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  1. Yeah I was gonna ask how you turn her ai off so you can control her but I see you posted the solution for it so thanks big time. Out of curiosity, are these characters form a game or somebody drew them? They all seem to have the same art style and play style.
  2. Oh wow!! It's been a while since we saw another MC character!! I'm hoping Bobby will be coming soon!!
  3. Courage the Cowardly Dog

    Wow you got the Nick toon artwork dead on mang!! Good luck with this!!
  4. (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    She's cos playing as Grimm form the Adventures of Billy and Mandy? (OFF TOPIC) Someone should make Mandy since we got Billy and Grimm.
  5. Ono Kohaku by Mariru updated 7/20/17

    Seems like most of the AI characters are all attack and no def. One good Zero counter and you can turn the tables on them. OR IF ALL ELSE FAILS, HIT F1 for a quick and easy victory. "IF you can't beat them, DELETE THEM!!"
  6. p3

    Is this stage for mugen 1.0 or 1.1?
  7. Just got around to playing her. Man oh man did she get dated!! :) I'm just having trouble with the move where she hit's the ground and rocks fly up. According to the demo movie, she can smack the flying rocks at the enemy as a projectile if you time the punch right. If somebody ever makes a HR Ryoga Hibiki I would have him team up with her.
  8. She's alot better with the extra AI turned off. however there are some things that need to be fixed. Her winning voice tends to sound when she does combos and the Luffy striker is missing his rubber punch animation when he attacks. Either that or he's making like Takuma with an invisible fireball. Hoping we get Nami and a normal Robin soon.
  9. Cool!! A larger sized Boa: She is password protected though and the PW is mugen.
  10. OH SNAP!! I've been hoping she would get updated soon!! Gotta see what new tricks were added to her!!
  11. Nice stage. Perhaps if you could, make three versions like an early morning stage or a midnight version of the stage.
  12. Nice to see he's still updating his stuff. Wonder is he gonna update KONONEKO and add more High School DXD strikers to her?
  13. Just a quick heads up/warning. There is some weird virus haunting Media fire of late. Sometype of ransomware. Until that has been removed, I suggest using another site to upload your characters. maybe sendspace or One-Drive. Stay cool!!

    1. TheJMan


      Aich, I just have sent several links to some collections with mediafire... Thanks for the heads up!

    2. Darkflare


      Well fuck. I had some suspicions since trying to download from it was beginning to send me to other ad sites. Looks like it's time to switch file hosting sites now. Fortunately, I don't have anything that would be hard to replace.

  14. Mazinger Zero by Barbatos

    Blast!! IT would've been cool if there was a larger version of this bot.
  15. Emi Yusa by Sektor [6/20/2017]

    NO WAY!!! Sektor is making DFC characters now?!! Gotta Check this out!! Should tide me over till Kohaku's comes out.