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Shredder and Krang Released all Turtles updated by Dcat


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my words cannot do these characters justice they are amazing, they are not 100% yet dcat is prematurely releasing them due to pc issues and fear of losing his files. they play amazingly though I highly reccomend them. HIGHLY! same with the turtles grab the updates.

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if it's dcat, it's old school goodness! i'm a bit on my downtime with mugen, just doing stuff behind the scenes and  of corse real life. i take a peek and this is out??!! thanks for the heads up laharl . will be trying these characters out and will hope shred kead has a super shredder move in there somewhere!!

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I like what i see on the screenshot.

Well from Shredder.

Gona give it a try Now.


A lil off topic...

A Mugen version of Shredder 2003 would be more cool.


Who actually look and act like a Villain.

I would totally want to see that one too.

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Shredder from 2003 series is crap. They ruined the concept of a character, a ninja master. He is an utrom, although in original mirage comics and evn 87' series he is human.

Also, there is a 2003 palette, you can select it with "z" button. That is more than enough.

In the Turtles Forever film, 2003 Shredder makes classic Shredder look like a pussy.


2003 Shredder has something about him that just makes him so damn awesome.

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