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  1. Well, rather slow due to real-life always butting in, but all his basic attack animations are nearly complete! OvO They just need the gloves added, and they'll be done!
  2. Hope you won't be disappointed! I passionately love this character! ^^
  3. Here's what's sad...Robox Rese-4 is anything but new... He comes from a franchise from Midway (who are no longer in business), titled, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2, which was released in 2000. Nobody cares about him, and hardly anyone knows about him or his franchise, which are now both dead... A truly sad fate for a character to endure... I'm not having it! This guy will be complete! If not soon, then later on. We are working when we can on this masterpiece of a character to bring you guys the best boxing robot the world has ever seen!
  4. I would also like to add that the base for the legs has changed. owo
  5. UPDATE!!! His spriting is coming along GREATLY!! And, he's only going to have various punches for moves, specials, and hypers, if you couldn't already tell. ovo
  6. He's going to have an MvC gameplay with some touch-ups and additional moves!
  7. From the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois... Wearing no trunks, and weighing in at a sturdy 150 pounds... The Automatic Punch-O-Matic! ROBOX RESE-4!!! is coming to Mugen!!! Man, it's been a while since I worked on a character... It Feels Good To Be Back In Action!!! In this image, the frame on the left with the Megaman legs was made by me. The one on the right was made by Midnight-Son. He had to construct the head from scratch to make it look like that. And, it ROCKS!!! Thanks, Man! =DD As I type this, the character is being worked on behind the scenes! Midnight-Son is working his ma
  8. Ok, you just made it difficult to breathe for, like... 6 minutes. xD I couldn't stop laughing. xDD
  9. At his job site, he shouldered a trespasser hard enough to knock him 6 feet away, and suffer a concussion. His buddy told him he was like a human wrecking ball. He later said under his breath, "Wreckin' ball... I'd rather be a bulldozer... Wish I was a bulldozer... Then, I'd get more work done around here."
  10. The character's real name is Rex Barton. ^^ He was a large and threatening construction worker until he made a brief wish, indicating he wanted to be a bulldozer. ^^ The entire point of Demolition Crew, is that it takes place on a planet where wishes are granted (even sarcastic ones). After Egance took over the planet, everyone started getting the opposite of what they wished for. As if that wasn't abusive enough of his power, he began to wish for them... He drew pictures of hideous and strong monsters that would be slaves under his command. ^^ It's a battle between good and bad wishes. :D
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