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  1. Originally planned to draw the judgement hall but I lost half of it, so instead of re-making the missing parts I decided to turn it into one of the locations of my world. The city of Belus or demons'/Aethereals' city.
  2. huKqgyl.png


    1. Josh R.

      Josh R.

      That is such a gorgeous stage, like holy crap.

  3. A bit of side illustration I made for worldbuilding.




    Scene's mood:


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    2. Nep Heart

      Nep Heart

       That's cool, I love doing that stuff myself, although I haven't really messed around with my own settings in a while ever since I got distracted with MUGEN creation. However, since I plan to slow down and go on break after Reimu, I very likely will get back into the groove of it. The sketches I post are some of the characters I have, although I do have a lot more.

    3. FaZe Dank

      FaZe Dank

      What's worldbuilding? Is it some kind of genre of MUGEN stages or something new?

    4. Aℓίcℯ


      It means constructing people, places, situations, etc... to develop stories for novels or games.


      @Nep Heart I've seen the sketches, they're pretty good, should try some coloring.

  4. It's occupied Haven't finished the design for this one, but got the general description, in the meanwhile I drew a fight scene for him vs Arya. Ferdinand Bassett
  5. Collabo. GDM/Me









    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Wow!! This Looks So Amazing, Yo! This Stage Looks So Peaceful But At The Same Time Dangerous! I Can Really Picture Some Great Fights On This Stage! Awesome Stage Collab, Aℓίcℯ & GDM! ⊂(▀¯▀⊂)

  6. Some character design, inspired myself from the song "Shiroi/It's White" by Malice Mizer. Aryanell Amadea Blanc
  7. By GDM (concept, sketch) & Me (all the graphic fancy & programming). -Original concept & graphics (hand drawn). -1280x720 only, you must change the localcoord of the characters to a compatible one, (ie: 420,240 low res ones). -2 Def files, Normal & Gate to Another Realm. DL: https://sites.google.com/site/thepuppetofthemagus/mugen/misc-stages/stages Newage: https://discordapp.com/invite/DvbGwzT
  8. I've made several layouts for a last word, but only want to use 2, TPotGG involving goliath, and the grimoire. Finally decided this for the grimoire with Mystic Records, the background shifts to this, zooms out and obliterates the foreground with a row of blasts. Most is layered & animated already, just can't decide if keeping the Ae generated blasts, or use the ones I drew before , & do a couple more animations for mystic records for a camera change. Cinematic with a couple of camera angle changes, no more than 5-6 seconds due to file size so probably I'm going to make
  9. Initial sketch for a last word. Was coming up with a moveset for Goliath Doll, kinda liked this one & started elaborating it. Random projectile. Let's dance.
  10. Fixed a bound issue with this, characters that used attacks with wall bounce seemed affected by it.
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