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Urobura: Act Cazensa


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Credit to The Magic Toaster for uploading the characters.



tFm6Mfq.pngGIkihs1.pngXbkxR2H.pngMDGwxJ6.pngGFfWo6f.pngm6C3AU6.png 1cYI3ze.png

Imouto: NS || Tatsuo: Ouchi || Pokita: Shimon || Nair: Ouchi || Stephanie: Shimon || Marisa: Ouchi || STDDG: Ouchi




DeathSword's Stage || Imouto's Stage || Johny's Stage || Kazuko & Yoko's Stage || Marisa's Stage || Pokita's Stage || Yachiyo's Stage

All stages made by Ouchi.

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