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  1. Sup, it's been a while. Cool that you finally released her. Congrats and welcome back. 😄
  2. Had to look up who "Jumbo Flapjack" is, which in turn made me feel obligated to put the localized names of the characters next to their original ones. Dammit Capcom.
  3. They already have a home in the Sonic collection, though. As stated in the first post, only characters that lack a collection of their own are eligible to be hosted here with the blue background.
  4. Okay, phew. I think I've got everything from IgnitionGrimmy's website added to the collection. As usual, enjoy.
  5. There's a lot to take in here, but its nothing I can't handle. Give me a couple of hours and I'll update the thread. There's no need to remake it yet.
  6. Oh boy, here we go again. Added both.
  7. Not a triple, but quadruple treat! Added every single one of 'em to the first post, thanks kirbey.
  8. IMG_20210922_135235.jpg


    Toned wolf girl OC for @Shinzaki's birthday.

  9. Wow. There's obscure, and then there's "an obscure game for a short-lived, obscure console from 2007" kind of obscure. Added.
  10. Huh? I never took them out, I just adjusted / changed the author credits based on the information provided by kirbey.
  11. Update: - Added Ultraman Agul by Dennyfh
  12. Update: - [Main] Scarlet Witch by Swanky - [Marvel Classics] Symbiote (Spider-Man for PSX) by xmaster1729
  13. Gee, it sure feels like this thread has been abandoned and left to collect dust, doesn't it? Fret not, your update's coming right up. Update: Characters: - Misao Kusakabe by Caza Zach - Konata Izumi by Ouchi, edited by Particle Stages: - Kanata Izumi's Flower Field by Enemil - Unsigned Konata Windows BG Misc: - Fixed the link to TrafalgarLawzz's JUS-styled Konata
  14. I see, the more you know. Thanks for the corrections!
  15. Update: - [Marvel Avengers Alliance] Captain America by Lugi1276
  16. Thanks. I'm a big dum dum who used to think Bakisimu and Muu were the same person, hence for the longest time the link to Muu's Ultraman Great would take you to Bakisimu's OneDrive, which obviously didn't have the character. Good to finally have the correct link.
  17. This more than made up for it, thanks!
  18. So um, as it turns out, it's actually Chuck from Tao Taido, and worse, Cesar isn't even the one who made it. Yet another blunder by that madman.
  19. Greetings. I'm Oliver Tramp, the arsonium inspector. A peculiar hobby of mine is to sniff the empt stairways. Anyways, that's all I had to say. I'm now off to see my friend, Mortie Patric. He has promised to show me his extensive collection of pirate scriptum.
  20. You sure are on a roll. 😃 Added.
  21. Oh whoops, that was my mistake. The incorrect link should be replaced with the proper one now.
  22. Yeah, you raise a good point there. Done. 👍
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