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Mira by Goshu updated 5/20/2013


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that pretty dumb honestly why would you gain power from walking 0_0. Even if it is accurate I removed it.

how much power we're talking here???????? O_o 

u make it sound like 25% per step!!!

its supposed to be at 1% per second and even THAT is in a certain situation....

according to blazblue anyway....

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oh you want the minor edit its easy to do rather than post it up I think I will post how I did it.


edit heres the method to do it


1. open fighter factory 3 then load up the char


2. go to the 33common.cns


3. use the find option and search for "poweradd"


4. you will find this code [state 20, 1]

type = PowerAdd

trigger1 = command = "holdfwd"

trigger1 = P2Dist X > 0

value = ceil(2*fvar(6))


5. delete it then save and its done.

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guys can u help me? i get an error when trying to play her :(


it says like this: 


Error message: Undefined command label: "holdz".
If not misspelling in CNS, check CMD
Error parsing trigger1, 2
Error parsing [state 210, 5]
Error in [statedef 1053]
Error in sp.cns
Character mugenversion is older than this version of M.U.G.E.N.
Error loading chars/Mira_AI/Mira_AI.def
Error loading p1
Library error message: Died parsing root,command != "holdz"
do u have any idea why this occur?
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