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Variable Geo Series


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One of my favourite FG series and my second collection revived from Ryoucchi, I hope you like it ūüėȬ†as always, any help is welcome.

Red is offline, Blue is Edited/Custom, Green is different gameplay, Yellow is WIP and * needs an image.


Variable Geo II - The Bout of Cabalistic Goddesses


Kotoe Kashima: NS

Terumi Kannazuki: NS

Yuka Takeuchi: Tanicfan22

Yumiko Watanuki: NyanKiryu / Mer

Missing/to be done: Ayako Yuuki, Chiho Masuda, Erina "Elirin" Goldsmith, Jun Kubota, Kaori Yanase, Manami Kusunoki, Reimi Jahana, Satomi Yajima


Super Variable Geo


Manami Kusunoki: KM

Yuka Takeuchi: MASA - Jansen121 / Mattasaur / Tanicfan22

Missing/to be done: Ayako Yuuki, Chiho Masuda, Erina "Elirin" Goldsmith, Jun Kubota, Kaori Yanase, Reimi Jahana, Satomi Yajima


Advanced Variable Geo 2 / Variable Geo Custom


Ayako Yuuki: Luchini / Aomura

Chiho Masuda: Sakuraka (NSFW) - Vendigo's (SFW) / Basara-kun / Hiryu NJ / Tanicfan22

Erina "Elirin" Goldsmith: Luchini (Normal - Another) / NS / Dawn de Era

Jun Kubota: Luchini / NS / Zero-Sennin

Kaori Yanase: Aomura / Big Eli King

Kyoko Kirishima: Sakuraka

Manami Kusunoki: CAPTEIN / NyanKiryu


Miranda Jahana: Ashman / Aomura

Reimi Jahana: LegatoB / NS / Tanicfan22 / Zero-Sennin

Saki Shinjo: Aomura / Maruta

Satomi Yajima: NyanKiryu

Tamao Mitsurugi: NyanKiryu (Old - New) / Jansen121 / Seifer / Tanicfan22 / Unknown

Yuka Takeuchi:¬†„ā®„āĻ¬†/¬†Choiyer¬†/¬†Chotto-Komaru¬†/¬†NyanKiryu¬†/¬†Tanicfan22¬†/¬†TKW (NSFW)¬†-¬†Jansen121¬†(SFW)¬†/¬†DivineWolf (CvS)¬†/¬†Kunekune¬†/¬†Zero-Sennin


Edited/Recreated versions


Bunny Tracy (Street Fighter IV NES): D, The Red Cloak

CvS Erina "Elirin" Goldsmith: enzopenna

Evil Satomi Yajima (Variable Geo OVA): Basara-kun

False Yuka (Advanced Variable Geo 1): Basara-kun

No. 140: Kubota: DrKelexo

Turk Elena (Final Fantasy VII): Mathri

White Rabbit (DC Comics): odin123


Variable Geo Max


Kaori Yanase: Juke Kisaragi

Masako Houjouin: Juke Kisaragi

Satomi Yajima: Rouge Noir

Tamao Mitsurugi: NyanKiryu

Yuka Takeuchi: Ali / MASA

Yumiko Watanuki: Juke Kisaragi

Missing/to be done: Chiho Masuda, Jun Kubota, Manami Kusunoki, Reimi Jahana


Other Characters


Yu Asuka (from VG NEO, Xross Scramble): Iwakick


Other MUGEN Stuff

Stages: Hikaryo (VG1 Reimi, VGII Chiho, SVG Satomi, SVG Reimi) / Basara-kun (VG1 Stage Pack) / OldGamer (SVG, AVG1 Jun) / Cenobite53 (SVG, AVG2 Kaori & Saki) - DarkZemX (AVG2 Saki) / Ryoucchi and Toaster (SVG Manami, SVG Elirin) / JAM (AVG1) / Kakuto (Fusiya Bakery - Jyahana Estate - Midnight Garden - Satomi's Stage) / Reno SV (VGC) / Checho (VGC Material) / Juke Kisaragi (VGM) / TESTP (VGC Yuka)

Screenpacks: Checho (AVG2, 320x240) - Gui0007 (M1.0+, 640x480) / Kakuto (Variable Geo Destruction)

AI Patches:¬†PM („ā®„āĻ's Material, DivineWolf's Yuka, Aomura's Kaori)¬†/ NS (Nyan‚ėÜKiryu chars)¬†/ Kunekune (Nyan‚ėÜKiryu's Satomi, Aomura's Miranda)¬†/¬†St-Exupery (Luchini's Jun)

Fullgames: AnimugenZ (Super Variable Geo)

Missing: All VG1 chars, All AVG1 chars, Lifebars



Sprites: Davias (SVG Stages) / Grim (SVG Yuka) / Aokmaniac13 (VGC)

Music: Video Game Music

Portraits: Magma Dragoon (VG1)

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Don't worry, I understand.


Also, all Aomura links (but Saki) are offline, finding new links for them (I think I got some on my PC, I'll check it out and upload them if I got some of them)


EDIT: Found them all and reuploaded to my MF account, now they're all online again ūüėČ

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It's not a super big problem, but I think some of the character previews are bugged - Chiho, Kaori, Reimi, Saki, and Tamao (in the Advanced Variable Geo 2 / Variable Geo Custom section) all have transparent spots on their sprite previews, which makes them look... off.

This is otherwise a fantastic collection, thank you for your hard work in (re)creating it, Basara! ūüėĄ

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  • 2 weeks later...

The links for the VG characters on Tanicfan22's site appear to be dead (I'm not sure if it's a full site thing or just the VGs, I don't have the time to check every link on the website) - that is to say, the website loads fine but I get an error when clicking on the links to the VG characters on said website.

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I checked it out and yeah, most of the character links (if not all) are down sadly. I just tested his VG chars but probably that happens with his other chars as well, such a pity. At least he has plenty of VG chars it wasn't added before, so I'll add them anyway, thanks for the advice


I hope someone can tell Tanic that his downloads are down and he should make them online again (but if some of you have them and can provide new links, you're welcome ūüėČ)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Does someone know how to fix the crash on mugen 1.1 when using JAM's stages?

Also there's some stuff that needs to be fixed:

Basara, your stage pack is from VG1, not VG2

OldGamer didn't make a SVG Jun stage, he made a PC-Engine CD AVG1 Jun stage alongside the PS1/Saturn one

You should link the Cenobite 53 AVG2 Kaori stage to here :http://cenobite53.mugengermany.com/stages_psx.html since it includes his Saki stage from the same game

Finally, JAM's stage i mentioned above are from PS1 AVG1, not from VGC.

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Manami by CAPTEIN: https://web.archive.org/web/20040803175305/http://dhalia_x.at.infoseek.co.jp/kusunoki.htm


AI patches by PM: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AEsF6VDEyHJnjio&id=3DA854A56C7C9ADF!415&cid=3DA854A56C7C9ADF

¬†- Includes patches for Material by¬†„ā®„āĻ, Yuka by DivineWolf, and Kaori by Aomura.


Also included on NS' site are AI patches for Manami, Satomi, and Yuka, all by Nyan‚ėÜKiryu. A voice patch for that same Yuka can also be found a little farther down.

Also included on kunekune's site are AI patches for Nyan‚ėÜKiryu's Satomi and Aomura's Miranda.

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Updated main thread with all the stuff after my last post and created the AI Patches section on Other MUGEN Stuff, thanks to all. And as you know, Guild Database is down (maybe forever) so all my images are down (or almost all), during this week I'll be working on reupload them, wait for it ūüėȬ†


EDIT: Added CvS Elirin as WIP

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