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  1. Lucariofan1999

    (WIP) Inkling Boy

    You can make there moveset based off on the new coming smash bros game
  2. Lucariofan1999

    [NS] Super Smash Bros 5?

    I can believe the they making a new smash bros for the switch. This is actually happened I never even know they were revealed a smash bros game also Link is going to have his botw appearance xD!!!!! I hope we get Wolf & Soild snake in the game.
  3. Lucariofan1999

    Childrens Cartoon characters you would like to see on Mugen

    1.Oggy from oggy and the cockroaches 2.mojo jojo from powerpuff girls 3.zig and sharko 4.aang from avatar the last airbender 5.two stupid dogs
  4. Lucariofan1999

    What characters are hard for you to beat?

    well some characters i find hard to beat is: mvc peter by Luigimaster's. rdc homer. spongebob by placemario some of pots characters.
  5. Lucariofan1999

    Timmy Turner

    I hope we great more Decent nicktoons characters for mugen
  6. Lucariofan1999

    Flare Gamer 64 has joined MFFA

    hi m8 good to see you here :).
  7. Lucariofan1999

    Nyan Cat Stage

    i love this stage xD.
  8. Lucariofan1999

    Crash Bandicoot by MGSSJ2

    i love madcrow1105 crash, but i like your way better.
  9. good to see you back on MFFA!, i really miss you
  10. Lucariofan1999

    DS12's Super Hyped M.U.G.E.N Vdeos

    nevemind, i'm sorry for asking that off topic question. :(
  11. Lucariofan1999

    DS12's Super Hyped M.U.G.E.N Vdeos

    are you planned to update ashley?.
  12. Lucariofan1999

    Courage the Cowardly Dog

    can't wait for your Courage!. it way better than shane the ninja boy versions.( even tho shane the ninja boy is a good mugen creator).
  13. Lucariofan1999

    What characters do you want to be converted into mugen?

    maybe bayonetta
  14. Lucariofan1999

    Jerry From Code Monkeys

    i remember this show, i used to watch this with my big brother all the time.