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  1. Cuphead bosses, by DarkRuler

    well, fine additions to the boss side of my roster for sure, considering also adding Cagney Carnation, Cala Maria, and my favourite one: Rudol Von Stro-I mean Werner Werman...once I find a decent version of him
  2. Ultraman / Ultra Series

    so, recently, I found Astromon, Gavadon (A), and Iron Rocks, I also know, thanks to Youtube, that someone made Thunder Darambia, as well as Bakishimu making more things, updating his old Ultramen, Kaiju, and releasing his own Ultraman Great, the only problem is, the 3 I found are mediocre (ESPECIALLY GAVADON AND IRON ROCKS), and the others, I can't find, because they're likely on japanese websites, can anyone upload them?
  3. [FULL GAME] Anime JUS Battle 2 W.I.P

    but...are Ultraman and Ultraseven in this one? perfect guest star material if you ask me, by the way, the link's down, you might want to fix that
  4. HOLY SHIT THEY HEARD MY PLEAS (goes to die in peace as the Ultimate Gamer returns....in the form of a drunk oni who's flat as a board)
  5. are we getting a Chiaki Nanami palette? since...you know...she's the Ultimate Gamer...and Retro Suika could give Chiaki a run for her money
  6. Then a fight is awaiting us! be ready, because this could be a potential threat
  7. (slashes at one of the guards, with her Falchion at full-power, as if charging a move)
  8. Mhm, understood, well, shouldn't we expose this man to the public to prove what he's doing wrong with more than physical evidence?
  9. (brings out his shovel) roger that, luckily I did pack all the relics I've obtained during my journeys, Miss Hera, so we're anything but short on weaponery!
  10. (brings out her Falchion, runs at the other grenade and before it can detonate, slashes it, she turns at the guards) stop it! you have no redeeming qualities if you throw explosives at a little girl and her friends!
  11. (looks at Yui, amazed at her power) such might...in such a young girl....you have earned my respects (looks at the guards) as for you, let us pass, we intend no harms to anyone
  12. I love your enthusiasm! (brings out her Falchion) but don't taunt him, you'll lower your guard and get a free hit, understood?
  13. another man walked up to Hera I am sorry for being late...I am Sir Percival Williamson, but everyone calls me Shovel Knight, and you should too, after all, I am but a helper of yours (bows) a pleasure to serve your queries
  14. Lucina, who had remained silent, meditating on how long will it take to end this ordeal, and get answers that might lead to Magio and Argento's fate, witnesses this childish spectacle, and breaks the silence by brutally exploding ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! (violently throws Tommy and Mirfah off Agni, and makes sure to leave both away one from the other) Agni's our leader, not a babysitter, he's here to guide us through this dangerous path, and you two are behaving like little children who did not get a toy for Christmas! act civilizedy, or else, I will be forced to use my Falchion, UNDERSTOOD!? (walks by Agni's side) sorry for the outburst...but I needed to discipline those two
  15. (sits down, sheathing his shovel) good point, where would my manners be if I did not leave the lady try her might first