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Croix (0.90)


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Name : Croix

Occupation : Demon Hunter

Origin : La Pucelle Tactics / La Pucelle Ragnarok


Why did I make him? I honestly dont know but I looked at his sprite sheet and he looked pretty decent plus I never made a character with guns like this before so it was fun for me to.


Eh. Last Weekend, I've been lazy to release him.


Croix does NOT Jump / Crouch.

If you need to move fast use his "dash"

[ Movelist ]

A - Kick

B - Punch

C - Cup Of Tea

X - Handgun (3x)

Y - Machinegun

Z - Bazooka/Sniper

[ Super ]

Fire Bullet - D, F, x

Ice Bullet - D, B, x

Fire & Ice Bullet - D, B, y

Machine Gun - D, F, y

Tri Bazooka - D, B, z

Ultimate - D, F, b

[ Coming Soon ]

Dark Croix (Not sure if as a mode, or only supers)

Dark Croix special attacks.

Maybe I'll add Sacrifice.

~Special Thanks~

Mugen Free For All

Laharl (for sound rips)

You for downloading my character.

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