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DC Comics New Collection


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7 hours ago, Edm7 said:

Re-Upload "Robin Teen Titans" please

The comment just above yours has a link for that character lol 

Fixed now, I wasn't aware the other link wasn't working anymore.





Pilgrim's Remixes of Alan Scott and Guy Gardner.

Mr. Mxyztplk by Johnny DC, Shining and Pilgrim.

Pseudoingles' Ch'p and Dale Skallox

Medphyll by NovatoMugen.

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On 6/27/2022 at 7:59 AM, Emaserranista said:

The comment just above yours has a link for that character lol 

Fixed now, I wasn't aware the other link wasn't working anymore.





Pilgrim's Remixes of Alan Scott and Guy Gardner.

Mr. Mxyztplk by Johnny DC, Shining and Pilgrim.

Pseudoingles' Ch'p and Dale Skallox

Medphyll by NovatoMugen.

Alan Scott is updated with a fix to his infinite bubble special move.

Alan Scott Remix (Pilgrim) bubble special and air guard fixes

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I'm back and ready with another compilation!
But let me just explain:
files are now in packs instead of individual links, I feel like just doing links in packs because it takes less time.

The other comment I was working didn't save [Bruh]

This will also be edited a lot.

Also for the Batgirl do this: Batgirl/AI-Batgirl.def

But now here it is:


Alf Green Lantern: YURI

Batgirl: THX1138 + MUGENBOY

Batman: Zet + Mr. Giang + Kenshiro99 + Alucard || Mr. Giang + Taybear || Alucard + GarfieldGame || Lordmugen "Yellow Lantern"

Batmobile: Red Hood

Black Adam: Dr. Doom & Trexrell + Aleistor Henrikson || Dr. Doom & Trexrell + Prospectone "Canon" || Digital Dolphin & The River

Black Manta: Shining & Lessard + Mr. Giang + Imperius "1.0/1.1"

Black Mask: Redz & Alexziq + Jinky + Yolomate

Clayface: Legends of the Dark Knight Team & Friends + Raijjin "DCUO Voice"

Darkseid: Cliff-A + Africanpower

Elongated Man: Jhonny-DC + Gartanham

Firestorm: ahmed el muhammedy

Flash: NOSE || Alexziq & Jasontodd & AA250 & bdc + 007 The Masked Gamer "Canon Updated" + Old ||

Grid: Mambojambo & ZVitor + Jose Bueno (Update)

Hal Jordan: Enzo & Buyog2099 & Arque & McCready + JohnTheMito "Yellow Lantern", + Edit of Jose Bueno || Tigregoods "Red Lantern"

Harley Quinn: Batzarro + Ax "TAS"

Hawk Girl: skhsato123 & bradern666 + Fronkie || skhsato123

Joker: Frevicante + 500원 "TAS"

JSA Flash [Jay Garrick]: SLotman & Madcook

Kong the Untamed: YURI

Martian Manhunter: efrencortes + Vic77

Metamorpho: RenatoNato + Shining + Deanjo Updated

Penguin: Shining & Volzilla & Asterione Updated

Poison Ivy: ZVitor + Wildshark MKP

Razer: ProjetoGL & Alvaro Grande

Red Tornado: nubsec + cralozoidecranlox

Scarecrow: Ax & Dopefiend + NinjaBri "Scarecrow X Capcom"

Solomon Grundy: Andersontavers + Manbatshark8 Updated

Spirit: S666

Superwoman: Ax + Vor76 + VHS&DVDReview

Terra: hrd2016

The Riddler: candido159 + Ax "TAS"

Get them all HERE

Also here's a new link for the edited version of Razer, the link is dead.

Razer by ProjetoGL & Alvaro Grande + Maverick Hunter Omega
Humiv3's edits of characters:

Pack includes





Aquaman: ZVitor + Humiv3

[The] Flash: Sic-1 + Humiv3 "High-Speed"

Green Arrow: ZVitor & Sei + Humiv3

Get them all HERE

Note: All characters are considered "cheap".

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Collection updated again. Thanks to all of you as always :D. Some things however were left out.


First of all, The Spirit isn't a DC character... and, remember ALF? He's back, in Lantern Corps' form!


lol to be honest I don't think that character is suitable for this collection at all. 


On the other hand, I think it's better to try avoiding lazy so called "edits", like that Superwoman which only changes the portrait and the main palette, while the rest is all the same. I'm not really sure if that is also the case with the Ax's edits of Riddler and Harley (I know he actually made some editions for his Batman game but others only got a different main palette. I need to compare those two with the originals first).


Kong the Untamed is a paletteswap of Brucewayne's Tarzan with blonde hair. The caveman used to fight against dinosaurs and other kinds of prehistoric creatures, while Tarzan, well, rides an elephant and is friend with monkeys.  The author "Yuri" AKA Yurilinda is Cesarsombra, so don't be surprised by the little amount of effort, but I think it's so poorly done it doesn't deserve to be put in here. 


