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  1. Aka Cho-Tin SFW Edit

    Preview: Comments: The Aka Cho-Tin, also called Akachouchin is one of the anonymous fan characters created from Shinku from the Rozen Maiden series, a silver-haired chibi version of her, like Think-sama, the mysterious ghostly doll woman and Wanku, a dog. She was also inspired from Japanese bars hence the Red Lantern she wears and wine bottle she has. I never added her to my Mugen until now as the main issue was that Aka's always depicted wearing no pants, most likely from her drunkenness. Out of my love for her and Nijikaku in general I've edited all her sprites so Aka's clothed and safe for Mugen. Link:
  2. Geese Bohyo Howard & Soy Milk

    Here it is :
  3. Odin Core by TM

    Preview: A ball of light that's quite cheap, it's Hypers don't hurt you at all but make it invulnerable. The Core has no AI and is unpredictable as it floats around but still makes a neat boss. Being a core of light it's like the opposite of 00N, a sphere of darkness. It was inspired by 608's effect sprites, as said on TM's site: Link:
  4. Creator's Edits Collection: TwistedSynapse & Below273

    I thought those Nijikaku edits were private, glad they were able to share em and these others! Thanks!
  5. Sonic Franchise Fan-Characters

    The context of that joke still offends people because of the religious remark, so people see it as an insult, so it seemed more like a blatant statement Flare. Still, even I made a stupid comparison about MA and Trump, so avoid mentioning things that'll cause a stir.
  6. Preview:
  7. They are, I just put the new files in Dropbox, same link.
  8. I'm late with this but she's been updated on 12/21.
  9. Happy New year to you all at MFFA! 

  10. This place was hacked from what I know, I hope nothing was effected and everyone had a Great Christmas! I got some extra money and a nice picture frame. 


    Still looking for chars, finishing my custom Nijikaku game and eventually I'll revamp the old Niji collection and make a separate stage collection.


    Also started handheld gaming again, right now I'm playing KH Recoded.

  11. Oh! SST?: Saya's not an OS-tan though. She's from a visual novel game.
  12. If you're talking about the older version of 3.1:
  13. Which OS was it? XP, ME, and 2000 were in that video.
  14. I'm done with the R.I.S.E Program and for my efforts I received a 250$ gift card! What a fantastic day I've had! With it I've:

    Bought Pokemon Ultra Moon (It may be surprising as I've always loved Pokemon as a series but never played the games aside from spinoffs and this is the very 1st game I've gotten. )

    A Princess Daisy amiibo (I love many characters but Daisy is my #1 favorite overall , 2nd is Rachel Wilson, 3rd is Zangya.)

    A  $50 Nintendo Eshop Card (Get some more old games I had in the past.)


    and a little something for a friend...

    I also found out that Gumball's last season starts on January 5th 2018, all the while I'll be worried about Rachel's fate... I've got high hopes for her though.


    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Congrats On Completing That Program SSBK65!! Keep Being Awesome, Yo!!


    2. Flare-Gamer-64


      Pokemon fans have panned Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for not being different enough. But you won't see any problems if you haven't played the originals. Both Sun and Moon and the Ultras are fantastic games. Although some character development is cut out for certain characters.


      Especially Lillie and her mother.

      But I hope you will enjoy your time in Alola. And why not friend me on 3DS after you finish the game?

    3. BluEngineerCKG43