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  1. Ah, Batman "Bale" by Kenshiro99? which one is it? Tried download one, but it redirected me to Batman HD (mega link) instead.
  2. Ah, I see. Thx for the explanation. I'll consider it for next time, if any.
  3. Ah, palette swap can be used as an entri? if so, here 2 (of 3, but I only have 2) Arrowverse chars: Miss Martian (Cir-El palette swap) (palette by Reincidence+yolomate) Killer Frost (Infinite's Kula palette swap) (palette by Reincidence+yolomate)
  4. ah, Z's web is still inaccessible for me. I still need to use VPN to access it.
  5. Updated/fixed Winter Soldier (skhsato123 & candido159, edit by DC VS MARVEL)
  6. I see that a She-Hulk with AnArquia's Femina Blackey sprites is greyed. In case you need it: https://www.mediafire.com/file/o3hwxwraymw102f
  7. Colossal Titan by Manny Lingle, edited by D2TD
  8. Knight Blazer has another gameplay version by KingKong_Cihan. I can't access the site, though. Can anyone reupload it here, please? The video is here: The link I mentioned is also stated in the description of the video. EDIT I'm sorry. I misunderstood the title of the video. It is the same knight blazer with the one already posted here.
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