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  1. If you guessed that this release comes with updates to all of his other OCs, 100 points for you. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!APDMob5J7Ygt-Qo&id=E7674E3D8A2510B5!187&cid=E7674E3D8A2510B5
  2. Update: - Kunio by MUGENKunioFan472 - Ken-SP by Ahuron
  3. Ayy, thanks. Been looking high and low for a working link of this particular version of Spawn.
  4. Sounds like this is gonna be worth a try. Added.
  5. NON DC / MARVEL COMIC BOOKS CHARACTER COLLECTION Exactly as the title says. This collection will be covering MUGEN characters from comic books that do not fall under the DC / Marvel umbrella. Click on the images to download! Note: Unavailable / missing characters will have their pictures grayed out. PREVIEW & DOWNLOAD LIST OF CHARACTERS SEE ALSO
  6. Thanks for bringing these oldies back to action. Also good catch on Maxx's link.
  7. ...Oh, I didn't know that. I was under the impression that he was a really obscure Marvel character. Now since that turned out not to be the case, I guess I'll go ahead and remove him from the list.
  8. https://onedrive.live.com/?id=C72E9F7073C84A19!329&cid=C72E9F7073C84A19
  9. Image




    Source 1 / Source 2 / Source 3


    She's been enjoying a surge of popularity among fan artists lately and it's not hard to see why.

  10. Update: - Billy Lee by Kiske Otoko - Burnov by ELECTR0 Can't seem to locate a working link for the custom sprited Linda Lash mentioned by miru (it's not even on MA!) so it's been classified as "Missing character" in the first post.
  11. Oh hey, I vaguely remember this character. IIRC someone also made another version of it which is currently offline. Listed them both in the collection. (Naturally the version that is offline has a grayed out image)
  12. http://mugendoteita.main.jp/DotoEita/index.html
  13. Update: - Jumbo King by Kirbey
  14. Excerpt from the MUGEN Database: TL;DR: It's a gameplay style popularized by a MUGEN creator called PotS (Phantom of the Server) that is largely based on CVS2, and one that many - I repeat, many other creators and editors have been trying to emulate to this day with varying degree of success.
  15. Added BurningSoul's War Machine edit (originally by Logansam & 087-B).
  16. 85849075_p0.jpg





    Sweaty pits are such an aesthetic.


  17. When you wish to make your collection look centered, simply highlight all the content with ctrl + a and click the align center button on the text editor. This saves you time from manually pressing space to achieve the effect, which I believe you did. I went ahead and adjusted the formatting for you.
  18. Ryou

    DC Comics

    Update: - Harley Quinn (beta version) by Batzarro - "POTS"-styled Wonder Woman by Magno César
  19. Update: Characters: - "POTS"-styled Cyclops by Magno César - Miles Morales by Kakyoin-kun Misc: - Updated the link to Apocalypse by Overlander
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