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banned from mugen archive for no reasons

Master Shake

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On 9/7/2021 at 5:55 AM, nekoluver15 said:

get past these crappy rules


You're not allowed to use MA if you don't agree with every single rule and stipulation they have in place. Doesn't matter how nice you are -- you have to agree with all of their BS 110%, full on loyalty. Anything less and you're a leech that they want nothing to do with.



But yes, welcome to MFFA. You will enjoy your time here, hopefully, it's a lot more enjoyable. ❤️

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In general, some internet service providers are very active in blocking sites that have links to 18+ so some people have to use proxy to access mugen site
my advice is to stick with your proxy and go to an alternative site that doesn't block your proxy that most sites are aware of this problem
but if you really want to go to mugenarchive then at least you must have a proxy whose IP address does not move and you must not activate adblock because adblock will interfere with cloudflare which may be able to block your proxy ip because some people whose IPs are blocked are people whose IPs have moved due to the location of areas that are not fixed, such as mountainous areas and the coast
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