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Farewell Алескей!


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ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Thank You Алескей For All Of Your Hard Work And Dedication To The Site! We Appreciate All You Have Done With Your Showcasing Of Characters, Coding Tips, Overseeing The Site And Fixing The Forum Bugs Behind The Scenes! Keep Being Awesome And Strive For Your Goals, My Friend! You're Always Welcomed At MFFA, Алескей! *Peace* ⊂(▀¯▀⊂)

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Almost 3 years ago, I knew, via Mugen Imperio Latino, that [email protected] died of some cancer. For some time, I'm thinking to write this post like as a peculiar way of paying homage to him, but only now I had the desire to make it.

And now, the MIL is defunct.

And now, looks like that an important people of this site is going for a new adventure.

And now, the text I was doing fits pretty well with this context.


This is the life cicle, boys.


What I can say about that?

There is nothing much I can say; I've never knew his existence.

And I think that to try reducing the soul of a man that I don't knew on a few words is something hypocritical.


But, I want to make another purpose here. Something called "memorial".

Where you, who lived with him, can tell for us a story about him.

Don't matter the subject, nor the kind of emotion, the only thing who I think is to be a good homage for Alexey is to show for everybody some little details about his life.

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My memory of first meeting Алескей was when I was trying to code Wario's in-game-moves-list.  I asked for help with the superpause state controller in the support section, and he was right there with super concise, in depth answers to everything.  Very polite and to the point.  No bs.

He's not that social, and I can relate.  But he's super insightful, very well thought out and articulate.  Always the voice of reason, and any time he was needed, he was right on time.  Like freakin Batman.  There were 2 times the forum was hacked, and he had it repaired before I even knew anything happened.  Amateurs by his lights.  He was great like that.  

He showed me a side project he was workin about a year ago. He'd made a pokeball mod for this first person dinosaur related game I can't remember the name of right now.  Really cool tho, funny too, it was an otherwise pretty serious game.  But there you had a pokeball vending machine, and functional pokeballs that could capture in world pokemon that you'd run across every once in a while.


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