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Prinny Camp (Disgaea 2)


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I dont know why i decided to make this stage.

But either way it came out pretty good.

Also while i listened to Kurtis' song i felt more Inspired to finish this stage up.


Width : Medium ~ Small

Super Jump : Sorta

BGM : Yes 2 included

Animated : Yes Some

Method : RGB for background, BGCtrl for flying succubus, and other things.

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Let's make a "beg for your favorites lifebars" thread then It would be awesome if Mugen stages could have their own sound effects, having those background prinnies going "dood" from time to time. No, not only add to the stage music, but being something of the stage itself to be used with any music

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personally they look like a big pile of shit/mess.

is this REALLY necessary? http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//sad.png

not really, out of the estimately 7 lifebars he's shown thruout the years. he's released only 1.

and made up 1 quickly to please people.

sorry Ryon, but what is happening to you? Its not he do something he is obligated to release. people do things for mugen for free, so its a bit stupid to say something like that. plus, its not because something was quickly release that is good,.

Do not take it personally, but both commentaries were very unhappy and uncalled for.

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