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IceFire Mountain (Wizards & Warriors 2)


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This was is from Ironsword - Wizards And Warriors 2, from the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I was requested to make this stage from a friend, and after alot of laziness and procrastinating, I manage to get it done for his birthday.

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I remember that floor. From your parallax tutorial. Came out pretty good. I like it. But What's up with those lines in the BG?

the tiling of the background, it tears. Im not sure how to go about fixing it. cause its not really me, its the engine tiling wrong?
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That line doesn't comes when you delete the delta. Strange.

Yeah mffa does that to my links. anyways. If i delete the delta it looks really strange, it moves really fast. so its a huge toss up on wtf to do.
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