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MK9 Smoke by Smoke released 3/31/13

Genderless Child

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i know he did he copy pasted it and thats not how you do it. we set a new rule about this a bit ago.


use your OWN image upload it to an image thing dont steal the original posters


if you are going to copypaste the author type


Quote from the author then post it


and if you tried the char post a comment about it.


and lastly this goes to you decade shut up I am not an idiot I am telling him that he did this wrong.




also LOL at this char thats all im saying.

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I added the quote tags and topic title info after. it looked like gollum200 was posting it as his own release initially


Or maybe he just copypasted the release from the Guild, that wasn't his intentions at all and you're just an idiot.


So Laharl was right with his post

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