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MvC Batsu released by Mouser [10/22/2013]


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My favorite Rival Schools stage of all time. I thought it looked familiar. This version is a lot more colorful and bright. Also this is by far the best Batsu mugen has! And he's not even finished yet!

Definitely one of the best stages from the game. Hell, all the stages were good.

Can't wait for this Batsu to be 100%

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compared to other batsu's.


this is the best one.

It's a shame we dont have the whole cast mugenized by now

you draw me some sprites and i'll get on it.


or get someone to draw em.


I love Project Justice so i'd love to make these guys.

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Please allow me to say this:


"This MvC Batsu by mouser is the best MUGEN character throughout the whole October 2013!"


If it weren't, then it has gotten to be.................


Now, with Kyosuke by Byakko and Hinata by Fervicante, my Rival Schools MUGEN team is completed!  :heeee:

Also don't forget Fevicante KOF's Yurika.

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