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Welcome to MFFA! Introduce yourself here!


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Hello sexy wormie!  It is possible to convert winmugen A.I. to MUGEN1.0 A.I.  In fact, MUGEN1.0 A.I. is more straightforward than winmugen A.I.!


Please don't hesitate to share your touhou MUGEN findings with us!


Enjoy MFFA!

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Greeting to you too!  :hi:


Fighter Factory has been the tool I have been using since the day one of my MUGEN authoring life.  I prefer the Classic version though.


>> for Mr freeze It appeared to me that no one gave him a chance to get created o_O

Yes!  More people give some MUGEN life to not-yet-mugenized game characters!  Hooray!


Be sure to check Ryon's tutorial:



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welcome to your doom!


or rather your wonder retirement.


were a good community here, I have tutorials on in the help section on how to make almost everything.


also DO NOT USE FFU!!!


Use FF3! its SUPERIOR!

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That'll be later on, as I'm still figuring things out.  I've got a total of four that are going to be released soon.:



Souther (I'm going by spelling in anime, movie, and manga)

Savage Hulk

Duke Nukem


For Duke Nukem, I'm putting it together with comic book creator for a totally different look. 


So, as of this time not sure yet.   

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