Scarecrow X Capcom doesn't seem to fit in there neither, IMO, since as the name suggest, is kinda a crossover character and uses Street Fighter chars as strikers.


Also, when submitting a character have in mind that some authors go for more than one nickname and in certain places you can find them with a different name than  in others, for example, Skhsato123 and Ahmed El Muhammed who are both the pen names of the same person or the already mentioned Cesar and Yuri, to avoid bringing characters we already have.

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No problem!

I thought Spirit was a DC Character since whenever I was searching Plastic Man in google, I would see Spirit in some of the covers, silly me.

Then that makes Ceaser weirder... He pretty much keeps calling "YURI" his princess.

YURI a.k.a Ceaser showed one picture with Green Lantern Alf, but yeah he doesn't suit at all.

But here's the picture he showed:


I do don't believe that is Alf.


I pretty much just grab DC Characters for this collection, so sorry about that.


Since I saw Alf by YURI, I had no surprise Kong was gonna be bad, although why not put him in the horrible Ceasersombra hall?


Never knew he had Capcom characters as strikers, thought he was gonna be some MVC edit, but ok.


Alright, I think I keep pretty much doing this mistake, so again sorry.


But anyways I will keep helping to make your collection very big


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There is no need to apologise @FatalArtics0555you keep bringing almost nearly lost versions of characters which is a amazing thing, so don't worry about that. About the Alf looking thing, I've seen that image before but I like to think it was more like some kind of easter egg to the readers. But I don't know. I also compared the Ax's edits of Riddler and Harley Quinn and they are the same exact thing as the original ones, neither new code nor graphics (apart from the portrait and main palette), so I don't think they'd be coming here, but also while testing the characters I noticed the version of Riddler I had in my computer was an older one, with some differences so I included that one too.


And I added an edit of Medphyll Green Lantern made by Shining which while still being bad at least is playable.



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DC Pack
Total Characters: 14

Lastly, / is characters who don't look the same.
- are characters who look the same and will not have a GIF to put more space for more GIF's.

Normal Characters


Batman: Alucard + hannah-montana - Alucard + Zet + Sookie (Mega.NZ Link) - Alucard + naclken - Kenshiro99 + Sookie (Mega.NZ Link) / Alucard + Zet  / (ToSix) Alucard + Duracelleur (CVS) Alucard + arettoman / (Updated) Magus (Cartoon) SPIDERBAT & Friends + Unknown / Old (?) || Cyborg: (Updated) ZVitor + Mr. Giang

NES / SNES / Classic Characters


Batman NES / Batman Return NES: Dorgol || Catwoman: (Updated) Animaraz


Pocket Characters



Magus (Old)


MKP Characters





Alucard + Zet + Sookie Batman got copyrighted in Mediafire so I transported him to MEGA.
I also have no idea if the Cartoon Batman is an old version or edited by an unknown person.

The Catwoman in the classic characters have more animations, and sprites, that's why called it an updated version.

Also I sadly ran out of storage in Mediafire.

Things I forgot to mention in the last post I made:
Doomsday by Unknown is the original character Lord Sinistro patched.
Blue Beetle by Chimoru is an older version. (I'm not sure though)
The Joker is in HD so I think it's the missing one.
I don't know if the older version of Jessica Cruz should be here since I did not know if she's just a Psylocke palette swap (If she is, my mistake😅)

The GL Hal Jordan edited by DeleFresh fixed his Team Mode bug, whenever he was 3rd or 4th he would stutter and would be unable to jump.

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On 7/19/2022 at 8:50 AM, FatalArtics0555 said:

Also I sadly ran out of storage in Mediafire.


Lol you're insane (in a nice way :P)


Actually, that Mr. Giang edit of Cyborg is an outdated one. Mr. Giang tends (or used to) update his characters in his Mediafire folder, the one we actually have for his char here and that version is a bit newer than the one you brought. Also, those updates are more fixes than anything else, so I don't think it is worth to put more than one of them (unlike the case of Animaraz's Catwoman, for example when there are different moves and sprites). The same goes for the Faber's versions of Green Arrow which are just deprecated versions of the Mr Giangs' (I guess Faber was the person who uploaded them in a different site?). But I did include the Naza15 edit.

That Doomsday by Lord Sinistro (labeled as Unknown) is the same file we already have here, and the same goes for both Blue Beetle (authors: Blagoy, Pilgrim and Chimoru) and Cartoon Batman (we have the authors quoted as "Spiderbat and Friends"). The same thing happens with Batman by Magus, I believe that version 2 is the only one available on the internet, as t's been around since 2008 or 2009. 

And for Batman NES, it fails to load, crashing Mugen everytime. I tried with both 1.0 and 1.1b but still happening. I don't know if it's made for an early build but I won't include it until I know it works.


And that MKP Batman actually is a regular mugen's character, so I put it under DC Classics, since its sprites are from Batman Forever for the Sega Genesis.


Thanks again!

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