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  1. At least this old design didn't go to waste & became its own thing :P Need to start an article in world anvil, already got like 30 pages of written stuff for 10 characters + like 20 for locations. Funny what quarantine does. Name: Ill Will/Animosity Age: at least 3000yr Height: N/A Species: Demon Likes: Humans suffering Abilities: Body manipulation Personality: Cruel & sadistic, isn't afraid of using torture or any dirty method to get what she wants, even if it means sacrificing her own subordinates. Appearance: Not many know her real appearance since she hardly shows up, some describe her as having a female child-like emaciated appearance but except for demons, no one is really sure. Also called Malvolia, is a high demon who can possess & manipulate anything which can be perceived as a body, from humans & animals to lesser demons, but her preferred choice are mechanical puppets to do the dirty work while she hides. She forces slaves under demons’ control to build her puppets. Her cruel, sadistic demeanor and complete disregard for her subordinates earned her a terrifying reputation even among her kind. Like with most high demons, her main body is comprised of spirit, making most physical attacks nearly useless against her, at best it just destroys the bodies being manipulated. When humans talk about demons, they refer to any being whose existence is comprised of spirit to a greater or lesser extent. High level demons can reconstruct their bodies from 0, while lower demons have a more difficult time doing so, as a result they are more vulnerable to physical attacks. They come in a wide variety with different skills & different origins, some are born from other demons & have parents, while others are summoned and are the manifestation of a concept. Their power varies too & some high level demons are powerful enough to obliterate whole cities and mountains in the blink of an eye. Demons are not necessarily evil, most are pragmatic entities & usually live in societies, but except for their kind most don't have any regard for natural beings, intelligent or not, which are only seen as livestock or slaves.
  2. Some character design, inspired myself from the song "Shiroi/It's White" by Malice Mizer, attempting world building too. The gods of the world foresaw an even of cataclysmic proportions; putting aside their differences they joined forces and managed to stop it, however, they mysteriously disappeared leaving their followers without guidance, not too long after their disappearance the demonkind started their conquest, having no gods to protect them, most of races were no match for them & a considerable portion of the world quickly fell under their control. All the natural species, those whose existence isn't comprised of spirit, were able to resist only when they worked together & managed to develop methods to counterattack...since then, the conflict has lasted for centuries. ___________________________________________________ Name: Arianell Blanc Age: 25yr Height: 1.60mt Species: Human-Ame Noire Ocuppation: Novelist, best seller unknowingly to most people Likes: Francis, expensive drinks, reading (and writing) novels Abilities: Full control of her "soul" Personality: Usually calm, although cranky, disdainful & prideful, sometimes acting like an entitled princess, since normal humans see her kind as monsters she just considers most people as unworthy of respect, but has a very caring & gentle attitude towards those close to her. Appearance: her physique is average, the pale skin, white hair and black sclera are representative of her kind, usually dresses in elegant clothes with dark colours which accentuates her albino look and wears a half mask to cover the scars of her face, her fashion is more a thing from her sisters-in-law than hers, while she thinks it's a bit strange it doesn't bother her. Formerly a noble, she lost her family to Demon's Orders when she was a child, during her escape she lost her right arm and her face was injured, she was rescued and adopted by a commoner family (Francis’), initially only a frightened child, with time and their help she opened her heart, regained confidence & a new lease of life. ______________________________________ She's part of a very rare group of beings called Ame Noire, they're called like that because of the appearance of the creature they transform into when they die, it means "Black Soul" but nobody is sure what they truly are, not even demonkind know, they usually don't possess any particular ability other than they're unable to die from natural causes (old age & illness), though apparently they can be killed or starve, can be born only from natural beings & appears to be at random, since an Ame Noire most likely won't give birth to another. She's a unique case among them in that she's the only one known to be able to control her "soul", for this reason, having lost her arm doesn't represent a problem as she can just project another one, though this doesn't replace her original. While their appearance is ominous & give off a sense of uneasiness, they don't seem to be much more of a threat than any other human or average subject from the race they're born from as long as they remain "alive", but they're ostracized regardless. In a world where super natural beings are a commonality they're odd, even common humans can develop magic & spiritual power with enough commitment, but Ame Noire can't develop any of that for some reason, despite this, there's a widespread saying that if someone kills one of them is not going to end well for anyone, so usually no one dares to do so, including demons, not much of the creature is known other than rumours & sightings, but the fact that demons take that advice is enough reason for humans to take said rumours seriously.
  3. Arianell.


    Inspired by this:


  4. By GDM (concept, sketch) & Me (all the graphic fancy & programming). -Original concept & graphics (hand drawn). -1280x720 only, you must change the localcoord of the characters to a compatible one, (ie: 420,240 low res ones). -2 Def files, Normal & Gate to Another Realm. DL: https://sites.google.com/site/thepuppetofthemagus/mugen/misc-stages/stages Newage: https://discordapp.com/invite/DvbGwzT
  5. I've made several layouts for a last word, but only want to use 2, TPotGG involving goliath, and the grimoire. Finally decided this for the grimoire with Mystic Records, the background shifts to this, zooms out and obliterates the foreground with a row of blasts. Most is layered & animated already, just can't decide if keeping the Ae generated blasts, or use the ones I drew before , & do a couple more animations for mystic records for a camera change. Cinematic with a couple of camera angle changes, no more than 5-6 seconds due to file size so probably I'm going to make a separated fighting stage too. Inspired by this: And sorta like this:
  6. Fixed a bound issue with this, characters that used attacks with wall bounce seemed affected by it.
  7. By GDM & Me DL: https://sites.google.com/site/thepuppetofthemagus/mugen/misc-stages/stages
  8. Initial sketch for a last word. Was coming up with a moveset for Goliath Doll, kinda liked this one & started elaborating it. Random projectile.
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