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16 hours ago, paden1 said:

Oh and Kirbey, what's currently being planned for Kaijus lately? You're gonna complete all the original Ultraman ones it seems?

Haha, I don't even know what to make next.  

It's my whim ... sometimes I suddenly come up with an idea ... sometimes my collaborators provide sprites.  

And my goal is to create all the original Ultraman kaijus.  

please do not worry.  

The rest of the kaiju sprites will be completed soon !!

All I have to do is program.


...Oh, and here

・littre(+garon) by  kirbey&邓v东西

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If I understand you right of what you mean, you could follow Kirbey on Twitter, all the monsters he makes, he posts the progress of them on there, like now the latest monsters he is making is Ragon and Seabozu. And he is the only person I know who makes kaijus (and shows progress on them).
If my english sounded strange, Im sorry, Im still learning it.

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