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  1. Hopefully this doesn't count as double posting, its been a while, in any case, plas, since I technically released the new version of kyurem would you mind adding it to the collection?, I plan on keeping that same link when updating so that's a non issue
  2. So I made a topic about this in the WIP section, but I think now Kyurem is (not complete :p) ready for more exposition which I think it may get here, anyway, I've been postponing this for a few days, actually uploaded an updated version and didn't say anything about it 😛 In any case, since this is a new topic it probably deserves a new description and new images and all the good stuff Kyurem is a boss type character in the vein of “has super armour but is slow”, when you hit it it will shake and freeze for a brief period of time which means you can get in a do some damage but should not st
  3. I think the download link for the second victiny is dead, I have no idea where it's going to now 😛
  4. Ayou using winmugen, 1.0 or 1.1?, it loaded fine for me using 1.1, in any case, the error points to this chunk of code in statedef 400004: [State 0];?? type = Explod trigger1 = time = 100 anim = 30068 pos = -7.3,-28 postype = p1 sprpriority = 4 removetime = 59 bindtime = -1 supermovetime = 9999999 pausemovetime = 9999999 removeongethit = 1 ownpal = 1 scale = .15,.15 Says something about expecting an int value and getting a float instead, so my assumption would be that 7.3 pos or less likely .15 scales, so maybe you can try tweaking those a bit, but then again, it did load correctly for
  5. Well, you're using "movehit" as a trigger along with the command press "A", this basicallt tells mugen "hey, as soon as the move hits and the command is pressed, go to the next state", you want the animation to be over before changing so adding an "animtime =0" would help accomplish that, you could also use "Animelem(0) = whatever element goes after the secoxnd hit" so that it will wait out for it before going to the next state, however I see a small problem here, you have a single hitdef that triggers obnly once on each state, so even if you get to the second hit in your animation it would no
  6. Bump That's it, bye ... You still here?, all right, fine, you got me there's more 😛 So at the moment I'm working on another character, but I decided to take a break from inkling to give kyurem some love based on a friends feedback, so there's a few tweaks compared to last version, lets see it now stops its current action for a short while when hit, this stops happening when it enables overdrive mode Some unused or repeated srprites were removed so he should be lighter 😛 a new hyper was added to every forme, t were in the old v
  7. Today I learned that even after 7 years I'm still terrible at making names up, anywaySo, just recently I got a bit (or maybe a ton 😛 ) of inspiration and decided that I wanted to give character creation another shot, truth be told, my works years ago were pretty... unbalanced to say the least, not to mention how much of an spaguetthi my code was (and probably still is, some bad habits never die, but we'll see), anyway, while I have another character in mind to begin with, some problems with it made me decide to take a break and try soemthing else, and that's when I looked back and saw one of
  8. You're prolly not active here any more, but happy construction day all the same, friend.

    1. Hiperhazz


      hey plas, I know i'm five years late but thanks a lot 😛

    2. PlasmoidThunder
  9. I don't know why, but that made me laugh XD.
  10. I will think of a way right now and I'm gonna explain it (As I said, I just tought about it so it may not work or may not even do anything at all but it may help to some degree). First I'd have four animations: 2 for scorpion (or whatever is) using the move (one where he throws the spear and one where he pulls it back) and 2 for the spear (or the thing being used) (one of the spear being thrown and one of it comming back). After that, I'd create an state where scorpion (or anyone) uses said (trhowing something) animation. Then, on that very same state I'd code a helper. This helper would
  11. Yep, what he said. File: Shiki-KOFM-S.cns Statedef: Statedef 1315 Delete This: [state 1390] type = DisplayToClipboard trigger1 = 1 text = "p2bodydist X:%lf,p2bodydist Y:%lf,vel X:%lf,vel Y:%lf" params = p2bodydist X,p2bodydist Y,vel X,vel Y And that's it :D
  12. I'm guessing you have something like this: [state 10000, Power Charge] type = explod trigger1 = !time helperType = Normal stateNo = 10002 ID = 10002 name = "Power Charge" posType = P1 pos = 0,0 pauseMoveTime = 65535 superMoveTime = 65535 Weeeelll....... That should work fine for a helper (if it is properly coded of course) however, explods have some different options. what you are looking for here is this one: Removetime = which controls after how long your explod will dissapear after the animation is over. If the time set in this parameter is longer than the animat
  13. I know none has said anything in here for like... 2 or three betas, but I'm still updating this post anyway (Yup, a new version is out).
  14. Iknow not many people commented here since last update but anyway, Here's a new version!
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