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  1. I hope so. Because I would be really sad if MFFA really did end!
  2. Great to hear! I'll also follow Kirbey for more Kaijus! Shame MFFA had to end this way.....
  3. Maybe that was it. So maybe they'll bring them all back.
  4. Here's the other one now. Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MIFfla-3dphpl-ntJM6TjBZ8xQroOQr_/view?usp=sharing
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JxB1CrEf21UXUmyTDWjOnxEQDG1GzJfT/view?usp=sharing Here it is!
  6. Maybe once Kirbey completes all the original Ultraman Kaiju, maybe we'll get some more Return Of Ultraman Kaiju, or more Cosmos and Leo Kaiju!
  7. According to Kirbey's Twitter, looks like he's making Gango from the original Ultraman!
  8. This collection could really use an update.
  9. Way to go Kirbey! That's 1 Gaia Kaiju, 1 Cosmos Kaiju, 1 original Ultraman Kaiju, 1 Nexus Kaiju, and 1 Ginga Kaiju! I'll have to try them all out once I get home from work!
  10. Same here. Baidu is literally impossible to use outside of china....
  11. So basically the Bakisimu Kaijus and Ultras were remade from muu's stuff, right?
  12. So, you're a first timer in MUGEN Taleszilla? Well welcome aboard!
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