stages) / The Shirt Ninja (SSIV 4 Fighters) / Various (NGP SS2) Sounds: Video Game Music (SSI) / Wuwo (SSVI) As always, if you find things aren't here, you're free to post it here (and the link if you have it). I hope you like this necessary remake by yours truly
  11. Samurai Shodown Collection

    Thanks Tokamina, added both characters
  12. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    Finally :D thanks, added to the main post
  13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Recently released, I made the 4 Turtles from TMNT 3 NES, to be added here
  14. Variable Geo Series

    Ryoucchi, I've a question: would you include resources to the thread?? if that's so, there's some stuff to be added: -Aokmaniac13 ripped VGC sprites and FX -Davias ripped Super VG stages -Grim ripped Super VG Yuka -Magma Dragoon ripped portraits and misc. from first VG (PC-98) EDIT: -odin123 made DC Comics' White Rabbit (Elirin's edit), link taken from THE FAWN
  15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 Turtles released!! No, it's not your idea, it isn't a joke either. This was a secret project I got since months ago and finally achieved during these days (started after I released Robot Chuck). Yes, the Turtles we all know and love now with the 8-bit treatment!! Different from other Turtles released on MUGEN, these ones plays almost exactly like in TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project on the NES, with only 3 buttons to use (punch, throw and special move) and a lot of features you can catch on the readme. Each Turtle have their own folders and each of them is compatible with MUGEN1.0 (data, winquotes, etc) Screenshots: So, get out of your sewer, grab your slice of pizza with you and download them now!! COWABUNGA!! Chars -> Classics -> 8-Bit Series
  16. Speed Racer, I always wanted to see him fight on MUGEN, with Pops as striker and a super with the Mach 5, that would be awesome. Also, some of my personal heroes from Space Opera anime: Gene Starwind (Outlaw Star), Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) and Space Dandy (from... you know)
  17. Hi people, since I've posting a lot here since 2015, I decided this 2016 to make my official WIP thread with my future chars and projects in MFFA. Here you are: On works On hold (by now) I hope to add another projects of mine (like lifebars and Anti-Gouki Project fullgame), but by now only this. I hope you like this thread, guys!!
  18. Basara's WIP Thread: The MFFA Branch Office

    Well, after the surprise release of Robot Chuck, I decided to look back to my old WIPs to see if I can finish some of them... so one was chosen: Chiho Masuda from Variable Geo series will be back!! After many petitions and replaying VG games, I decided to give her a new chance to get into MUGEN. Until now, she has all basics and only standing punches added, so I'm now adding the rest of her normal punches and kicks and then start with her moves. I've to replay AVG2 and VGC to see which moves she has, I only remember her 2 classic moves (the kunai projectile and her charge attack). Soon you'll see more about her, I promise you
  19. Doraemon

  20. Hi guys, I'm proud to introduce a new character from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, and isn't a character you're thinking (not some of the main ones nor Evil Exes). So, let me introduce you: 1. Robot Chuck A stage enemy from the game (World 5: Julie's Halloween Party), a guy with a Gundam-like robot head that appears against Scott and friends and even has some clones (Linus and Tom, guys with a pumpkin head and a skeleton respectively instead the robot head). Made when I was making Envy (and working on Kim, still on works), I was thinking about Chuck being a tough enemy for them, seeing he has enough sprites to make him a proper character, I said "why not?", so here it is. From the readme: And now, the screenshots: 2. Envy Adams Yes, also I updated her with some few things, nothing special. Mostly fixed the bug reported about one of Lynette's supers and, the most important, fully compatibility with MUGEN 1.0+ (winquotes, data, etc.), just choose "envy-m1.def" and that's all ;) no screenshots here 3. Scott Pilgrim Also minor stuff, added Gideon Graves and Robot Chuck to the "intro vs. bad guys" list, and now I make the things easier than before: now you just choose "scott-nost.def" or "scott-nost-m1.def" and now you can play Scott without strikers instead manually to modify the list in your DEF :P no screenshots here, either That's all, enjoy this char and the updates ;) Chars -> Adaptations
  21. Thanks, I hope you like the char :D
  22. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    Recently got from the oven, added Robot Chuck to the list
  23. So fresh it burns. Robot Chuck has been released go get him at Releases subforum!! =D

  24. Variable Geo Series

    The link of Tamao is from YOUR Google Page, about your edits, Mugen Archive is banned in a lot of sites, that's why I reuploaded them to MediaFire
  25. Variable Geo Series

    Some stuff I found: -Mer made VGII Yumiko -Jansen121 made AVG2/VGC Tamao -Also from Jansen121, he edited some VG chars, but uploaded to Mugen Archive. So, I downloaded them and reuploaded to MediaFire: -AVG2/VGC Yuka by TKW (SFW edit) -VGC Yuka by MASA (fix edit)