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Buck Dozer


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Name : Buck Dozer

Race : Buck

Job : Leader Of the Buck's

Released : 1


Dozer was created out of Flamableking's imagination.

The closest thing to compare his idea to was juggernaut so we used him as the base.


Yeah its a juggernaut edit... we don't have many of those in mugen now do we.


Well Im home mostly so yeah... thats where I made him.


Winter 2013. After Nick Fury.


Flamableking needed someone to code Dozer, originally I turned him down telling him I was busy, which I was at the time with Nick Fury, Once he was out of the way, I had some open space on my mugen schedule. So I figured let me fit him in, since he already has a great set of sprites.


Well lots of talking went in before I finally knew how to make him.

Luckily Nick Fury paved the way in terms of gameplay.

Buck Dozer has 6 button gameplay. MVC style.

Not accurate or anything but pretty combo friendly and fun to use.

This is my first time making a big character like him. And most likely my last time.

Its so ANNOYING dealing with sprites his size.


| Special Attacks |


Shoulder Charge

->Down, Forward, Punch

Fatal Fist

->Down, Forward, Kick


|  Super Attacks  |


Atomic Grand Slam

-> Down, Forward, 2 Punch


> Down, Forward, 2 Kick

Special Thanks

My Wife and Son.

Mugen Free For All

Flameableking for the idea

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i understand that flammable wanted it a certain way but that steam roller super potential is really wasted when it bites instead of literally flattens you. that would of been a way better idea and yes its doable in mugen.

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Do you (Ryon) or Flammableking plan on updating this character in the future or has thou bestowed upon us the definitive version of Buck "Bull" Dozer?

Well, I did wanna give him a grab, but I decided against it in the end. ovo I'm just really glad he came out the way he did, and I hope you enjoy him! =D

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The character's real name is Rex Barton. ^^ He was a large and threatening construction worker until he made a brief wish, indicating he wanted to be a bulldozer. ^^


The entire point of Demolition Crew, is that it takes place on a planet where wishes are granted (even sarcastic ones). After Egance took over the planet, everyone started getting the opposite of what they wished for. As if that wasn't abusive enough of his power, he began to wish for them... He drew pictures of hideous and strong monsters that would be slaves under his command. ^^ It's a battle between good and bad wishes. :D

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Im sorry but what kind of man wants to be a bulldozer? at least a freaking T-Rex.


At his job site, he shouldered a trespasser hard enough to knock him 6 feet away, and suffer a concussion. His buddy told him he was like a human wrecking ball. He later said under his breath, "Wreckin' ball... I'd rather be a bulldozer... Wish I was a bulldozer... Then, I'd get more work done around here."

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